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Funny moments are for post-viewing discussion and alalysis of the work. Here there be major spoilers.

Vlog series and social media:

  • Charlotte Lu channelling Mr Bennet in Episode 1.
  • Jane's sarcastic remark to Lizzie's attempt at starting her vlog sans Charlotte in Episode 5:
    "I'm sure the internet's going to appreciate a closeup of your boobs."
  • Lydia's Bad "Bad Acting" when she tries being Bing Lee in episode 6. With Lizzie looking on like Lydia's got two heads.
    Lydia (as Bing Lee): This dance is super slammin! So is that Jane Bennet. I wanna bang the *bleep* outta her! Are there any hot chicks that you'd like to slip your man-banana into, Darcy my homie?" ...What? That's totally how guys talk!
    Coinciding with the *bleep* is a subtitle from Charlotte
  • Charlotte's voiceovers. Her drawings... Her montages.
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  • Episode 7, as Lizzie describes the dance between herself and Darcy and rolling her eyes at Mrs. Bennet.
  • Episode 10: "I'm going to show you a cat playing with... a chinchilla!" The word chinchilla is pronounced so adorably! The episode concludes with the picture in question to censor Lizzie's swearing.
  • Episode 11: Lizzie explains that how Bing Lee outwitted her mother and called it "amazing." Then Lydia barges in...
    Lydia: Amazing for you, maybe. We had to stop for Xanax on the way home.
    Lizzie: And how much of that Xanax ended up in your purse?
    Lydia: (beat) Gotta go.
    • Charlotte's doing Jane's reactions to seeing somebody she really likes, her mortal enemy or a mail man:
      Charlotte as Jane: Oh hi, it's so good to see you!
    • Double funny as "Oh hi, it's so good to see you" is Jane's actual greeting to viewers when she appears in later episodes.
  • "So Jane, if you're watching this (and I know you are) don't listen to Charlotte!" LISTEN TO CHARLOTTE!
  • Episode 20: The conversation between Lydia and Jane (as Bing Lee) spontaneously derailing on (the regular childhood game) sockslides and Lydia trying to stay focused on her improv, treated by her as Serious Business.
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  • Lydia and Charlotte both attempting some Les Yay moments in Episode 23.
    Lydia: "What? Don't you want more viewers?"
  • "I dislike smiling. It contorts the face."
  • This.
    Charlotte as Caroline: Are you fake texting?
    Jane as Darcy: It's super important.
  • The comments.
    • All the comments exchanged by people who ignore it is not real, people who ignore it is based on a book and the people who explain it to them. Also a Moment of Awesome because it proves that you can watch the show and think it is happening.
    • "[Your studies] are making you a tad judgemental, or prepairing you for a career on Fox."
    • "He can go play whack a mole by himself."... "What a lovely little innuendo!"
    • This mild example of Grammar Nazi
      User 1: I love you, Lizzie, but: "The biggest thing to note is not *what* was left at Bing Lee's, but *whom*." This should be "who" not "whom," as it is the subject, not the object of the sentence.
      User 2: I know, right? Also, in the description it should be "Watch Charlotte and me discuss" not "Watch Charlotte and I discuss," because Lizzie is the object, not the subject of the sentence.
      User 3: Charlotte and Lizzie are the subject, the party is the object.
      User 4: Nope, the subject is the understood second person. Charlotte and Lizzie are the subject of the verb "discuss," but not of the sentence. In which case, we use the accusative forms (me, thee, him/her/it). As another comment mentions, "Watch I discuss" is a good example of the incorrect usage.
    • "I think some chick, Austen or something, wrote a fanfic on this show. It was pretty good."
  • Episode 17: Lydia sneaking up behind Lizzie, scissors in hand. Cue arm with scissors being wrapped around Lizzie's neck, Lizzie looking like a Deer in the Headlights and Lydia having a Slasher Smile on her face.
  • Epiaode 28: Bing Lee's cheesy soap-opera-doctor style acting with Jane and Jane playing along.
  • Episode 29: While Lizzie is freaking out because she let Bing secretly appear on her video diaries without telling him... Caroline makes sure she still looks stunning.
  • The entirety of the episode 14.
  • The Darceny TV show is very funny, mostly the parts in which Caroline answers seriously.
  • Lizzie suffering from the side effects of Bing and Jane being Sickeningly Sweethearts.
    Lizzie: They're so...pleasant, I want to put my eye out with a spork!
  • Lizzie's reaction when she learns that the work on the family house has been finished for a week. "Unbelievable."
  • Lydia getting revenge on some mean girls who were picking on Mary by sticking unicorn stickers all over their car windows, causing them to break all of their nails.
  • Lizzie's comment about her watchers writing "epic adventure fanfiction" about her and Darcy resulted in the amusement of many an internet savvy viewer.
    • And this gem, "At what point were the words 'Lizzie, do you wanna to get your groove thing on?' were uttered by Darcy?", which makes both Jane and Lizzie crack up.
  • All of Episode 37, in which Lydia and Collins are stuck together for most of the episode and Lydia succeeds in annoying Mr. Collins to death. Which line finally gets Collins to take off running?
    Lydia-as-Jane: (to Collins-as-Bing, caressing his arm) You're so amazing. I wish we could ride off together and leave this all behind. We could get married underneath the twilight sky, and dance with the chipmunks and sparrows to celebrate our eternal love. Bask in the morning light as the darkness fades. Just you, and me, moving together, over and over and over... Binging as one.
  • Episode 35: "It's yo' fault if I die without granbabies!"
  • Episode 40: Lizzie's impersonation of her mother.
  • Episode 43: A back nod to the novel:
    Jane: "I just thought you might want some scones to go with your tea."
    Lizzie: "Did we turn British?"
  • During the "hypothetical" retelling of his backstory, Wickham suggests "Vin Diesel" and "The Rock" for his aliases, before settling on "Batman."
