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Nightmare Fuel / Loki: Agent of Asgard

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Surprise Creepy is one more thing this series can hit you with.

  • Old!Loki is a scary bastard and their villain monologue that is issue #12 is effectively designed to stomp out all hope, using dread, the feeling of helplessness, and black comedy.
  • The cover of issue 12 itself is profoundly disturbing, given that it involves Old!Loki's crouching atop a pile of bones against a bleak, desolate back drop, whilst tearing the flesh from Teen!Loki and staring at the reader with soulless black eyes.
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  • In issue 6, when bugs start pouring out of Old!Loki's mouth and eyes. No wonder Doom screamed.
  • The meeting of the minds between Loki, Original!Loki and Kid!Loki, what with the ghosts' bleak messages and empty eyes. Not to mention when Kid!Loki's spectre distorts and twists.
  • Fighting the legions of Hel especially if you aren't sufficiently heroic so when you die you'll join them.
  • Story!Loki doesn't intend to creep anybody out, but gods damn it do they manage to do that thanks to being incredibly powerful and having very strange thought processes.
    • See last pages of issue #15. Yes, Verity. They did something. For example this shining thingy on Loki's bracelet is your "soul" and that thing over there is your dead body.


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