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This is the Recap page for the A Song of Ice and Fire fanfiction Let The Galaxy Burn.

As such, remember that this page is full of SPOILERS, and thus must be avoided if you want to get the full experience of reading the story.

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    Story Background 
The story takes place in the Seven Sectors, one of the galaxy's main polities, united ever since Aegon Targaryen "the Conqueror" used his kilometer-long dragons to force the then disparate kingdoms to submit. Only Dorne resisted successfully, and even they ended up joining the Seven Sectors thanks to the diplomatic efforts of several Targaryen kings.

It is the year 283 after Aegon's Conquest of the system now known as King's Landing, the capital of the Seven Sectors. The dragons that once gave them power have been long dead, but not so the Targaryens' general arrogance. Unfortunately, this arrogance sometimes leads them to make unexpected and even deadly decisions, for themselves or for others.

Two years ago, Prince Rhaegar decided to kidnap Lady Lyanna Stark, the daughter to Lord Paramount of the North Rickard Stark and betrothed of Lord Paramount of the Stormlands Robert Baratheon, and raped her with the expectation of gaining a third child. Lyanna's eldest brother, Brandon, traveled to King's Landing with the intention of taking revenge upon the Prince and rescue his sister, but Rhaegar was not at King's Landing: King Aerys, nicknamed "the Mad", imprisoned Brandon and his companions and had their fathers come to the capital to apologize - only for him to have them all put to death in the most horrible ways, and demand Lord Paramount of the Vale Jon Arryn to send him the heads of his wards, Robert Baratheon and now Lord Paramount of the North Eddard Stark. In answer, Jon rose up in rebellion, and so did the North and the Stormlands, an alliance soon joined by Lord Paramount of the Riverlands Hoster Tully, who had his daughters Catelyn and Lysa marry Eddard Stark and Jon Arryn to forge their alliance.

Sadly, their righteous anger was insufficient. Rebels and loyalists exchanged battles, with the rebels slowly gaining the upper hand even as Robert's own homeworld was besieged by loyalist forces - when an audacious attack by Lord Randyll Tarly with his spaceship against Robert's own led to both their deaths in spite of rebel efforts to rescue their leader, a stroke compounded by Lord Paramount of the West Tywin Lannister's entrance in the war on the side of the loyalists. The rebels were forced to retreat after such loss, but the loyalists were unable to take full advantage of it after their severe losses, leaving the Western armies to the task of bringing down the rebels...


    Prologue 1 
An old man called Samwell Tarly reminisces about the past, the stories that have taken him where he is now and, of course the people he has met, some villains, other heroes. Heroes such as a soldier that, back in the year 283 AC, was but a young lieutenant fighting for the Lannister's in the Usurper's War...

The Lone Lieutenant, 05.06.283AAC, Binary Twins System

In the transport ship taking him and his men to the surface of Bridge's Edge to "liberate" it from rebel hands, Lieutenant 3rd class Ayric Sarring has to deal with minor things such as one of his men's idiocy in fully believing Targaryen propaganda, only for things to turn for the worse when it turns out that the rebels not have not retreated, but have activated the orbital defences at the same time as a Northern fleet appears, ready to pound on the Western fleet.

The troop transport lands amidst heavy anti-air fire, and Ayric's squad lands in the middle of a fight only for orbital strikes to destroy the transport and most of his squad. The survivors of the strike are attacked by a Bolton squad, and Ayric manages to help defeat them at a high cost. In the aftermath of this battle, Sarring and Sergeant Raff Preslan decide to hide in the planet's forests to attempt to meet with fellow Western soldiers and avoid the enemy.

The Defeated Admiral, 05.06.283AAC, Binary Twins System

While the Lannister armies get pounded on the ground, Admiral of the Lions Loren Lannister has to deal with the problem that the Bolton fleet now approaching his is much stronger. While planning how to attempt to defeat their enemy, news come that one Lannister army has surrendered, while the other cannot be communicated with.

When the fleet battle begins, Loren Lannister's plan to overwhelm the Boltons with missiles goes awry when they easily stop the missiles, to then counter with an overwhelming strike against Lannister's only starfighter carrier and killing its fighters without suffering casualties. Lannister sends two cruisers to alert his command while he has the rest of his fleet come closer for what he increasingly realizes is a battle he will lose.

The Lone Lieutenant, 11.06.283AAC, Binary Twins System

In the aftermath of a fight with Bolton guardsmen, Sarring and Preslan continue their fight for survival in the middle of enemy territory. The two men engage in some light-hearted banter about the Northern army, Lannisport, Preslan's past and present activities and the now deceased Lord Walder Frey's idiocy.

The Defeated Admiral, 29.06.283AAC, Binary Twins System

Loren Lannister, now a prisoner of war of the Boltons, is brought before Lord Roose Bolton, allowing him to learn of the differences between his fleet and the North's - such as, for example, the fact that women serve in the North's fleets and armies, unlike in most of the Seven Sectors. Lord Bolton informs Lannister that that his cousin Tywin Lannister has offered to pay his ransom - with the clear intention of having him executed for being defeated - that the armies in the surface of Bridge's Edge have mostly surrendered and the loyalist fleet is far weaker than what he believes after several battles, so the expected loyalist offensive is still months or even years away from taking place.

