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Caroline Lee will tell Lizzie's journalism ethics teacher about her featuring her brother in her videos without being allowed to do so

And you thought our theories were crazy? Lizzie out-wild-mass-guesses us all.

Then, she will tell Bing and Darcy, and Darcy will convince his friend to throw them out as soon as they can get back in their home. In a twist, Lizzie and Jane's more conservative and innocent behavior will have put the family in a bad situation, and Lydia videotaping her almost-date with a famous married actor (the newly famous George Wickham, who will play the main role in a vampire-vs-werewolf movie) will save them, showing society as it is today, and taking a different way than the book did.

  • The first part's been Jossed - Darcy discovers that she's been taping Bing without his knowledge in episode 60, Bing then finds out in Episode 81, and neither of them do anything.
  • And the rest has been Jossed as of Episode 84- Lydia is the one who puts them in a bad situation, and Wickham is the cause of it.

Charlotte is secretly in love with Lizzie

This is why she accepts to edit her videos and tried to kiss her, and also why she looks so pessimistic: she knows Lizzie is straight, and even wants her to be happy with Darcy if she can... or as a true Magnificent Bastard, she created the vlog to alienate the Bennet sisters from boys by ridiculing them, and hijacked the vlog to make Lizzie feel more uncomfortable with Darcy's building feelings for her.Lizzie didn't remark anything because she is a terrible, Horrible Judge of Character and she is oblivious to Charlotte's love.

Alternatively, Charlotte is pregnant

She was sick after the party and her momentary absence and ate a lot during the shooting of the video.

  • Jossed: If she was, she would be way showing by later point in the series. She most likely was stressed eating at that time. Possibly worried about family troubles.

Caroline really likes Lizzie

Like in Lost in Austen, Caroline is homosexual, but without necessarly being in love with Lizzie. She has come to terms with it and doesn't repress her personality to fulfill highly complicated social standards, thus she is a Nice Girl. Because in the modern world, she can be openly a member of LGBT.

  • Jossed by Word of God. Curse you Bernie Sue, for denying us any Les Yay or friendship now that Charlotte is gone.

Lydia will have a happier ending

Like in Lovestruck in Bollywood / Bride and Prejudice, she will be saved before running off with Wickham, and everything may be fine for her.

  • Sort of both confirmed and jossed at the same time. The problem she had was very dark and potentially ruining her reputation forever, but the crisis was averted. She's emotionally scarred, but her future might still turn out ok for her and unlike book Lydia, she came to realize her missteps.

We won't see Darcy in the vlogs

Until one day he comes running into Lizzie's room (or wherever she's filming at that moment) to propose/ask her out.

  • It will happen at Collins and Collins!
    • Confirmed, as of episode 59!
  • Someone actually imagined that the series would end with an incredibly handsome Darcy entering the screen, and opening his mouth to talk. It was alo stated that it would be out-of-character for Darcy to have his own video blog.
  • At his first appearance, we won't see him completely. Lizzie and Darcy will have a violent argument and the camera angle will shoot only their bodies from neck down as the preview for episode 60 suggests.
    • Jossed. We got to see Darcy in episode 60.

The letter will be a video response

Darcy is going to make a video response instead of writing a letter. This will also be the first time we see him.

  • Possibly, this was Jossed when the creators said he wouldn't create a video vlog. Even a one-video-long video blog would be a vlog. Except if it is a single video letter.
  • Jossed, the letter is an actual handwritten letter complete with a wax seal.

Wickham only looks stupid, he is much more clever than he looks.
He seems to try to invoke Lovable Jock and The All-American Boy as if he was unaware of his appeal to some viewers and was genuinely unable to manipulate anyone. He is (in-universe) trying to make Lizzie think that she is the most clever so that she ends up thinking she knows everything about him, while using her fans who subscribed on his tweeter account as his own fans/a new dating pool.

Jane is helped to dress by woodland creatures
Come on, the girl practically radiates sweetness and light. They probably help her at her job designing clothes as well.
  • Agreed.

Darcy is a Smiths fan
Listen to "How Soon Is Now", what other music would he listen to. Nothing modern unless he was doing it ironically.

Lizzie is afraid of commitment
Her parents's lack of understanding of each other's feelings, and her mother's focus on finding her a husband for money make her fear romance from the moment it becomes serious, hence the lack of boyfriend Lydia mocks. So, when she finds George Wickham, who obviously just wants to flirt, she is relieved and likes him a lot, forgiving all his mistakes. When Darcy tries to seriously court her, she enters in denial and subconsciously projects everything she hates on him.

