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  • On the original "Super Sentai Hero Getter", Psychic Lover splits the difference and has YOFFY do the Dekaranger vocals and IMAJO do the Shinkenger vocals.

Chou Eiyuusai 2014

  • The Hurricaneger actors come out during "Hurricaneger Sanjou!" and sing so hard that there are several parts where they are noticeably louder than Hideaki Takatori.

45x40 Anniversary Live & Show (2017)

  • Yohei Onishi gets a kiss on the cheek from the Aka Ninger suit actor at the end of "Saa Ike! Ninninger!" on Super Sentai Day.
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  • During "Super Sentai Hero Getter 2016", a handful of previous sentai actors were hanging around on stage. As the Kyoryuger part was coming up, Showgo Kamada grabbed Ryo Ryusei (Kyoryu Red) who jumps forward in excitement, and then Ai Moritaka (TOQ 5) did her roll call pose next to Daiki Ise during the ToQGer part.

Chou Eiyuusai 2018

  • Seeing Hiroya Matsumoto shove Beet J. Stag out of the way once more, and rock out to Hideyuki Takahashi singing "Busters Ready Go!" (while in his uniform from the show) is enough to make anyone get a little teary-eyed.

Chou Eiyuusai 2019

  • When introducing Tsuyoshi for his Gokaiger performance, NoB refers to him as the prince of Project.Rnote .

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