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    A New Day 

  • In Chapters 4 and 5, we see that despite the intense situation, Zeke remains (mostly) calm and remains focused on the task at hand, showing why he's the leader of Team Morningstar.
  • Natsu and Alyssa's battle with Erigor. Not only does it cement their Battle Couple status, but Natsu gains the upper hand by unleashing his Power-Up, the Azure Flames.
  • The battle against Lullaby is just as epic as the original battle. Zeke and Alyssa show their worth alongside Natsu, Erza, and Gray.
  • The hinting that Igneel and the other dragons are not within the Dragon-Slayers. Spared By Adaptation at it's finest!
  • Chapter 6: The battle between Alyssa and Erza, while brief, shows that both women are on equal footing and why they consider themselves rivals.
  • Lyle shutting the Magic Council up with simple logic.
  • Despite knowing how powerful Laxus is, Zeke has no problem calling him out for being a Jerkass.
    "Tell me something, Laxus." Zeke said as he walked past his friend and started walking up the stairs to the second floor. "How comfortable is your head when it's shoved so far up your ass?"
  • While Zeke losing to Lyon causes a massive blow to his ego, it does show that while he is an Author Avatar, he is by no means a Marty Stu.
  • Alyssa gives a slap after the aforementioned loss. Doubles as Heartwarming with her speech to pick up his spirits.
    Zeke was stunned for a bit as his cheek swelled up. He turned and saw Alyssa with an angry expression before it turned into a sorrowful one. "What the hell is wrong with you?! You lose once and you start crying? You're not the only one who's ever lost to someone stronger than them. Sure, you can't destroy a monster with one punch, but that's not why you're a great wizard. Even when we were kids, Natsu and I knew you were the guy we wanted to lead us. You've saved us countless times with strategies I would've never thought of. So don't start crying just because you lost." After she finished applying the wrappings, Alyssa lifted Zeke onto her back and smiled at him. "Now come on. We're going to save the villagers and you're gonna come up with a new plan to stop the Cold Emperor."
  • After Natsu causes a distraction by being his usual loud self, Lucy defeats the more-experienced Alexander via coconut. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • Alexander and his crew pulling an Enemy Mine after nearly being killed by Lyon's flunkies.
  • Natsu, Alyssa, Oswell vs Yuka, Claudia, and Toby. It's a well-executed group fight that ends with Alyssa pulling off her own version of the Infinite Mass Punch.
  • Speaking of Alexander, he manages to One-Hit Kill Sherry and her Rock Doggy using his magic. It also serves as awesome Foreshadowing for Lucy since she and Alex use the same magic.
  • Team Morningstar and the Star Liberators join forces and launch a full-scale attack against Lyon's forces (including Claudia). But as it turns out, it's actually a massive distraction so that Natsu and Alyssa could sneak into the temple and destroy it.
  • Claudia also proves how strong she was since she managed to last for hours against a crew of pirates, three wizards, and two Celestial Spirits for hours. Sure, she ends up losing, but still.
  • After hearing Lyon's selfish motivations for wanting to free Deliora, Alyssa delivers one hell of a Badass Boast:
    Landing on her feet, she stood up with her head tilted down, hiding her eyes. "Funny thing is, I probably would've agreed with you years ago." She started thinking back to when she was wandering the woods, crying and alone. "After he took everything from me, I did vow to kill the Shadowman. That vow of vengeance was the only thing that kept me going. I wanted to trust no one and saw evil in everyone. But then..." She remembered Master Makarov coming across her in the woods, offering her his hand as a show of kindness. "I made my way to Fairy Tail. And suddenly my dark world became brighter." Thoughts of a younger Natsu's kind smile, Zeke chuckling, a silver-haired girl smiling and another brown-haired boy's grin came to her mind. "They gave me hope when I needed it the most." She remembered her big confrontation with Mirajane. "They showed me that there was more in my future than just revenge." Her final thought was her first kiss with Natsu. "And they reminded me of the love I'd thought I lost."

    She lifted her head, revealing purple eyes with a steely determination that stared into Lyon's very soul. "That's the difference between us. You've let the past control you! Me, I keep running towards the future!" As she said this, a purple magic circle appeared under her feet, the wind of the cascading energy making her ponytail flow. "And right now, you're nothing but a big obstacle in my way! Speed Queen: Overclock!" Alyssa let out a yell as two magic circles appeared hovering over her shoulders. As she continued to yell, she skin started turning red, the wind of her energy making pushing Lyon back a smidge.

  • After that, she activates her Overclock spell and gives Lyon a massive beat-down, shattering all of his animal ice constructs, smashing through his spiked shell, and finishes him off with the mother of all Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs.
  • Natsu manages to one-up his fight with Zalty with another original spell: Fire Dragon's Supernova.
  • Natsu, Alyssa, and Zeke destroy the Moon Drip membrane over Galuna Island by coming their magic together.
  • Just like the Canon, the vast majority of Fairy Tail attack the Phantom Lord guild in a massive assault.
  • In the same chapter, Team Crosshairs (which includes Macao and Wakaba) stop Lucy's attempted kidnapping and put up a good fight against three of the Element 4.


    Avalon Academy 


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