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A Song of Ice and Fire meets Warhammer 40k. Of course there's awesome.

  • Although it happens before the story begins, Robert Baratheon being the first person to destroy a Behemoth (think Emperor-class Titans from Warhammer 40,000) in a field battle using just ground forces certainly qualifies.
    • Another pre-story moment is Lyanna's resistance to Rhaegar raping her. Her scratching was so ferocious that even futuristic surgery is unable to repair the damage. Keep in mind, the level of medicine is sufficient to basically erase Shireen's Greyscale scars. That's right, a fifteen-year-old girl was able to inflict more damage than an infamously damaging disease. Wolf's Blood indeed.
  • The Stark counter-offensive. The rebels were crushed at the battle of the Trident, though the royalists got pretty badly mauled too. So when the Lannisters intervene, things go downhill fast in the Riverlands. But the North lures their spearhead into a trap and then goes back on the offense, not only retaking significant amounts of territory, but also taking advantage of this to lay ground work for the next war.
    • The Battle of the Twins deserves special note. The Lannisters enter the system with four ships of the line, twelve battlecruisers, two armoured cruisers, twenty-four heavy cruisers, fifteen light cruisers, fifty scout cruisers, two fleet carriers, six light carriers, and twenty escort carriers; plus the transports carrying two entire armies (totaling roughly one-quarter of a million men). The Northerners (led by Roose Bolton) have one ship of the line, six battlecruisers, four armoured cruisers, thirteen heavy cruisers, about twenty light and scout cruisers, two light carriers, and nine escort carriers. The Lannister force is annihilated except for TWO heavy cruisers. The Boltons lose two heavy cruisers, three light cruisers, seven scout cruisers, a couple auxiliary ships, and some fighters. Total casualties in terms of manpower: Lannister, c.380,000; Bolton, less than 17,000. For reference, that's a kill-death ratio of 22-1 in the Northerners' favor.
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  • During the Fall of Pyke, a Green Man faces off against an Other who just beat the crap out of Euron. The Other's wights are instantly eradicated and the Other regards the Green Man as "worthy prey". And to cap it off, this Other is one of the nine that could potentially be anointed as the next Night's Queen. And the North has hundreds of these men and women.
  • After an ice dragon crash lands (and gets killed by direwolves), the northerners discover a dragon egg. Which Eddard immediately plans to use, not against the Others, but against the Targs.
  • Soon after the outbreak of the second war, Varys disappears alongside the entire Crown Intelligence Agency. He kills or incapacitates much of the Small Council on the way out, and publishes a holo-newspaper that reveals the decadence, corruption, and crimes of the Crown and those who support them. The result is massive unrest and outright insurrection in multiple sectors, including Faith uprisings who support the Sparrows, demon worshippers, and large numbers of Goldcloaks turning on the Crown.
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  • Brienne of Tarth leads an army to take Summerhall from the Targaryens.
  • Ayric Sarring kills Ser Oswell Whent in single combat. Even Sandor Clegane bows down to the veteran soldier.
  • The Second Battle of King's Landing, which marks the beginning of Viserys' coup. It's the first time two Behemoth fight each other, and it shows. Both in awesomeness and in its terrifying firepower - which levels buildings as a secondary effect of firing their guns.
  • A Northern strike team led by Sansa Stark infiltrates the Red Keep in the middle of the chaos, captures and kills Arthur Dayne and finally puts an end to Rhaegar's reign.
  • Operation Cataclysm, the Battle of Fawnton. Stannis gets a number of infiltrators to take over several defense stations, which they promptly turn against the Storm Lords allied to Jon Connington. In the middle of the chaos, Stannis and his allies jump in and attack the Connington allies. All of this, while, in the ground, Tysha Lannister summons R'hollor's demons, which kill the Conningtons and a good lot of the population - and then Richard Lonmouth takes his crippled spaceship and has it accelerate to crash against the planet, utterly ruining it and Tysha's plans, while killing everything else that was on Fawnton.
  • Rhaenyra Blackfyre absolutely crushes the Vale Loyalist fleet with a series of traps. These traps were crafted despite her being the invader and her enemy ostensibly having the homefield advantage.
  • Alysanne proves herself to be her father's daughter when she orders her brother to be taken to the Sky Cells (a prison on a mountain six kilometers high) and chained to the door to keep him from jumping (he had threatened to have their father burned with wildfire and her gang-raped so turn about is fair play).
  • Despite being found out, it was quite an accomplishment that Arya was able to smuggle herself, two young dragons, and the direwolves on to a warship.
  • Gerion Lannister successfully screws with Tywin by giving Brightroar to Daeron using the argument that Joffrey gets a crown and Shiera gets a dragon. It's one thing for Tywin to demand the sword from his brother (and thus someone who is supposedly his vassel), it's an entirely different thing to demand it from one of the royal family.
  • Samwell Tarly and his new wife have plans that basically amount to flipping off House Tyrell in every way they can.
  • Edmure Tully basically tells the other officers of the 2nd River Fleet to get the hell off his planet when they try to remove him. He then promptly declares for Viserys.
  • Tyrion and Addam easily beat the fragmented Riverlanders that are preparing to attack Riverrun.
  • The Blackfish returns with many of the veterans he led to the North after being dismissed by his nephew and leads a coup that places Sansa Stark as Lady of Riverrrun. She calls out for the Riverlanders to join House Stark again in overthrowing the Targaryens and fighting the Others.
