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  • Takayoshi Tanimoto's scream at the start of the Gekiranger theme. And he performs it live!
  • For every performance of "Busters Ready Go!" live, Hideyuki Takahashi perfectly signs "4-2-3-1" with his fingers which, considering the numbers are out of order, is very easy to screw up.

Chou Eiyuusai 2015

  • IMAJO's three-way guitar solo on "We Are Brothers" with the guitarists from Rider Chips and Mitsuru Matsuoka EARNEST DRIVE.note 

Chou Eiyuusai 2016

45x40 Anniversary Live & Show (2017)

  • The "Super Sentai Melody" featuring covers of every theme from Gorenger to Gaoranger. All of it.
  • Daiki Ise doing a surprisingly good impression of Isao Sasaki while singing the JAKQ theme.
  • Takayoshi Tanimoto incorporating his trademark scream into the start of both the Sun Vulcan and Dairanger themes.
  • Takafumi Iwasaki does an uncannily similar cover of the Zyuranger theme. Seriously. Go find the 2004 Super Sentai Spirits concert and then sync Kenta Satou's performance up to this one. They fit together way too perfectly that it's scary.
  • NoB performing a total of EIGHT songs that night (Changeman, Jetman, GoGoFive, Akibaranger seasons 1 & 2, and Abaranger, in addition to his own Boukenger and Goseiger songs).note 
    • Also, NoB perfectly nailing Yukio Yamagata's lines in the Akibaranger themes. To the point where, if you were listening to the audio only, you probably wouldn't even notice that it's a different singer.
  • Sister MAYO and Mayumi Gojo tag teaming the Timeranger theme in a concert full of predominantly male vocalists.
  • Both Shinken Reds fighting Juzo and Dayu behind Psychic Lover during the Shinkenger theme.

Chou Eiyuusai 2019

  • When Hitomi Yoshida performs "Anything Goes!" as part of the Kamen Rider medley, the outfit that she's wearing has a particular resemblance to a certain bird man from the series proper, which includes a long red sleeve with a pronounced glove, red feathers sticking out of her shoulder, and blonde streaks in her side-parted hair. She even does his medal throwing pose to end the performance!
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  • Hideyuki Takahashi's cover of "JUST LIVE MORE" is amazingly accurate to the original. And he's the one doing the low parts!

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