  • The Mr. Fanservice moment staged by Lydia and Lizzie and Lydia's reaction.
    • Lizzie actually goes Laughing Mad. Those are some powerful abs.
  • Charlotte getting completely tongue-tied when Maria asks why she always calls Ricky "Mr. Collins."
  • Episode 54: Lizzie's entire imitation of Catherine De Bourgh. All of it.
    • The Stealth Pun of Lady Catherine's dog. She calls it "Annie Kins." Lizzie also makes a joke about how the dog is perfect for Darcy.
  • Episode 55: Darcy-bot. "No. Did not encounter sister unit. Zzzz. Zzzz. Darcy-bot malfunction. Darcy-bot malfunction."
  • Fitz admitting to Lizzie that Darcy has "the social skills of a agoraphobic lobster".
  • Fitz's amazing impersonation of Darcy.
    Lizzie: Do you think you can be Darcy?
    Fitz: CAN I BE DARCY!?!
  • The ending of Episode 60:
    Darcy: I was unaware of your feelings towards me.
    Lizzie: You were unaware? Then why don't you watch my videos?!?
    Darcy:...What videos?
  • The aftermath.
    Charlotte: I knew it.
    Darcy: You called me a robot... *slightly confused* ...and a newsie.
    Lizzie: I know, I only saw you in the hat once, I just ran with it.
  • Jane's Keet performance as Lydia in Episode 69, even when she's not talking.
  • The outrageously loud train whistle in Episode 71.
  • Mary's Bad "Bad Acting" in Episode 72, complete with EFF YEAH face in the end.
  • The ending to Episode 76.
    Lizzie: On my way to... Pemberley Digital. Why does that sound familiar?
    Charlotte:*silent Oh, Crap! expression*
  • Lydia's Video 22, faking us out about the Vegas wedding that everyone who knows the story was afraid would happen.
  • The introduction of Gigi, as she keeps ditching the kids she's showing around the building to hang out with Lizzie.
    • Before that, Lizzie confesses she checked Darcy's twitter to ensure she won't see him.
    Lizzie: That's right, I twitter-stalked him! Don't judge me.
  • Gigi shoves Darcy into the same room as Lizzie, much to each other's shock. She then bursts in again a few seconds later and forcibly pushes Lizzie and Darcy into their seats before smiling and darting back out of the room.
    Lizzie: I thought you were in L.A.!
    Darcy: I'm, uh, not.
    Lizzie: Clearly.
    • And they both look at the camera like deer in the headlights.
    Lizzie: Your sister is crazy.
    Darcy: [Beat] Yes.
  • Darcy wearing the hat and bowtie so that he can pretend to be himself.
  • Darcy's latest adventures in costume theater include a delightfully awkward impersonation of Gigi and an absolutely brilliant impersonation of Fitz. In an afro wig. He calls her Lizzie B!
  • In Episode 63, you have this.
    Lizzie: De Bourgh pointed out how unfortunate Caroline's timing was because she just missed Darcy. Which is weird because I would have thought that among her many accomplishments, timing would be at the top of her list. *knocking* Come in.
    Caroline: *enters the room* Hi Lizzie.
    Lizzie: Wow.
  • Episode 84, where Lizzie is gleefully showing off her new phone before the Mood Whiplash of Charlotte's phone call interrupts Darcy on the verge of asking her out on a date.
  • Episode 87: Lizzie stopping herself saying what she wants to do to Wickham so she has "plausible deniability" is darkly funny.
  • Gigi's videos about the Domino app, Pemberley Digital's new product, let us get Fitz back into the show!
    Gigi: Just... Give me the number! And don't tell my brother!
    Fitz: Okay, yeah, that convinced me, I'm just gonna, get right on that. ...Let me ask your brother.
    Gigi: Oh, come on, you know exactly what he's going to say!
    Fitz: No, I don't! ...Okay, yeah, I do, but he's right!
    Gigi: We're running out of time, Fitz! Do, do you and William even have any other cards to play?
    Fitz: Yes!
    Gigi: Good ones?
    Fitz: ...No!
  • In episode 88, Dramatic Irony makes Lizzie joyfully thanking whoever got Lydia's sex tape taken down before it was released to the public this. We all know who saved the day...
  • Episode 90:
    • Lizzie's face when Bing and Jane see each other, with Lizzie right in the middle.
    • When Jane reveals that Bing is going to be back in town for a while, Lizzie lampshades his apparent One-Hour Work Week:
      'Lizzie: "The next time I go to the doctor, remind me to make sure that he went to a med school with actual classes!
  • This.
    Lizzie: ... I thought you were Chinese.
    Darcy: ... I can understand the confusion.
    • Also, Charlotte's disbelief at Lizzie's costume of her.
  • From the same episode, #98: Lizzie's cheeky grin and trolling opening, pretending that she isn't going to show the viewers what happened between her and Darcy.
  • The ending of the 10th Q&A video. Darcy leaves abruptly with a somewhat standoffish "Well, have a good day, Lizzie, I'm sorry to have disturbed you," much to Lizzie's astonishment, only to rush back to pick her up and carry her bridal-style out of the room.
    • Someone's question is why their questions are never answered. Lizzie reads it, shrugs, and then moves on.
  • Episode 99 opens with Darcy looking absolutely lost. Lizzie's behind the camera, cracking a giggly "Well, you're the one who wanted to hijack my video today!"
    • Lizzie using Darcy's tie to pull him closer.... closer.... (meanwhile he looks absolutely hypnotised)... and cut to Lizzie and Darcy some time later dazed and very dissheveled. Darcy's hair is a mess!!
      Darcy: I think we should switch topics.
    • Darcy is learning how to be teased, courtesy of Lizzie's father.
      Lizzie: It just means my dad likes you! He did invite you to come see his trains.
    • Have they been dating a week or six days?
  • Episode 100: Charlotte and Lizzie's faces when Mrs. Bennet appears in The Stinger. And it turns out Lizzie's impression of her accent wasn't exaggerated a bit.
  • Lizzie tweets out pictures of a celebratory dinner with Darcy, Lydia and Charlotte. Then Ricky shows up. Darcy spends several pictures shooting Lizzie's camera a Death Glare.
  • Lizzie's confusion over whether Ricky Collins' fiancé is real or not, and her disappointment when she learns that she supposedly is.


