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Fridge Brilliance

  • During the "Super Sentai Melody" at 45x40 Anniversary Live & Show in 2017, some of the covers are actually rather fitting when you take into account what theme songs they officially recorded. Some examples also overlap with "Super Sentai Hero Getter" as well.
    • Hideaki Takatori covers Gorenger. He was the first Project.R member to perform a Super Sentai theme.
    • Sun Vulcan is the first 3 person team. Who covers its theme? Takayoshi Tanimoto, of course, singer of the Gekiranger theme.
    • Goggle V is covered by Showgo Kamada, singer of Kyoryuger. Goggle Black was in Kyoryuger!
    • Hideyuki Takahashi covers Liveman, the first three-plus-two season. Hideyuki has performed the theme for TWO three-plus-two seasons, Go-onger and Go-busters. The former even has the same color scheme!
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    • Fiveman is covered by YOFFY and what was the first theme Psychic Lover performed? Dekaranger, the five person team with the giant numbers on their suits!note 
    • NoB covers the Jetman theme, a series about bird people. NoB also sung the theme for Goseiger, a series about guardian angels.
    • Zyuranger was the first full-on fantasy season. Who did they get to cover the theme? Takafumi Iwasaki, the singer of Magiranger, the magic themed season.
    • Takayoshi Tanimoto covered Dairanger, allowing him to sing the themes songs to both of the Chinese-inspired martial arts seasons, since he is already the singer to Gekiranger.
    • Ohranger was the 20th anniversary season, and the first one celebrated since Gorenger and JAKQ were retroactively added. Tsuyoshi Matsubara, singer of the 35th anniversary (Gokaiger), covers its theme.
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    • Carranger is the 20th season in the series. It's covered by Hideaki Takatori, singer for the 40th season (Zyuohger).
    • The Megaranger theme was a duet between YOFFY and Hideyuki Takahashi. Mega Blue went on to play one of the previous Red Rangers in Shinkenger, a season in which Psychic Lover performed the theme song.
      • Megaranger was also writer Junki Takegami's first sentai. His most recent sentai as of this performance is Go-onger, which was also Hideyuki Takahashi's first sentai theme.
    • Daiki Ise guests on the Gingaman theme. Gingaman was Yasuko Kobayashi's first sentai as head writer. ToQGer, which Daiki sung the theme for, is her most recent at the time of this concert.
    • Takafumi Iwasaki covers the GoGoFive theme, a family-themed team. He also performs the theme for another family-themed season, Magiranger.
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    • Gaoranger was covered by Hideaki Takatori, Takayoshi Tanimoto, Showgo Kamada and Yohei Onishi. The former three all performed the themes to animal-based seasons (Zyuohger, Gekiranger, Kyoryuger), while Yohei sung the Ninninger theme, which had Yukio Yamagata (the original Gaoranger singer) actually acting as a character.
    • For Megaranger through Gaoranger as a whole, that era was written with the same two head writers playing hot potato with the series, so it sort of makes sense that the Project.R covers for that stretch would all be duets.

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