The Lone Lieutenant, 30.06.283AAC, Binary Twins System

Sarring and Preslan find several Lannister soldiers so brutally butchered that even a veteran as Preslan feels squeamish at the sight. Following a blood trail, the duo finds another dead Lannister officer - and a man in battle armour, armed with a strange vibro-blade, showing fatal wounds that have not killed him and shining blue eyes. After a long, exhausting fight in which the strange man speaks of his god and the death of all things, Sarring and Preslan manage to kill it. As they try to get their breath back, Preslan notices a smiling weirwood tree, which the two hope means something good.

    Prologue 2 

Part A: Ashes of the Trident

Elia Martell, 10.07.283AAC, King's Landing System

Princess Elia Martell, wife of Prince Rhaegar, is disgusted as she is forced to watch a man being executed by wildfire when the new High Septon, the Vocal One, a man clearly opposed to Aerys, arrives. Two gladiatorial combats ensue, followed later by several Stormlander prisoners being attacked by a wyvern. After the "spectacle" ends and Aerys leaves, Elia converses with the High Septon: she knows her husband is ready to "make his move", and requests the High Septon to evacuate her daughter Rhaenys to Dorne, while she herself makes sure that, if she goes down, she won't be alone.

Part B: Northern Meeting

Lord Wyman Manderly, 12.07.283AAC, Crossroads System

Lord Wyman Manderly, injured during the Battle of the Trident, considers the Rebels' situation: after Hoster Tully's death at the Trident, most of the River Navy has dissolved; the death of Robert Baratheon was followed by that of most of the Storm Navy represented among the Rebels, the Vale's navy also took a pounding, and the North, the only sector still capable of fighting, has lost a good lot of its own navy.

During a conference with the Northern Admirals, it is learned that Storm's End, capital of the Storm Sector, has surrendered after a long siege by the Tyrell fleet - freeing their ships to attack the rebels - that the North's ability to support the war cannot hold for more than six more months without being forced to divert critical resources, and there's little chance of bringing potential allies from Essos into the struggle. Lord Eddard Stark decides to carry out a few small offensives to be capable of establishing a defensive strategy that may blunt the Tyrell spear.

Part C: Harrenhal Triumph

Kevan Lannister, 18.07.283AAC, Harrenhal System

In the Harrenhal system, Kevan Lannister observes a parade carried out to celebrate the victory in the Trident, while his younger brothers Gerion and Tygett snark about their elder brother Lord Tywin Lannister, Mace Tyrell and the march of the war. Kevan notes that Tywin feels humiliated by the dragons even though he was instrumental to their victory. Rhaegar Targaryen's later arrival is diminished by the many scars left upon his face by Lyanna Stark.

After a banquet, the loyalists' admirals and generals meet to discuss the war: the Northern counterattack has been successful, allowing them to retake several strategic systems, and they have been preparing their defences so well that any attack upon the systems they hold is tantamount to suffer heavy losses. Rhaegar mentions a mysterious "Operation Downfall" which is intended to bring Aerys down and crown Rhaegar, and reveals his terms for the rebels: while the Storm and River Sectors will suffer heavy economic punishment and new Lord Paramounts will be named, he will offer the North and the Vale a cease-fire after he is crowned, setting a number of terms everyone knows they will not accept. When Kevan voices this concern, Rhaegar claims Eddard Stark will do it if it means saving his daughter and his nieces.

    Prologue 3 

Part A: Downfall

Lord Varys, 12.08.283AAC, King's Landing System

Lord Varys Tivario, the current identity of Vaelor Blackfyre, Master of Whisperers and Head of the Crown Intelligence Agency, faces off with Lord Manly Stokeworth, one of the nobles conspiring as part of Operation Downfall and who has apparently lost a tactical nuclear weapon, with Stokeworth trying to deflect blame upon others. After dismissing Stokeworth, Varys speaks with Ser Alliser Thorne, Master of the Secret Police, who has only determined someone paid a gang to steal the weapon. He then receives one of his spies, a woman who, masquerading as a dragonseed prostitute, has managed to steal the list of people to be purged in the upcoming Operation Downfall, which includes the High Septon, much of the current Small Council and the Alchemists. His conversation with the spy is suddenly cut short when a nuclear attack strikes at the King's Landing System.

Part B: Indigest Meal

Lord Richard Lonmouth, 12.08.283AAC, King's Landing System

In a restaurant on King's Landing's orbit, several admirals meet to enjoy a lunch and discuss the upcoming Operation Downfall away from potential spies. Lord Lucerys Velaryon, High Admiral of the Royal Fleet, lets it be known that Downfall will begin in forty hours, much sooner than what the others expected, as, with the Rebels refusing Rhaegar's proposed cease-fire and peace offers, Aerys being removed may allow negotiations to take place. Suddenly, a nuclear explosion takes place in orbit, destroying multiple spaceships and space stations - most important of all, Dragon One, King's Landing's main defence station. Jon Connington and Manly Stokeworth appear then, along with Ser Alliser Thorne, who reveals that the former two have just started Downfall, as Elia Martell was behind the robbery of Stokeworth's bomb that has just exploded. Connington has managed to secure most of the Royal Family save for Aerys - who is still in the Red Keep - and Rhaenys - who has been taken away. Most of the admirals decide to ignore Connington and lead the efforts to rescue those affected by the explosion.

