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Trivia / Loki: Agent of Asgard

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  • Shrug of God: When people asked about the more trippy aspects of this comic (what happened in metaphor space, what's the deal with Those Who Sit Above in Shadow etc.) Ewing outright suggested asking the characters as they were the ones living/dreaming/whatnot it. He is just writing it how should he know?
  • Teasing Creator: Read the solicits. Read them! Then the comics too... The creative team of this book had way too much fun playing with expectations and Prophecy Twisting their own words. Which is perfectly appropriate for a comic dealing with tricksters.
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  • Word of Gay: Al Ewing confirmed what The Mighty Thor fans always suspected: Loki is canonically bisexual and genderfluid. And this is why this page goes with they as Loki's pronoun as Loki and the comic uses he (and god) when male and she (and goddess, mistress etc.) when female presenting, which led to occasional Pronoun Trouble and minor Edit Warring previously.


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