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Radio / Chris Moyles

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British radio presenter, best known as the host of BBC Radio One's Breakfast Show from 2004 - 2012.

Associated Tropes with the Chris Moyles Show:

  • Arch-Enemy: Various and sundry. Mark Lamarr, John Peel (briefly), Johnny Vaughn, Chris Evans, the 3AM Girls from The Sun, most tabloid gossip columnists in fact...
  • Ascended Fanboy: BB Aled, who would later become Aled, then Day Producer Aled, and finally Producer Aled.
  • Butt-Monkey: Anyone on the team - including Chris himself - but often singled out were Aled and Matt Fincham.
  • Dirty Old Man: Chris, and how. Most notoriously when he lecherously commented on singer Charlotte Church upcoming Sixteenth, and how he (jokingly) planned to take her virginity.