Mary in LBD is not just the adaptation of Mary Bennet from the novel
She's actually a Composite Character of both Mary Bennet and Elizabeth's Aunt Gardiner. Ignoring the fact that Lizzie always forgets about Mary, let's have a look: Aunt Gardiner signs herself off as M. Gardiner (which could be M for Mary), plus her boyfriend's name is Eddie - and in the novel, Aunt Gardiner's husband is Edward Gardiner. Perhaps Mary is due to meet Darcy as well...?
  • They may be doing this, since Mary seems to be: "I am clever because I have good taste and a critical mind and I show off to gain appreciation" than "I pretend to be interested in culture and I show off to gain appreciation."
  • It is Jossed in the seventh Questions & Answers video.

Mr. Collins isn't being entirely truthful about his fiancée.

Lizzie's visit to Pemberley will be a visit to Darcy's company
  • In the book, Lizzie visited Darcy's estate, and after talking to his servants, she realizes that he is actually an awesome guy and regrets not being able to manage the estate since she shot him down. In the Setting Update, Lizzie will visit Darcy's company as part of her independent study and talk to his staff. She'll realize that his corporation is not as soulless as she once thought and that Darcy is actually a pretty Adorkable guy.
    • Confirmed.

Gigi will post the letter on her Youtube account
Well, Lizzie's still reluctant to post it. And they've got to do *something* with that account of hers.
  • Jossed in Episode 82. Gigi herself drops in on Lizzie and reveals the whole truth, only asking Lizzie to edit out the excessive crying.

The video diaries are a scripted vlog series that are based off of the kind of plot that Jane Austen would write.
It's kinda crazy, but think about it.
  • Alternatively "Lizzie" is a manipulative graduate student who is conducting a psychological study to see how the Internet would react to a scripted version of Pride & Prejudice, hiring actors to play parts to create an elaborate storyline all resulting in the climax of a Cole Sprousian revelation of truth!

The series will end with Mrs. Bennett walking in
Everyone will have gotten their happy ending, and an ecstatic Lizzie will sit down to do one more video, summing up everything she's learned. Just as she's about to sign off, as Jane/Darcy/Mr. Bennet tries frantically to dissuade her, Mrs. Bennet will peek in and ask, "Lizzie, what are you doing in here?" Lizzie will panic and turn to the camera with wide, guilty eyes.
  • Confirmed — the part with Mrs. Bennet. Mrs. Bennet's torso pops up in The Stinger of #100, asking what Charlotte and Lizzie are doing in the den. Cue the "Oops" looks on their faces. However, her face is never shown.

Lizzie is a troper
She is a Bookworm and Miss Imagination. She loves fiction analysis, after all, she is a Communications Major. She must be literally One of Us — a fellow troper!

The energy corporation that folded when Lydia was 10 was Enron
If Lydia turned 21 in 2012, she would have been 10 in 2001. That was the summer Enron folded like a house of cards.

Ricky - we mean, Mr. Collins - will play the part that Catherine De Bourgh did in the book.
He'll come and lecture Lizzie about getting into a relationship with Darcy. People have speculated it might be Caroline, but Ricky has turned up again on twitter in the critical week, and he makes more sense. He might even be the one to tell Lizzie about Gigi's videos and Darcy taking the website down, although probably not. That will likely still be Lydia.

The in-universe reason that the videos will stop is...
  • Mrs. Bennet finally discovers that Lizzie has a video blog and Lizzie wants to cut down on future damage as much as possible so she stops.
  • Lizzie will find herself too busy for an "indeterminate" amount of time to post anything.
  • The entire internet ceases to exist.

The next webseries from the LBD team will be an adaptation of Emma
Gigi is a shipper and a self-proclaimed expert in romantic meddling. The use of Domino is for being nosy and shipping real people. It's a known fact that the writers are working on a new Setting Update show. This heavy focus on shipping and meddling might be a mere foreshadowing of Emma project. Alternatively, Emma might be a character who will be using the Domino app. Other viewers have speculated that Emma's role will be taken by Gigi Darcy in the same vein as Gigi took the role of Charlotte Heywood in the spin-off show Welcome To Sanditon. The best speculation appearing among comments on Youtube was that the next webseries will be Emma, and the main character will be played by Domino.
  • The part that they are doing Emma next is confirmed. Word of God says it's in the same universe as LBD (it's set in California too), and the videos are published by Pemberley Digital, but none of the original characters have appeared or been mentioned.
    • Not quite the case anymore! Fancy seeing you there, Caroline!
The series’ Darcy is descended from the book’s Darcy
  • In episode 83, Darcy says “Pemberley is the name of the place that my father’s family comes from in England”. This was probably just intended as a little nod to canon, but it opens up the extremely meta possibility that it’s the book’s Pemberley— i.e. that 200 years up the paternal line of William Darcy’s family tree, one might find Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Darcy (née Bennet).


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