    • How do the Riverlanders respond:
  • The Battle of Saltcliffe is as impressive as horrendous:
    • First, when he receives word that Victarion Greyjoy has arrived in system, Lord Saltcliffe orders a general uprising all around the planet, succeeding in driving off the occupation forces.
    • Then, Ser Lyn Corbray ups the ante with his own revelation: every city in the planet has a multi-megaton nuke hidden beneath it - and he has just activated the detonation codes.
    • After that, Victarion Greyjoy raises the dead in the planet, sending them against Corbray's fortress.
    • The Valemen (which number a few tens of thousands) proceed to hold off millions of undead for more than five days, selling every inch of terrain at a very high price.
    • Victarion Greyjoy then commands an undead kraken to open the fortress' gates, filling the outer grounds with an all-consuming darkness.
    • Reduced to about five hundred men and just the inner citadel, Lyn Corbray reveals to his men that he has activated another nuclear weapon beneath the fortress, so their bodies will not be animated after they die - and the five hundred men make their last ten minutes of life the most important ten minutes of their lives.
    • The actions in this battle are considered so awesome that the crew of a spy ship loyal to Jon Arryn (and, therefore, technically opposed to Lyn Corbray) cannot help but acknowledge it by standing to attention upon receiving the Fort's last message: Fort Forlorn still stands.
      Godric Meric: Let it be known, that on 22.09.300AAC, the Valemen under Defender-General Ser Lyn Corbray won their place by the Warrior’s Side in the Seven Heavens. The planet broke before the Vale Army did...
  • The Battle of Craster's Fort easily beats the pants off Saltcliffe, because of the numbers involved and actions carried out.
    • On one side, Flotilla 805 of the Night's Watch, crewed by about 7,000 Brothers and formed by eight heavy cruisers, eight light cruisers and sixteen scout cruisers - plus several thousands of obsolete missile platforms.
    • On another side, the Exodus Fleet, formed by thousands of almost broken-down ships carrying the entire totality of the wildling civilization, numbering more than three billion people.
    • On the third side, a White Walkers' fleet formed by 130 cruisers, thirty-six battleships, twenty dragon-carriers (each having one ice dragon) and the Star Killer.
    • With numbers heavily lopsided against them and aware of the true threat, Waymar Royce orders an attack against the White Walkers, knowing that they are the only chance the wildlings have of surviving certain death.
    • The best news? They do. They manage to overwhelm the White Walkers. They destroy one hundred and forty-nine enemy ships, including all of the dragon carriers and four of the ice dragons they were transporting. They damage the Star Killer. They allow the Exodus Fleet to escape. They hurt the enemy, and forced them to pay heavily for their attack on them. And because of the overwhelming firepower sent back at them, the Others will receive next to no corpses to resurrect as wights.
  • Another moment for the North comes when their Twelfth Fleet begins their long-awaited mission of vengeance at Haigh's Fort. In less than two hours, the Northerners annihilate the orbital defenses and the Riverlands's Sixth Fleet with negligible casualties. The first wave of their ground invasion is so immense it's at first mistake for an asteroid bombardment and convinces the garrison commander to surrender on the spot.
    • This victory and the subsequent taking of the Twins are so one-sided that casualty figures for the North are lower than even their most optimistic predictions.
  • However the Northern victory at Haigh's Fort is nothing compared to the Dornish victory at Harvest Hall a.k.a. Operation Graveyard.
    • The massive Reach fleet (over one hundred ships of the line, two hundred battlecruisers, hundreds of escort ships and thousands of auxiliaries) moves into the system and is attacked by missile platforms hiding in a debris field. The missiles savage the ranks of the escorts and then when Reach fighters counterattack, they self-destruct, taking thousands of fighters with them.
    • Then the Dornish begin constant attacks with nova bomb mines, waves of fighters, and long-range ion cannon bombardment.
      • The end result is that only about one hundred and ten Reach ships escape. Behind them they leave two super-battleships, one hundred and two ships of the line, one hundred and ninety-seven battlecruisers, two hundred and ninety-five heavy cruisers, one hundred and ninety-two light cruisers, seven hundred and twenty-four scout cruisers, seven fleet carriers, sixty-six light carriers, one hundred and eighty three escort carriers and over three thousand, five hundred auxiliaries. All told, the Reach loses eighteen million men, including a major part of the Reach's nobility. Essentially, between this battle and the earlier attacks on the Reach shipyards, they've lost virtually all of their capacity to wage an offensive war.
  • Rhaenyra achieves an impressive tactical victory against the Redfort orbital forces and then has the restraint not to attempt a costly invasion against a planet that is sure to resist her occupation.
    • However, Jon Arryn turns it to his favor since he had his fuel supplies redistributed in the days leading up to the war, meaning that her plan to end the war quickly by compromising the Vale's fuel network has been negated. Considering that up until this point the battles have mainly been one-sided affairs, it's great to see two factions that are a more even match in skill.
  • Chapter 6, Part C will be remembered for one reason: Sandor Clegane (with an assist from Ayric Sarring and Bronn) finally kills Gregor Clegane, taking revenge for his sister, his father and the millions of people Gregor has brutally murdered.
  • It's worth noting that is a few short weeks of competent rule, Viserys is able to almost completely secure the loyalty of King's Landing to the point that they're prepared to go down fighting against Aegon despite the likelihood of them being slaughtered due to having no orbital support.

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