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  • "He asked us, 'Be you angels?' And we said, 'Nay, we are but men! ROCK!'"
  • "Well, Wonderboy and Young Nastyman joined forces, they formed a band the likes of which had never been seen! And they called themselves Tenacious D!"
    JB: That's right! Me... and KG...
    KG: That's me!
    JB: We're! Now! Tenacious D! Come fly with me! FLY!
    • Wonderboy and Young Nastyman's powers. "What powers you ask? How about the power to kill a yak, from 200 yards away... WITH MIND BULLETS!!!"
  • After Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny bombed at the box office, people thought The D was done. Six years later, they released Rize of the Fenix.
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  • "The Metal." It's basically the musical equivalent of a Badass Boast, as they sing about how impossibly awesome metal is compared to all other genres of music, and how none can ever match it.
  • They won a Grammy Award. Not for comedy, either — their cover of "The Last in Line" won Best Metal Performance. Holy shit.
  • Anytime ol' Rage Kage gets to show off his truly awesome guitar skills. Despite whatever Jables does to steal the spotlight again.

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