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Heartwarming / The Fairy Mythos Series

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    A New Day 

  • Natsu and Alyssa have a lot of genuinely sweet moments all throughout the series. From going on dates, and even having little pet names for each other.
  • The friendship between Natsu, Alyssa, and Zeke. You really get the feeling that these guys have been friends for years.
  • In the original series, Lucy was an unfortunate Ms. Fanservice that was subjected to a lot of contrived coincidences in Canon who also had a bit of Damsel in Distress thrown in for good measure, and only Took a Level in Badass during the final arc. In here, not only is Lucy not subjected to any contrived fanservice but she's had a character arc about growing stronger over time, instead of waiting until the last arc.


    Avalon Academy 


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