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  • "39":
    • "When we text each other, I fiddle with my a-noos. YEEEEAH, I STICK THE FINGER IN IT!"
    • The (supposedly) clean version is arguably even funnier: instead of his anus, he fiddles with his bagel, but the rest of the lyrics are barely any different.
    Ahh, stick a finger in it!
    Then I freakin' readel-diddly-doo
    I love my bagel, I'm a Jew
    Spread on the cream cheese, dripped upon my shoe
    Get me a tissue
  • "Tribute": "de-de-de-de-dedeDE-do-de-de-do"
  • At least one Radio Edit of "Fuck Her Gently" dubbed over all the inappropriate lyrics with suggestive cartoon sound effects, which succeeded in making the song even more suggestive than it was to begin with.
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  • Just about all of "Beelzeboss" is so utterly ridiculous, it's as hilarious as it is awesome.
  • The entire sequence of Captain Ed's story about the "rock and roll mythos" being a lie
    Captain Ed: I was in a band once, a couple of bands. Yup, I've seen it all. I drove a car into a hotel room once. Had a three-way with a pair of Siamese twins. Ate an entire horse.
    Kage: That's pretty kickass.
    Jack: That's a cream dream.
    Captain Ed: That's not the whole story. 1967, I'm onstage at the Filmore East. Jimi Hendrix is backstage, throwing up. Mama Cass is stewing up a pot of her famous spaghetti pie. Janis Joplin is washing dishes and throwing up. And then the cops bust in. As I'm trying to get out the back door this girl with a glass eye...(He puts out a cigarette in an empty ashtray, it now cuts to the tray being completely filled with butts) guitar's on fire. I've been up all night shooting cheeseballs...that's cocaine and cheese. When I woke up the next morning I was in a Russian prison. Total setup.
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  • What happens when Spider-Man runs into Sasquatch? Hilarity Ensues, of course!

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