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  • Season One
    • Gamera's debut in "Movie Night" shows him defeating two mutants who took over the world.
    • "Drama Monsters" features King Ghidorah's Face–Heel Turn in which he threatens Godzilla, Rodan and Jet Jaguar after he is accused of cheating on Mothra and she leaves him.
    • "Godzilla vs King Ghidorah", Godzilla recruiting the help of his past self after stealing Mechagodzilla's time machine to defeat King Ghidorah.

  • Season Two
    • "Godzilla vs Rodan", Godzilla fights Rodan after he refuses to admit he has a drug problem. Anguirus and Mothra attack Godzilla after he defeats Rodan.
    • Anguirus rescuing Minilla from drowning in the lake in "Beach Party".
    • Spacegodzilla using his telekinesis to exile Titanosaurus from the LESBIANS in "Titanosaurus".
    • Titanosaurus declaring "I'm the wild card, bitches!" in "Battle for Monster Island".
    • Rodan defeating Mecha-King Ghidorah in the finale in "Final Wars".

  • Season Three
    • Jet Jaguar's Roaring Rampage of Revenge, starting with a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Megalon in "Jet Jaguar vs Megalon".
    • Godzilla burning Magneto alive in "Godzilla & The Avengers".
    • "Godzilla vs Destoroyah", The fight between Godzilla and Destoroyah.
    • "Godzilla vs the World", Nick Fury gathering all the super heroes to fight Godzilla and Fire Rodan. It gets better. Gamera saves Godzilla from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fire Rodan taking down the chopper and Godzilla burning the super heroes.
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    • "Godzilla vs Fire Rodan", Fire Rodan goes mad with power. What does Godzilla do? Fight him!

  • Season Four
    • "Orga". Orga makes his debut in which he's Breaking the Fourth Wall.
    • "Rebirth of Mothra", Minilla, Rodan and Zilla fighting Battra to protect the Mothra egg.
    • "G-Fest", Godzilla proving Gamera wrong at G-Fest by saying that G stands for Godzilla instead of Gamera.
    • "The Death of Godzilla", Godzilla's Rousing Speech when he realizes that he doesn't have to be a king of the monsters when he is more comfortable being, a Monster Island buddy. The final battle is also all sorts of awesome. Minilla's construction of a powerful robot is one of the highest points. The real icing on the cake is when Godzilla sacrifices himself to defeat Monster X. All while undergoing a fatal stage in his life.

  • Season Five
    • The Return of Fire Rodan in "Fire Rodan Returns".
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    • "Beer Pong" features Godzilla and King Ghidorah winning a beer pong match against Lord Blundergosh and Destoroyah.
    • "Godzilla's Alive", Godzilla confronting Gabara, and his eventual encounter with Gojira.
    • "Snow Day", Gabara when he acts like a Jerkass to Minilla and Anguirus, eventually becomes a victim of Laser-Guided Karma, in which Minilla and Anguirus refuse to help him out, and urinate on his face.
    • "The Godzilla Family", Biollante's debut.
    • "The Truce", Mothra and King Ghidorah working together to create a truce between the three-headed dragons and divine moths.
    • "The Big Party", Godzilla, Rodan, Jet Jaguar, and Mechagodzilla working together to defeat Biollante, Space Godzilla and Gojira.

  • Season Six
    • "Escape from Skull Island", Gorosaurus escapes with Minilla and Godzilla, from King Kong.
    • "General Gigan". Gigan who is Adorkable becomes the evil General Gigan. All while watching a badass tape.
    • "Monster Island War". Gorosaurus vs Gigan. The title war has all sorts of fights. Anguirus saves Minilla from Megalon. Battra's Heel–Face Turn and Mothra's return are chief components in the war. Then, there's Gorosaurus killing King Kong. Also Future!Godzilla's hug to Rodan is what caused Rodan to give his message to Battra, who then gives the message to Mothra, all to defeat King Ghidorah and the other villains, thus causing Future!Gigan to disappear out of existence. Baragon also has a moment in which he saves Titanosaurus.

  • Season Eight
    • "Rodan Marries Mothra". The final battle with Grand King Ghidorah, where Mothra finally kills him with a little help from the original King Ghidorah."
    • "The End of the World: We have an entire army of Godzillas arriving to turn the tables on Cthulhu, Destroyah, and Shin Godzilla, followed by Blundergosh throwing Cthulhu back to hell where he belongs.

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