Part C: Goldcloaks at War

Janos Slynt, 12.08.283AAC, King's Landing System

Janos Slynt, one of the millions of Goldcloaks pressed into battle, awakens in the aftermath of a battle that has killed most of his squad, save for a man that soon deserts and himself. The Gold Fists, the elite unit of the Goldcloaks, arrives, and Slynt joins a group of surviving Goldcloaks trailing behind them. A sniper kills several of them, forcing the group to stop until the Gold Fists manage to shoot up his hideaway. Advancing towards the Red Keep, assaulting its main gates proves to be impossible, as its defences are too strong. The Goldcloaks kill a Gold Fist officer who has just brutally murdered a gravely injured Goldcloak. Seeing that they cannot spend more time at it, Rhaegar's supporters call in a Behemoth, a huge, heavily armored and armed mecha that destroys the Red Keep's Gate in one shot, allowing the Gold Fists and Goldcloaks to assault the interior of the keep.

Part D: Let The Galaxy Burn

Elia Martell, 12.08.283AAC, King's Landing System

Elia Martell finds herself in a life-or-death fight against Rossart, Grand Master of the Alchemist Guild and a certified mad scientist wearing a wildfire-powered power-armour, defeating him after a hit-and-run fight across the Red Keep only to avert certain death by pure instinct. Contacting one of her men in the palace, she learns that Connington is sending a Behemoth to force open the Gate to the Keep and that most of her men and women are dead or injured. Knowing that she will not be able to escape in time, Elia orders her people to evacuate without waiting for her, while she herself goes after Aerys in the throne room.

Surprisingly, Aerys shows no longer the signs of his madness, and he reveals to her that the Great Enemy, the Others, are plotting their return to real space before challenging her to a duel: a duel that Elia wins before the Goldcloaks, led by Stokeworth, come in to arrest her. Elia decides instead to go out with a fight, while taking as many of her husband's bootlickers as possible, beginning with the shout "Let the Galaxy Burn!".

    Prologue 4 

Part A: Predator, Prey

The Lone Lieutenant, 04.09.283AAC, Binary Twins System

Ayric Sarring and Raff Preslan's adventures in Bridge's Edge continue, now accompanied by several Western soldiers and officers as they continue their struggle for survival behind enemy lines. When the group hears approaching shots, they disperse in order to play an ambush on the approaching Northern soldiers, only for one of them to ruin the plan when a Northern soldier decapitates a surrendering Western soldier that had been running from them. While they manage to kill the Northerners, it is at a heavy cost, leaving Sarring and Preslan as the only survivors. Suddenly, a murder of crows forms in the battlefield, forging into a creature that speaks to them, calling itself the Three-Eyed Crow, and stating the two of them are destined for great things as part of the Chosen Heroes for the fight against the threat of the Others. The duo are not inclined to believe him, and the three-eyed crow replies that soon the Blackstone Fortresses will fall, as another signal of the incoming threat. Sarring and Preslan are left wondering what will happen if this prophecy turns out to be real.

Part B: Silent like the Void

Ser Valeron Rambton, 05.09.283AAC, Somewhere in the Narrow Void

On board of the Swift Argent, Ser Valeron Rambton has been tasked to find the ship carrying Rhaenys Targaryen to Dorne, a task made more difficult by the fact that they have to seek it in the Void. But they do manage to find it - a Lorathi ship under military escort. When his second in command, Aurys Blackwaters, expresses his opinion that attacking the escort would be ill-advised, as it would bring both Lorath and Braavos into the war, Special Delegate Willem Tarkin has him arrested, and orders Ser Valeron to destroy the military ship and neutralize the transport.

However, just as they launch the attack, they are attacked themselves - by a Northern starfighter carrier, which leaves their ship crippled. The Lorathi ship's commander suggests Ser Valeron to surrender, as he will be unable to ensure the survival of his men, but before he can do that Tarkien shoots him in the back of the head.

Part C: Blackfyre Conspiracy

Lord Varys, 20.09.283AAC, King's Landing System

Varys meets with his good friend and brother-in-law Illyrio Mopatis in the latter's tower in King's Landing. The Swift Argent's attempt to take Rhaenys back to her father has led to Braavos and Lorath joining the war on the side of the rebels, a major loss of prestige for the Targaryens. Unfortunately, their plans to give the crown to the Blackfyres are unlikely to happen: Varys' sister has miscarried her son and is now unable to have more children, leaving a mysterious girl as their only option, but this girl would be well behind all other still living Targaryens in the line of succession, particularly as now-King Rhaegar plans to marry Cersei Lannister.

Meanwhile, the war continues. The conflict is in stalemate, with the rebels well trenched in positions the loyalists can barely assault, but that may change soon as Braavos and Lorath bring forward their power. The Ironborn have launched an ill-fated attack against the system of Seagard, which has caused the death of Lord Quellon Greyjoy, whom Varys had hoped to use in his plots against the Targaryens. Rhaegar has named new members for his Kingsguard and the Small Council. And, most importantly, Rhaegar is finally realizing that he cannot hope to win the war as it is, so he is now more willing to negotiate.

