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Awesome / Loki: Agent of Asgard

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Loki being Loki is generally awesome, but some highlights:

  • The creation of Gram. It's a gambit worthy of the troll of the Marvel Universe.
  • Issue #5 features a reference to TV Tropes! (Kinda-sorta.)
  • Verity comes up with a plan on the fly to save Latveria during the Red Skull's "hate wave," and as a reward, is made a "Trusted Ally of Doom."
  • For a little while in issue #9 Loki was worthy of Mjölnir, defeated Thor, and resisted all the temptations this came with. Then the inversion ended and all this got taken away from them.
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  • Issue #11 for all its heart-breakyness gives us an epic Calling the Old Man Out from Loki directed at Freyja. Sure, they're the child murderer and body thief, but the woman who would power her utopia with that poor forsaken child has no right to judge. She got what she wanted anyway!
  • Issue #13: Loki, with some timely help from Verity, manages to fight back against Old!Loki, and epically Screw Destiny by deciding that if they're going to be the God of Lies, it's on their terms. And they succeed.
  • Issue #14: What could make the imminent end of everything awesome? Oh, how about Odin wielding a freaking minigun against a horde of zombies, Old!Loki, Hela and the Midgard Serpent?
    Spit fire and steel, oh god of Midgard! Ye whose endless metal thunder the mortals chose to worship over justice! Pit your red-handed horror against the horror we face! Scream your bloody murder! Bellow your song of mindless ire! Odin One-Eye commands you! SCREAM FOR ME!
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  • Issue #15: Regardless of her behaviour throughout the series, Freyja punching the heck out of Old!Loki, then killing the Midgard Serpent, is seriously badass.
  • Issue #16 continues the concentrated awesome that is the final battle of Asgard, now after the horn is sounded, as official Ragnarök.
  • Issue #17: Loki versus Those Who Sit Above In Shadow or maybe some Beyonders disguised as them. Loki wins, by telling a story about stories, and how TWSAIS are just an invention of the gods, which is enough to scare them into running away or it could be a ripple effect of Doom's dealings. And the best part? Loki was bluffing all the while. Why the spoilers? Because it's left ambiguous. Remember: Your reading of the text affects the text, so use your power wisely.


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