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Tear Jerker / Loki: Agent of Asgard

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So. This is a light-hearted series that will break your heart.

  • From the Point One prologue, there's this line from Loki:
  • End of issue #5. Nobody wants Loki to change except themself. Including but not limited to the freaking All-Mother. Worse, they want the old Because Destiny Says So back that Thor successfully averted, when destroying the fate of the gods. All the fighting, suffering, death, destruction that led up to this... and the Asgardians would throw all that away. Basically for Freedom from Choice.
  • The end of issue 9. For one moment, Loki gets to screw destiny, be worthy of Mjölnir, fully patch things up with Thor, and have an actual shot at redemption. But then the spell is reversed, Thor forgets it all, no one will ever believe Loki's story, and the narration heavily implies that there is now no chance for Loki to ever be a hero. It's a tearjerker moment for the reader and Loki.
    • As he's holding mjolnir, an image of the version of himself that he essentially killed appears, reminding him that he is the crime that will not be forgiven.
  • In issue #10 Loki apologizes and comes clean to Thor and Verity, which causes Thor to snap, totally understandable... but it's just painful to watch.
    • Throughout it all, Loki is genuinely trying to apologize for all they've done. And yet Thor still won't listen. It's only because he remembers what he said to Kid!Loki that he doesn't kill his brother.
  • In issue #11 the trend continues. All of Asgard turns against them, Freyja banishes them, and the villain destroys their last friendship. So basically it's still one big tearjerker (occasionally in the awesome or heart warming variety), punctuated by ominous omens, and pitch black comedy.
  • Verity's backstory. Her ability has made her miserable since she was a baby (to the point of crying when the doctor diagnosing her was being overly optimistic). She even knows when someone thinks they're telling the truth but actually isn't, like when her dad claimed it wasn't her fault her parents split up. She has trouble interacting with people at all, to where even though her registration and power make her sought after for work, she will only take a job she can do from home.
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  • #16: After Verity starts yelling at Story!Loki for taking Verity's soul from her body and demands to know why, Loki tearfully explains "Because we're friends!" and tries to explain how this is their attempt at helping her. To Loki, it's a nice gesture as it spares Verity from being destroyed by the Incursion, but they don't seem to realize how insane it is. It's here where it becomes clear that Loki's new God of Stories incarnation's Cloud Cuckoo Lander status isn't just for fun, but they seem to have real struggles understanding people and may be legitimately mentally unwell. It's also a heartwarming moment as it shows that they're still the same person as their past incarnation, ultimately, and they still honestly care for Verity. It's saying something about Loki's mental state that this could be considered an improvement, because this is a person whose previous incarnation was hallucinating and contemplated suicide (not to mention when the guilt complex/depression got so bad it almost unmade reality).
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  • Also from issue #16, there's the part where Verity realizes what the Final Incursion just caused: Everyone she knows, everyone she has ever cared about (except Loki) is dead, just like that, and she literally has a panic attack despite being a ghost at this point.


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