Part D: Moat Cailin

Lord Wyman Manderly, 31.11.283AAC, Moat Cailin System

Wyman Manderly returns to Moat Cailin, the system that acts as the North's first line of defence against the South, in the aftermath of the conclusion of the Maidenpool talks. Passing the multiple layers of defence the planet has - one of the densest and most dangerous in the galaxy - and gazing upon the death world that is Moat Cailin itself, Wyman soon takes a shuttle to one of the orbital fortresses, where Lord Stark is waiting for him.

Wyman brings with him two children: the eldest, Joanna Snow, Eddard's bastard daughter with Ashara Dayne - now deceased in mysterious circumstances - and Baela, one of the twin daughters conceived when Rhaegar raped Lyanna Stark, twins legitimized as Targaryen because Rhaegar has falsely claimed Lyanna married him.

In the end, peace turns out to be far costlier for the Targaryens than what it appears. Neither the North, the Vale nor the rebel River systems still fighting suffers punishment. Braavos manages to take young Daenerys Targaryen as a hostage. The few River systems occupied by the North that they are forced to give up are nonetheless infiltrated economically by Northern agents. But peace is made.

At least, for a few years...

Part E: Epilogue

Lord Rodrik Harlaw, 01.01.284AAC, Pyke System

Lord Rodrik Harlaw is a silent and angry witness as he sees his fellow Ironborn acclaim Lord Balon Greyjoy, as he obviously starts planning to rebel against the Seven Kingdoms. Only Harlaw realizes the folly of this, for the Targaryens will surely take advantage of such a rebellion to rally the banners and maintain the Seven Kingdoms united.

The Greyjoy Rebellion Arc

    Chapter 1 

Part A: I Am Carnage

The Lone Lieutenant, 16.10.289AAC, Lannisport System

In the aftermath of the war, many Lannister soldiers were drummed out of the army: for Ayric Sarring, the reason was being connected to the shaming defeat of the Twins, but at least he (along with Raff Preslan) has managed to find a job as a customs enforcer. A surprise inspection of one ship passing through Lannisport system allows him to find important contraband. However, as he and his group arrest the smuggler, the ship is attacked by Ironborn. Ayric's customs party, aided by the smuggler's hired sellswords led by Bronn Wood-brother, fight off the Ironborn that have invaded the ship. Then Euron "Crow's Eye" Greyjoy uses his communicator to make a hammy speech to all the Lannister forces in the region. Ayric begins to lead the soldiers and sellswords into helping liberate the space station from the Ironborn, when another voice starts to sound in the station's sound system: a voice saying "I AM CARNAGE!".

Part B: The Beast Arises

Robin Greyjoy, 16.10.289AAC, Lannisport System

Robin Greyjoy has his spaceship attack another in order to reave it for slaves and supplies, when they are suddenly attacked by Gregor Clegane, The Beast, a huge man that destroys everyone that tries to fight him and is apparently immune to any attack. Robin and his men attempt to run away and open the compartment the Beast is in into space, but the Beast manages to follow them through space and kills them all.

Part C: Eye of the Crow

Euron Greyjoy, 16.10.289AAC, Lannisport System

Euron Greyjoy observes as the battle he planned for begins to wind down, cheerfully plotting his own plans for the future which most assuredly do not fit with those of his brother: after the Three-Eyed Crow unsuccessfully tried to recruit him to help him stop the Others, he decided to begin a plan to do so on his own terms, by becoming a god. He orders the fleet to leave back to the Iron Sector, while he entertains himself by raping a Lannister noblewoman.

Part D: Day of Infamy

Ser Gerion Lannister, 17.10.289AAC, Lannisport System

Gerion Lannister watches cheerlessly as his brother Tywin makes a speech promising retribution against the Ironborn for their attack against Lannisport, remembering how he carried out the massacre of the Reyns and the Tarbecks during their attempt to rebel against the Lannisters. Deciding to avert his brother, he instead chooses to meet with one of his men, Tion Laster, who informs him of the new warships deployed by the Greyjoys and the damages suffered by Lannisport and the Lannisters Deep Space Fleet, which are heavy: now, the Lannisters will have to wait until reinforcements come from the rest of the Seven Sectors before they can think of taking the fight back to the Ironborn.

Part E: New Departures

Bronn Wood-Brother, 26.10.289AAC, Lannisport System

Bronn observes the changes brought on by the sudden entrance into an unexpected war as he walks through a Lannisport spaceport to meet with Ayric Sarring, now returned to the Lannister Army, at a tavern. After a small verbal scuffle with young Sandor Clegane, he enters. Sarring tells Bronn he and Preslan have been ascended, and both men make jokey attempts to get the other to join their campaign. Bronn makes a request of Sarring: make Euron Greyjoy suffer when they catch him.
    Chapter 2 

Part A: Heed the Dragon's Call

Lord Varys Tivario, 20.10.289AAC, King’s Landing System

Varys watches gleefully as King Rhaegar gets slapped multiple times by his wife Queen Cersei Lannister, who is furious for his lack of preparedness for a potential Greyjoy rebellion, before Rhaegar has her sent to the Maidenvault and orders Varys to summon the Small Council. Varys idly wonders why he continues his charade, and thinks on the irony that he's pretty much the one keeping the Seven Sectors from collapsing down on themselves.

