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  • Loki singing "The Wizard and I" from Wicked in the shower is pure win.
  • How bad is Hawkeye at video games? He winds up with no health, falling out of a crashing airplane, with the army chasing him... in a fishing simulator.
  • Speaking of Hawkeye, this gem in regards to Loki's younger look:
    Hawkeye: You're sure this is Loki? He looks kind of...One Direction-y.
    • And then there's this:
      Loki: I may have had to magically shift the apartment to another building because everyone thought I was Harry Styles. Sometimes I think mortals are too gullible.
  • Loki's insistence that they and Thor are on much better terms. But look at the images that go with it.
    Loki: Well. I am, anyway.
  • During a talk with Thor, Loki admits they've been writing slash-fiction.
  • Issue 3, for the most part, was narrated like an old tale, with most of the events happening in Asgard's past, with no elements from present time midgard to be seen. Then Old!Loki kills a talking fish...with a rocket launcher. Even the narration goes to specify which kind of rocket launcher it is and the entire thing is forgotten two pages later, never to be referenced again.
    Man: B-but—Where did you get such a gold-hoard, old one?
    Old!Loki: I shot a fish with a bazooka.
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  • Rein Carnation Wheels.
  • Loki having to brainwash Thor's pet goats as part of a scheme of theirs.
  • Issue #5: Loki and Lorelei have to get to Asgard without being seen by Heimdall. The solution? Let Thor fight The Tecnocracy as a distraction!
    Heimdall: [in awe] Truly, this is the son of Odin!
  • Loki's unorthodox attempt at making a rousing speech to the Angels of the Tenth Realm.
    Loki: Attention, Angelic Fleet! This is your mistress of strategies speaking! Do you read me?
    Angels: HUZZAH!
    Loki: In a moment, we will move forward — with the full might of our invasion force — to destroy Asgard forever!
    Angels: HUZZAH!
    Loki: We will give them no warning! We will massacre them in their sleep! Including the children!
    Angels: HUZZAH!
    Loki: Especially the children! Small children and babies! I want to stress that! Baby murder will happen! At almost tedious length!
    Angels: HUZZAAAHH!
    Angel: Smite the evil before it grows!
    Loki: So if anyone doesn't want to slaughter tiny babies in their sleep — you can back out! No blame attached! In fact, I'll pay you! Anyone?
    [Panel of angels staring blankly at each other]
    Loki: Anyone at all? Bueller? [to herself] Can't say I didn't try.
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  • In the dumpster Loki and Sigurd fell into is a ketchup bottle that was obviously supposed to be Heinz-ketchup, but says Odinz instead.
  • Issue #7 is chock full of them, mostly thanks to Valeria Richards.
    • After Doom gives a monologue about how he has defeated a God, Valeria pipes up:
      Valeria: Can we have ice cream later?
      Doom: Doom shall consider your request. note 
    • Valeria's plan to stop Red Skull's hate waves from effecting Latveria? SCIENCE-RAYS!
    • Doom thanks Verity for her assistance in saving Latveria and tells her she will always be an ally of his. Loki congratulates her for making every terrorist watch list because of it.
    • One from that issue that doesn't involve Valeria: Doom is so egotistical that he has a jukebox in his room full of trophies that plays "All you need is doom, doom... doom is all you need".
      • An extra layer of humor that a lot of readers missed: that entire sequence is a parody of a similar scene from The Prisoner.
  • As stated in the main tropes Old!Loki's sense of humor is pretty questionable, but their note to Freyja left in their empty cell in issue 11 manages to be Actually Pretty Funny. It's a crude drawing of Kilroy with Loki's iconic horns with the caption "Wot no Loki?"
  • And then they turn issue #12 into the Old!Loki Show featuring Loki and Loki... there is almost a joke in every other panel. Most are various shades of terrible or black, but the rapidfire nature of it will get you sooner or later.
    • Loki battling against the new, female Thor is given the caption "Actually It's About Ethics In Hammer-Wielding" (Better if you remember that this isn't just a meme reference, but the acknowledgement that Loki knows what a meme is, which was established way back in Journey Into Mystery. Continuity!)
  • Issue #13: Current!Loki confronts the ghosts of their past selves in metaphor-space to decide their fate. However, Loki being Loki, it doesn't quite go the expected route...
    Original!Loki: Whichever path you choose, boy — choose quickly. Before—
    [Loki's phone rings]
    Original!Loki: ... Is... that...
    Loki: Daft Punk. Sorry, I have to take this.
    [Loki's previous selves look at each other in confusion.]
  • Issue #14: Pretty much everything Loki, God(dess) of Stories, says and does when talking to Verity; particularly their reaction to their new form and the casualness they have with changing gender in front of Verity like it's nothing.
  • Issue #16: The forces of Asgard harnessing the mortal "magic" of Cool, via sunglasses.
  • Issue #17: Not from the issue proper, but the recap page, which takes a moment to plug the concurrent Silver Surfer series.


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