  • Lizzie's overly-long poem Ode to a Broken Phone, written and included in The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet is hilarious, especially this part:
    “Don’t worry!
    You will be going to a good home.
    A farm upstate, with an open field that
    will never allow for hard landings.”
    But I lie to both of us.
    I would say you are irreplaceable, but let’s face it.
    We are in the hi-tech capital of the world,
    and I can get a new phone as easily as a cup of coffee.
    Good-bye, broken phone.
  • In The Epic Adventures of Lydia Bennet, Mary is staying with Lydia's family because she's taken a summer job at the local coffee shop, Books Beans and Buds. She's supposed to give the same vaguely ridiculous speech to every customer: "Welcome to Books Beans and Buds. Go, Pioneers! Can I interest you in a budding beverage?" Lydia has great fun getting Mary to say this, as well as do the accompanying hand gestures, which Mary performs (in Lydia's words) "like the most depressed cheerleader of all time."
    • The employees of the coffee shop are clearly sick of this speech, and there are a number of stoners who show up at the coffee shop, so Mary's co-worker Violet greets group of newcomers with like this:
    Violet: Welcome to Books Beans and Buds. Go, Pioneers We Do Not Sell Pot Here.
    Customer: Wh-what?
    Violet: We do not sell pot here. Can I interest you in a budding beverage?
    • Lydia, as a joke, uses a lot of sly nods and double entendres to make one of the stoners think that she's saying they mix marijuana in the coffee if he puts a twenty in the tip jar and orders "a small black coffee." Becomes a Brick Joke when she herself temps at the same coffee house several months later, and finds that about once a week, someone will come in, put a twenty in the tip jar and order "a small black coffee."
    "I have to ask Mrs. B what she puts in the house blend."


  • Anytime you will see the actors Playing Against Type in the future will probably count. It's even better when they seem to be acting as another LBD character. See for example :
  • The bloopers are hilarious. One of the best ones: "Now it's time to move on to a new chapter of my life....WORLD DOMINATION!"
    • Jessica Andres and Ashley Clements' paraphrasing of Lizzie and Caroline's argument.
    Jessica/Caroline: DON'T HAVE SEX WITH HIM, PLEASE! I WANT TO! (leaves)
    Ashley/Lizzie: ...I'm gonna. I'm gonna bang him so hard.
    • Briana Cuoco and Ashley Clements get distracted waxing... er, poetic about Wes Aderhold's amazing body.
    Briana: His body's ridiculous.
    Ashley: It's ridiculous!
    Briana: The fuck is that? That's not okay!
  • The epic piece of trolling where a fan posted the first chapter of Pride and Prejudice as an LBD fanfic. And some people actually fell for it.

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