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    Fridge Brilliance 
  • In episode 9 Lizzie claims that according to her research, relationships that start after the age of 25 are stabler and happier. She begins her relationship with Darcy, her One True Love, the day after her 25th birthday.
  • In episode 20, Lydia roleplays as her father holding a folder labelled "Enron stocks", sarcastically promising her a pony if Enron goes bankrupt - thus providing an explanation for the Bennet family's financial problems.
  • After returning from Netherfield, Lizzie imitates her mother in a conversation with Jane, berating her for coming home before "sealing the deal" with Bing. Jane gets especially flustered and leaves after Lizzie!Mrs. Bennet suggests she should've gotten pregnant. The novelization reveals Jane actually had a Pregnancy Scare towards the end of her visit. Depending on when the video was recorded, it's possible Jane may not have even known she wasn't pregnant yet!

    Fridge Horror 
  • There is nothing stopping Wickham from trying the sex tape scheme again with another girl.
  • More a case of Fridge Sadness, but imagine Darcy watching the videos after Episode 60. He's well known to be socially awkward and have difficulty expressing his feelings, but he summoned up his courage and confessed his love to Lizzie. Not only did she reject him, she then pointed him to her vlogs. Darcy got to spend three hours watching the girl he's in love with rant, at length, to the entire world, about how much she despises everything about him.

    Fridge Logic 
  • Fridge Logic: Isn't there any legal way for Lydia and her family to prevent Wickham from publishing the sex tape? It's not like she's given him a written permission to distribute it, or something. Of course, money is probably an issue (so they can't take it to the court) and that's what Darcy might be for. But the thing is, in the book they were really at Wickham's mercy and had to bribe him into marrying Lydia, and here the law is on their side. Why didn't they just involve police? They could find Wickham just fine.
    • Unfortunately, as long as revenge porn is still technically legal (or technically illegal with enough loopholes that the person making it can still worm their way out of punishment, depending on what state you're in), it's not too much of a stretch to believe that Wickham would be able to get away with it. Even if he were arrested and convicted for it, if that tape ever saw the light of day, it's very likely that Lydia's life would've been ruined as a result. And, of course, the money issue mentioned above.
    • The novelization says that Mr. Bennet talked to a lawyer, who said they couldn't do anything until the tape was actually published. If/when that happened, they were planning to sell the house to raise money to sue Wickham, but even if that worked out, the tape would still have been online for some time, and Lydia's life would still have been messed up by it. Not to mention that if it went online at all, who knows how many people would have downloaded it by the time they managed to get it down.

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