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Heartwarming / Loki: Agent of Asgard

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  • When Verity forgives Loki in issue #10 for the shit they did while under the inversion spell. Then Thor joins, Loki confesses some more and we end up in Tear Jerker.
  • Each and every time when Odin can bring himself to admit that he loves Loki or his children in general.
    • First at the end of the Original Sin mini (this also annoys Old!Loki to no end).
    • In his Vagueness Is Coming speech from issue #11.
    • As full blown So Proud of You in issue #16. And kind of heartbreakingly he gets rejected by Story!Loki, too little too late old man, they don't care anymore.
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  • Loki's declaration in issue #13 of the things that matter most to them, that are core to their self - including Verity as a friend who believes in them, and Thor as a brother they love.
  • Also from #13:
    Loki: Is this goodbye, or see you later?
    Verity: It's... see you later. Please.
    Loki: I'll do my best. You'll see me again, Verity. But... maybe not this me.
  • In issue #14 one of the very first things (others: visiting the bathroom to check their new looks and being supremely unhelpful in explaining themself) Story!Loki does after their return is asking Verity to tell them her story, while the world is literally ending outside and outright stating that this is the most important thing. This also overlaps with being unintentionally kind of creepy.
  • There's something slightly heartwarming in that Doctor Doom appears to be babysitting Valeria Richards.
    • When Doom comes under the influence of Red Skull's hate he has thoughts about killing Valeria... and that very thought immediately makes him realize that something's drastically wrong.
  • The friendship montage part of Verity's story in issue #15. Then she notices that something is strange and we get into creepy again. It still counts as heartwarming in the end, though, because Story!Loki still cares enough about their friendship with Verity that she is the one mortal they are determined to save from the end of existence.
    • In a similar vein, while Loki's refusal to join the Asgardians in their final battle seems cold and dismissive at first glance, by telling themselves out of the Ragnarok, they are able to save the story of it (and the Asgardians) from total annihilation.
  • In the last issue, how does Story!Loki face the Big Bad of the series? Not with a big fight, but rather by sitting down and giving them a heart-to-heart about their misery over the Reformed, but Rejected treatment that lead to their Then Let Me Be Evil fall. Despite the evil they did, Old!Loki was still the same Loki we followed and cheered for during this book, who was just utterly broken by the constant resentment and bullying until he just snapped, and ultimately just needed a hug. It's also here where Story!Loki muses how, despite the evil they did, ultimately they made Loki's life better, as it was because of his meddling that lead to Loki and Verity meeting, helped avoid reigniting a devastating war, and ultimately pushed Loki to move forward and become the God of Stories. Rather than a brutal final fight, it ends with Story!Loki giving "Old"!Loki a hug and a kiss, and a shoulder to cry on one last time before taking that story too and turning it into the gem in their new sceptre.
    • Earlier in the issue, Loki's presenting a story about stories to Those Who Sit Above In Shadow, going through a multitude of what if's and maybe's and asks Verity what she thinks of it all. She can't tell because they haven't said anything definite and says as much... before they cut her off with this:
      Loki: You're still my best friend.
      Verity: [softly] All right. One thing.


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