During the Small Council meeting, its members discuss what to do before Rhaegar decides to call the banners, with the Deep Space Fleets meeting in the Arbor, and the squabbling members make many proposals to the gathering of the armies and conventional space fleets, with Rhaegar picking the Banefort while making clear his anger with Lord Commander Gerold Hightower when he suggests Seagard.

Part B: The Blackwoods Remember

Lord Tytos Blackwood, 25.10.289AAC, Raventree System

House Blackwood's officers gather to discuss their actions in the upcoming fight against the Greyjoys. Balon Greyjoy has apparently sent them, as well as the other rebels, a message "inviting" them to join his rebellion against the Targaryens, using less than diplomatic language and doing it after starting the fight. The Greyjoys' chances in the war are judged to be minimal at best, thanks to the overwhelming advantage in numbers the rest of the Seven Kingdoms holds over them. In the end, the decision is made to gather a small muster for the fight.

Part C: The Fawnton's Muster

Lord Richard Lonmouth, 08.11.289AAC, Fawnton System

In the Fawnton system, Lord Richard Lonmouth witnesses the muster of the Storm Sector while having to endure the idiocy of some of his fellow lords, such as Thurgood Cafferen, a young Targaryen sycophant. Lord Stannis Baratheon puts Cafferen in his place after he gets too annoying, and Lonmouth tries to speak with his friend Jon Connington, only for the man to tell him not to.

Part D: Plans are in motion

Lady Ynys Yronwood, 09.11.289AAC, Water Gardens System

Lady Ynis Yronwood is arguing with Prince Doran Martell about the wisdom of some of his plans for the upcoming war against the Ironborn, particularly his idea of being willing to make any sort of deal with the North or the Vale while being ready to discard said deals as soon as they are unneeded, which she regards as idiotic and potentially dangerous. Doran sends her to begin her deployment, while reminding her he would like it very much if Arthur Dayne dies during the battle.

Part E: Give us Time

Lord Wyman Manderly, 10.11.289AAC, White Harbor System

After considering (for a very short time) starting a diet, Lord Wyman Manderly meets with his officers, and expresses his disappointment that the Manderly fleet is ready earlier than expected, as he is not too interested in running to help the Targaryens or their lackeys. His newest Captain, Ser Davos Seaworth, presents the current situation and the future deployment of the Northern fleet, with Lord Bolton protecting Seagard, Jorah Mormont leading the smallest contingent in the Banefort and the Manderly's Deep Space fleet joining the Arbor - eventually, for the North wants the Greyjoys and the Targaryens to bleed each other first.

Part F: Cutting Losses

Lord Rodrik Harlaw, 11.11.289AAC, Pyke System

Rodrik Harlaw is awakened after a long night of drinking by his butler, Alton Morvor, and his cousin and heir (after the death of his sons) Ser Harras Harlaw. Harras has returned from the War Council meeting to discuss the Ironborn's next steps - and, to Rodrik's surprise, Fair Isle, which is the place of a fight that involves millions of soldiers, is left in the backburner, as Balon Greyjoy intends to attack the Shield Subsector and the Arbor even though the rest of the Seven Sectors is preparing to defeat them. Rodrik decides to take his fleet in order to save as many men from Fair Isle as possible.

Lord Osbert Serry, 5.12.289AAC, Southshield System

Osbert Serry learns that a fleet has made a void translation into Southshield. Serry orders the preparation of their defensive systems while he sends a warning to Lord Paxter Redwyne.
    Chapter 3 

Part A: A Shield of Missiles and Lasers

Lord Osbert Serry, 5.12.289AAC, Southshield System

Osbert Serry observes as the Ironborn change course several times near Southshield, with them obviously expecting him to come out and face them on their terms. When the Ironborn realize they won't get their wish, they begin to advance towards the planet, and when they approach close enough, he orders his men to open fire.

Maron Greyjoy, 5.12.289AAC, Southshield System

Maron Greyjoy, son of Balon Greyjoy, screams to all of his men about how Southshield will fall in their hands and how they will enslave the greenlanders as he orders his fleet to close in. However, his glee for battle turns into shock when the defenders shoot an overwhelming number of missiles at him and his fleet, and more as other spaceships translate in. Maron sends the transports to report back home shortly before the missiles rip into his fleet, destroying it completely.

Part B: A Shield of Blood

Rodrik Greyjoy, 5.12.289AAC, Oakenshield System

Rodrik Greyjoy orders his ships to begin their return back to the Iron Islands after the fleet suffers a heavy battering and the Reach sends reinforcements. One surviving Reach battlecruiser from the original defenders attempts to ram his ship, but to no avail, as it gets destroyed before it can actually hit. Much to his luck, Rodrik's surviving fleet manages to make it to the jump point, but he worries about how his father will take the heavy losses he has suffered.

Part C: A Shield Shattered

Lord Paxter Redwyne, 6.12.289AAC, Greyshield System

Paxter Redwyne mournfully gazes at the destruction sown in the Greyshield system, caused in part by the ruling lord's incompetence in ensuring a watch was kept. He then sends a message for High Admiral Velaryon, warning him that the counter-attack against the Ironborn will get delayed.

