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Awesome moments are for post-viewing appreciation of the work. Unmarked spoilers ahoy!

  • Some people see the vlog as the representation of an actual regular American family without seeing that it is inspired from a book, because the acting is just this realistic.
  • Charlotte hijacking the videos whenever she wants to.
  • Bing Lee managing to send Mrs Bennet back home.
    "I'm beginning to see what you see in this guy."
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  • In Episode 15, while relating the events at Carter's Bar, Charlotte, using Brutal Honesty, relates how they had to get Lydia out of there because she was drunk and committing public indecency. Jane politely asks Charlotte to not talk about Lydia that way, and when Charlotte defends herself by saying that it's the truth, Jane tells her, in the hardest tone we've heard from her yet, to "dramatize" it: proof that Jane has some steel under her niceness after all.
  • Lizzie outwitting her mother on the Green Bean Gelatin plan and standing up to her mother constantly about her single status.
  • Lydia being able to get what she wants whether it's a pony at the age of 10 or a party from Bing Lee.
  • Lydia getting revenge on some mean girls by sticking unicorn stickers on their car windows.
  • Lydia being able to throw Mr.Collins out via manipulation here.
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  • Lizzie standing up for what she believes in in both Episode 39 and the 4th Q&A
    "There are no guaranteed careers for our generation. And since everything is a risk, might as well take a risk doing what you love."
  • Jane getting one over on Lydia with some Loophole Abuse: She said Lydia could be in their band, not that they'd actually make one.
  • Lydia invoking Mr. Fanservice on George Wickham.
  • Jane taking charge of her life and transferring her job to Los Angeles so she can confront Bing.
  • Lizzie's serious declaration that she'll hit Bing in the head with a frying pan if she sees him again.
  • Charlotte telling Darcy how much she disapproves him no matter how dangerous it is for her professional expectations. This was just impressive.
  • Lizzie calling Caroline on her bullshit.
    "I believe an appropriate response would've been, 'What letter?'"
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  • Charlotte calling out Caroline in Episode 64. And Lizzie revealing Caroline's true self. Caroline is a two-faced manipulative bitch who doesn't believe in true love.
  • Lizzie blackmailing Mr. Collins into letting Charlotte go home for Thanksgiving.
  • Jane deciding to move on from her relationship with Bing and embracing her new life in Los Angeles. On top of that, she tries to get her sisters to do the same.
  • Lizzie subtly (or not so subtly) uninviting Wickham from Lydia's party.
  • Gigi simultaneously fooling Elizabeth and Darcy so they meet up at Pemberley. In the cutest, most adorkably awesome way ever.
  • In episode 84, while being interrupted in his attempt to ask Lizzie out, Darcy swoops in on a white horse, buys her a ticket home to save Lydia and makes a dramatic exit that exudes both awesomeness and "Darcy to the rescue!" cheers.
  • In Gigi's spinoff, she manages to get George to both download Domino and call her on it, so he accepted the terms of service and they've got his info - which means Darcy can find him. Gigi totally saves the day!
  • Lizzie confronting Bing over how easily he was talked into dumping Jane, with the Setting Update meaning he's not let off the hook nearly as easily. And both her and Jane say they'll kick his ass if he hurts Jane again.
  • When Bing comes to the house, Jane doesn't rush to see him, and has Lizzie coolly inform him that she'll get back to him. When she eventually does come down, she greets him with a single word: "Hello." From Miss "Oh hi, it's so good to see you!", this is practically a slap in the face.
  • Lizzie revealing Caroline's Bitch in Sheep's Clothing and Manipulative Bitch nature, finishing off with Politeness Judo by inviting her to stay for dinner.
  • Episode 98. All of it. Special mention goes to Darcy's smooth "I could use further illumination on certain points, however." And then going in for another The Big Damn Kiss with Lizzie.
  • Q&A #10: Darcy manages to completely fakeout Lizzie but simply walking out with an apology for disturbing her video. She just sits there for a second, stunned and confused. Then he runs back in, grabs her, and carries her back out of the room.
  • In Episode 99, Lizzie turns down Darcy's job offer, wanting to make a living on her own merits rather than being the woman who's sleeping with the boss.


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