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  • The title of the show. Think about it. The Sex Pistols, Nirvana and The Buzzcocks mashed together and pumped full of sarcasm and satire.
  • Every single time a celebrity, either present or absent, is insulted through implication.
  • Lamarr rapping a Busta Rhymes song in season 4. Brilliantly.
  • The blase attitude held by every single person on the show after Preston walked out, and the simplicity with which Bill finds a replacment from the audience.
    • Even better, at the end of the subsequent week's show, he hands out lollipops to all the guests for "staying until the end".
  • The intros round can lead to some pretty awesome re-imaginings of pop songs.
    • As can Indecipherable Lyrics. Sometimes their joke suggestion is so good that every other time you hear the song in question, you'll hear their Mondegreen lyrics instead of the real ones.
  • Jimmy Cliff singing "Many Rivers To Cross", literally sending shivers down Mark and Phill's spines.
  • Every last one of Noel's outfits could count.
  • Every bitchy exchange between Noel and Simon, but this in particular:
    Noel Fielding: Don't make me cut the stuffing out of your pillow.
    Simon Amstell: (sarcastically) With a pair of scissors made of glitter?
    Noel Fielding: No, with a motorbike made of jealousy!
  • Guest Irwin Sparkes explaining how he's responsible for inventing sound. It's far cooler and not as vain as it sounds.
  • The scathing comments directed towards the unfortunate individuals in the Identity Parade tend to be awesome, in an evil sort of way.
    • In particular when Jamelia was a guest, and the person in the lineup was someone who had sold a story about her to the media years before.
  • The discussion about Courtney Love:
    Noel Fielding: She would snap you like a twig.
    Simon Amstell: Yes, or kill me and make it look like suicide...
    • Topped off by Noel's look of shock and the disclaimer appearing on the bottom of the screen reading "SIMON AMSTELL IS DEFINITELY WRONG."
  • After appearing on the show, Chris Moyles complained in the press about how hostile and unwelcoming everyone on Buzzcocks was towards him. How did Lamarr get back at him? By flashing up an embarrassing old photo of Moyles while telling him to "die, you oily pig in a dunce hat", and later calling him a c*nt before handing out pillows, cakes and tea to prove that he was nice to his guests.
    • And to cap it all off, the episode ended with Phill and Sean breaking into an impromptu singalong of "We Are The World", with Mark proudly proclaiming "this is what showbiz is all about!".
  • Bill Bailey, who is usually fairly whimsical and inoffensive, giving his thoughts on Loose Women (which is virtually the UK counterpart to The View, for non-UK readers):
    Bill: Oh God, I hate those bitches.
  • Another Bill moment, calling out loud-mouthed noggin Donny Tourette:
    Donny: (Making 'wanker' hand gesture) You look like one of them, mate.
    Bill: What, a hand?
    • And later in that same episode Bill telling Donny Tourette, "You're as punk as Enya" after Tourette complained about not having enough points to win.
    • Not to mention this gem:
      Donny Tourette: Yeah, well here's what I think of you! [grabs his own crotch in an insulting gesture]
      Simon Amstell: You think me a small penis? Well, I never!
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  • In the episode where Jeremy Clarkson guest-hosts, going into the Next Lines round, the team of Phill Jupitus, Trica and Anthony Costa has three points. Halfway through, Phill Jupitus walked off set leaving Anthony Costa to answer questions (with Trica helping). Their final score? Twelve.
  • After guest host Josh Groban puts up with an entire episode of Phill telling him to stop singing since he's the host, some music starts playing. Groban recognizes the tune, tells Phill to fuck off and starts singing a duet of "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Misérables with guest Michael Ball, who originated the role of Marius Pontmercy in the London production of the musical.
  • Phill and Simon dancing to "No Air" (and doing a really good job of it).
  • Phill mastering the panpipes in about five minutes and doing a very good rendition of "Go West".
  • Andrew Maxwell calling out Simon for bugging Penny Smith about her love life, saying 'She's been around a few times, she's knocked off a few dudes!' and saying that it was a really weird show now.
  • Guest host James Corden made fun of panellist Paloma Faith, specifically the idea that UK radio stations wouldn't stop playing her first single. He challenged her to sing a bit, and she did, and it was amazing.
  • The series 19 Christmas special. Specifically the last round, when Bill Bailey and crew do an amazing version of "Cotton Eyed Joe".


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