Part D: Shield of the Past

Jaime Lannister, 29.12.289AAC, Casterly Rock System

Jaime Lannister returns to his home planet seven years after he was last there - and after spending most of his time as Rhaegar's Kingsguard patrolling the River and Storm Sectors supposedly to search for hypothetical traitors, but actually because Rhaegar wants to keep him away from Cersei. After trying to clear his mind with some training, he tries to relax, but Lord Commander Gerold Hightower summons him.

30.12.289AAC, Somewhere in the Sunset Void

Somewhere in the Sunset Void, the Iron Fleet gathers, ready to assault the Arbor.

Part E: Shields and Darkness

Euron Greyjoy, 31.12.289AAC, Pyke System

Euron Greyjoy prepares a magical ritual in a room found in one of the Blackstone Fortresses that protect Pyke - a ritual that, if it happens correctly, may turn him into a god.

01.01.290AAC, Void’s Edge System

In a system several light years away from the Breach-in-the-Stars - a wormhole the Yth'yr'tel, best known as the Others, opened to flee what is now known as the Seven Sectors to escape their utter destruction - a strange ship appears after crossing a wormhole.

Eight thousand years after their defeat, the Others have returned.

    Chapter 4 

Part A: The Arbor Inferno

Lieutenant Jon Buckley, 06.01.290AAC, Arbor System

A hapless lieutenant of the Reach called Jon Buckley becomes one of the first casualties of the Battle of the Arbor, when Ironborn ships fire on the monitoring station he is in charge of.

Lord Lucerys Velaryon, 06.01.290AAC, Arbor System

Awakened from his sleep after less than an hour of rest, the Master of Ships and High Admiral of the Seven Sectors Lucerys Velaryon rapidly learns that the Iron Fleet is closing in on the Arbor System. After sending two fast frigates to warn Paxter Redwyne, he promptly begins to organize the battle plan with the Crown, Dornish and Reacher fleets at his disposal. When the Ironborn ships approach close enough, Velaryon gives the order to open fire.

Ynys Yronwood, 06.01.290AAC, Arbor System

On board of her flagship, the only Dornish Commander in the battle prepares for her role while wondering about the idiocy of the Crown and Reach officers. The initial volley wipes out a third of the Ironborn ships and many Loyalist ships. As the fight continues, the Ironborn launch boarding ships to attack the now crippled Sword of Dragonstone, Lord Velaryon's flagship, even though the Ironborn are getting pummeled.

Part B: Broken Swords

Urrigon Greyjoy, 06.01.290AAC, Arbor System

Urrigon Greyjoy gleefully sends his ships into battle, but his glee becomes pain and horror when his brother Aegon's ship is destroyed. He furiously decides to lead a boarding party against a battlecruiser, killing the spacers inside without mercy. However, his attack suddenly runs out of steam when he is met with an overwhelming defence that immediately kills all of his men and captures him.

Lord Lucerys Velaryon, 06.01.290AAC, Arbor System

The High Admiral attempts to recover from the brutal strike his ship has suffered - and the attack by Ironborn boarders. Ser Rufus Staunton, the Kingsguard in charge of protecting him, gets him out of the bridge and towards a escape pod, but on the way they meet a reaver that turns out to be Victarion Greyjoy, and who kills Ser Rufus after a short fight. Velaryon decides to fight Victarion as well, and Victarion gets distracted from trying to get his weapon back long enough for Velaryon to strike him, castrating him, before Victarion throttles him.

Lady Ynys Yronwood, 06.01.290AAC, Arbor System

Ynis Yronwood continues directing her ships to strike at the Ironborn at their weakest points, while she considers how the Iron Fleet is now fully broken. As the Ironborn finally retreat, Ynis designates the Iron Fleet's flagship to be attacked, but just before the starfighters can kill it, it initiates an emergency void translation to escape the battle.

Part C: Pyke Awaits

Lord Wyman Manderly, 16.01.290AAC, Arbor System

The Manderly Space Fleet arrives to the Arbor too late to participate in the battle, and Ser Davos gives him the numbers of the fight - at least, those numbers he can get to - while telling him that Rhaegar is once more breaking his word to allow his daughter Visenya to spend time with her mother's family.

Somewhere in the Sunset Void, 17.01.290AAC

Somehow, by pure luck, Victarion Greyjoy's ship has managed to survive the translation - but at a heavy price, as his ship is left unable to make any jumps any time soon, and with a much reduced complement, things do not look good for them.

Sandor Clegane, 28.02.290AAC, Fair Isle System

Sandor daydreams about the possibility of killing his brother before Raff Preslan awakens him: the Lannister armies are now mustering for their assault on Pyke.
    Chapter 5 

Part A: The Fall of Pyke

Lord Richard Lonmouth, 05.04.290AAC, Banefort System

The Lords and Admirals celebrate the soon-to-come fall of Pyke, and Richard Lonmouth, seated next to Wyman Manderly, hopes to survive being surrounded by both former rebels and loyalists. When Thurgood Cafferen calls the Northerners cowards, Manderly politely fires back by pointing out Cafferen has yet to see battle. Lonmouth asks Wyman about his opinion on the battle plan, and Manderly says it is a good plan - if one considers good drowning the enemy in a sea of corpses.

