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Heartwarming / The Mummy Returns

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  • A very brief but meaningful moment between Jonathan and Ardeth. Things are looking bad for Ardeth, one of the mooks sneaks up behind him and almost offs him. Jonathan manages to pop the baddie off from a distance, Ardeth then gives him a silent nod of thanks. A few minutes before Ardeth was insulting Jonathan's ability to kill anything. Very nice moment.
  • "Would you like to know what Heaven looks like?" "Later." *Cue Big Damn Kiss*
    • Novel version: "Nah. Hell, I already know."
    • Also from the novel, Rick and Evy's relationship mixes with Tear Jerker, as after Anck-su-namun leaves him to die, Imhotep looks up at them and with a ghost of a smile, acknowledges their love is much stronger than his and Anck's ever was.
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  • Rick jumps a goddamn bridge to try and save his son.
  • Rick and Alex, after Rick's just run across the jungle to save his son's life.
    Rick: You know (pant) it's not (pant) easy being a (pant) dad.
    Alex: Yeah. But you do it really good.
  • Rick to Evy: "You know, you and Alex are the only thing in the world that matter to me."
  • After Ardeth loses his pet bird, Horus. He wants to try to get to the rest of the Medjai on foot. However all it took for him to stay with the group was Rick practically begging him to help him find his son. During the skirmish between Rick's group, Imhotep's group and the Pygmies, just when Loc Nah was ready to do the killing blow on Alex, who better to rescue Alex and kill Loc Nah than Ardeth rushing in. His loyalty to his friends has grown a lot stronger than his loyalty to his fellow Medjai.
    • Rick is Medjai too. Ardeth's loyalty to him ends up running twice as deep.
  • Imhotep bringing back Anck-su-namun soul and transfering it into Meela's body. Even for two villains their reunion is kinda touching. After all these years the two lovers are finally together again.


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