Euron Greyjoy, 07.04.290AAC, Pyke System

Euron Greyjoy awaits from one of the Blackstone Fortresses the arrival of the greenlanders. When they do, he sends his men to prepare the ritual and manipulates his nephew Rodrik into throwing himself into a battle that ends up with him dead. When one of his men speaks out of turn, Euron kills him - and a few minutes later the corpse raises again and starts attacking the other Ironborn. Euron tries to use his magic to kill the wights, but it is not enough, and Euron is forced to run away to protect the Soulstone, while hearing the mocking voice of the three-eyed crow.

Part B: Silent Screams

Ser Jaime Lannister, 07.04.290AAC, Pyke System

Jaime Lannister is forced to act as 'babysitter' to the young nobles present at the battle while he listens to the space combat. The space fighters, led by Kingsguard Jon Bulwer, leads the first wave, which suffers heavily from a missile strike. The Ironborn send their own fighters, and Bulwer dies in the fight. The first wave targets a shipyard and destroys it.

Mace Tyrell orders the second wave to directly attack one of the Blackstone Fortresses, an attack that leads to most of them being destroyed. Tywin Lannister takes over and has the third wave prepare to strike the remaining defenses, but suddenly something appears and takes the Blackstone Fortress away, leaving only a void.

Euron Greyjoy, 07.04.290AAC, Pyke System

Euron arrives to the ritual chamber, only to find the Soulstone destroyed and every man and woman that was nearby dead - or, rather, on the way to rise as wights. The surviving Ironborn make a fighting retreat towards Euron's spaceship, starting the self-destruct procedure, managing to reach it and start their escape. However, before they can leave, one of the Others appears and fires at the spaceship, damaging enough of its systems that it cannot escape into the void. With all lost, Euron decides to land his ship at Pyke.

Lord Captain Urrathon Blacktyde, 07.04.290AAC, Pyke System

At the throne room, things are going from bad to worse: as the greenlanders get closer, they destroy several cities and vaporize armies before landing men near Lordsport. Urrathon Blacktyde deploys the reserve army, but he knows that the Pyke armies will be overwhelmed, nonetheless.

Part C: The Battle of Lordsport

Ayric Sarring, 07.04.290AAC, Pyke System

The Lannister troops land near Lordsport, fighting against the defending Ironborn in what might as well be Hell. Killing men non-stop, the men are even forced to bring down one Ironborn tank without tank support of their own. After taking an important bridge, they are ordered to investigate a longship that has crashed near their position.

Euron Greyjoy, 07.04.290AAC, Pyke System

Euron rages about the lost opportunity to become a god, while the noose tightens around Lordsport. He orders a retreat to salvage as many men as possible, and kills a Void Priest when he tries to have him executed. During their retreat, Euron uses his magic powers to kill tens of men. When Ser Gerold Hightower appears to face him in duel, Euron kills him easily due to Hightower's lack of speed, but Euron is then easily defeated by the Other that attacked his spaceship in the Blackstone Fortress.

Ayric Sarring, 07.04.290AAC, Pyke System

Sarring, Preslan, Clegane and their men are faced with what, to them, is a nightmare made real. Sarring gives an order to charge at the Other, but the Other promptly raises the dead, who set out to kill many of the Lannister men. Suddenly, a Green Man appears and uses his powers to bring down all the wights and attempt to make the Other return to the Void. The Other tells the Green Man he is "worthy prey" and leaves. While the Green Man leaves to report to the Starks, the Lannister survivors are left in shock, with Sarring saying that victory against the Others won't be possible if the Seven Sectors remain divided.

Lord Captain Urrathon Blacktyde, 07.04.290AAC, Pyke System

From his command post, Blacktyde learns that the armies in Lordsport have surrendered while further attacks take place closer and closer. He orders his men to begin a fighting retreat, but he knows that, with Lordsport fallen, the city of Pyke is next.

Part D: The Hour of the Beast

Ser Jaime Lannister, 09.04.290AAC, Pyke System

Pyke burns from the attacks, and Jaime Lannister is in charge of the artillery positions that are trying to bring down Pyke's fortresses' walls, and orders a mass assault when a breach is formed.

Lord Captain Urrathon Blacktyde, 12.04.290AAC, Pyke System

Pyke has fallen, and the last redoubt of Balon Greyjoy is close to follow. Unknown to the invaders, Balon has launched a plan to have officers and Void Priests escape the encirclement and lay low for a few years, so they can later act as the core of a resistance against the greenlanders, and Victarion has been named Balon's heir. The last Ironborn entrench themselves in the throne room, trying to bring down as many greenlanders as possible with them, but Tywin Lannister sends the Beast against them: the Beast rapidly rips through the Ironborn and literally tears Balon apart, putting an end to the Greyjoy Rebellion.
    Chapter 6 

Part A: The Dragon's Victory

Lord Varys Tivario, 15.05.290AAC, Lannisport System

King Rhaegar, the Hand of the King Walther Whent, the main nobles of the Seven Sectors - barring representatives from the North and Dorne - meet in Lannisport to determine the future of the Iron Sector. The title of Lord Paramount is passed to Rodrik Harlaw, the young heirs of every house will become hostages, the cult of the Void God is banned and, most importantly, all the systems that form the Iron Sector will be occupied militarily - with the Beast becoming Tyrant-General of Great Wyk - and the Iron Sector will be forced to pay incredibly heavy reparations.

Lord Richard Lonmouth, 18.05.290AAC, Lannisport System

The people of Lannisport celebrate the end of the Greyjoy Rebellion - and have been for two days already. Richard Lonmouth witnesses a parade, while he and Ser Justin Massey talk about the changes in the Small Council: Monford Velaryon has replaced his cousin Lucerys as High Admiral, Ser Arthur Dayne has been appointed the new Lord Commander of the Kingsguard and Garth Tyrell has been dismissed, the position temporarily taken by some minor bureaucrat called Baelish. The captured Ironborn soldiers are forced to march in the parade and humiliated, and Rhaegar names his new Kingsguards.

Part B: The Rebellion is not over

Ynys Yronwood, 20.05.290AAC, Lannisport System

The Dornish commander takes advantage of the chaos brought on by the planet-wide party to secretly meet with Lord Wyman Manderly, and presents Doran Martell's offer: an alliance between the North and Dorne to crown Rhaenys Targaryen as Queen of the Seven Sectors. However, while the North would readily welcome an alliance, they will never support another Targaryen in the Iron Throne: after nearly three centuries of humiliations, and particularly Aerys' murder of Rickard and Brandon Stark, they will not fight for anyone but the North. Ynis points out that the North's allies are few, and they will be outnumbered, but Wyman answers that Rhaegar and his supporters will soon find he has worse problems to deal with.

Euron Greyjoy, 15.06.290AAC, Casterly Rock System

Ever since he was captured, Euron Greyjoy has been tortured with multiple methods, but, while they have broken his body, the Lannister torturers haven't managed to break him. At the end of the month, Tywin Lannister makes his appearance and observes as Euron is interred in an armor that will be his prison and his future coffin, much to the three-eyed crow's dark amusement. Before he is sent to the Wall, Euron predicts that Tywin will be killed by a member of his family.

Rodrik Harlaw, 21.06.290AAC, Harlaw System

At his home in Harlaw, the new Lord Paramount of the Iron Sector reminisces about Balon Greyjoy's idiocy and about how the Rebellion might have been won. He begins to plan how to deal with Axell Florent, the leader of the occupation forces in Harlaw.

Urrigon Greyjoy, 26.06.290AAC, Pyke System

Urrigon arrives to Pyke after months as a prisoner of war, his spirit broken and his belief in the Void God destroyed, Urrigon is now done with everything that makes him a Greyjoy.

Victarion Greyjoy, 27.06.290AAC, Somewhere in the Sunset Void

A still living Victarion Greyjoy - surviving thanks to the fortuitous arrival of another spaceship - miserly contemplates the defeat of his brother's dreams, and swears to make those who destroyed the Ironborn pay.

Part C: A Change of Strategy

Lord Wyman Manderly, 01.07.290AAC, Moat Cailin System

Green Priest Syrme reports on the return of the Others, which causes great dismay among the Northern Lords: the Great Enemy is a very different beast from the southern loyalists. Divisions are formed on the strategy to follow, for the Others are the biggest threat to their survival, but the Targaryens are a threat to their southern flank and their allies in the Riverlands. Lord Stark makes the decision: the plans for war against the Targaryens will be changed, another plan will be made for a defensive war to support the Night's Watch, efforts will be made to rearm them - and a second plan is considered, to deal with the possibility that the North finds itself in a two-front war against the Others and the Southern Sectors: Operation Overlord.

Sandor Clegane, 01.07.290AAC, Lannisport System

Put in a Lannisport prison after their celebrations got out of control, Sandor Clegane, Raff Preslan and several others face the anger of Ayric Sarring. In punishment for their actions, Clegane and other five soldiers are sent to King's Landing, while the rest (including a demoted Preslan) will go on a classified mission.

Part D: The Long Night Begins

Second Night's Sword Sy'ar, 04.07.290AAC, Is'al'tyar System

Sy'ar, the Other that attacked Euron Greyjoy in Pyke, teleports into a battle between the Others and the Children of the Forest, who are desperately keeping them away from what the Others call the Gates of Rebirth, and the Children the Gates of Damnation, an artifact that supposedly connects the Others to their Creator. By the time Sy'ar reaches the Gates, though, they have been closed by the Children with magic she cannot touch, and the Relics of the Void have been seized and taken away. Sy'ar orders the Ice Dragons to fly out to find the Relics and the Keys to the Creator.

High Greenseer Brynden Rivers, 05.07.290AAC, New Aldaralia System

Brynden Rivers, the Three-Eyed Crow, is now dying of old age, and knows that the Children of the Forest are facing extinction. During his contemplations, someone arrives: Mance Rayder. Having seen the Relics of the Void, Rayder knows it is paramount that they are all taken away, for they cannot be truly destroyed: humanity's only way to defeat the Others is to destroy the Night's Swords, Kings and Queens of the Others. Mance Rayder, knowing time is of the essence, sets out to gather the clans of the Free Folk.

The Dying Peace Arc

    Chapter 1 

Part A: Omens of War

01.01.300AAC, Ti’Yan System

In the system of Ti'Yan, part of the Empire of Yi-Ti, lives the Oracle, an entity that is capable of answering any question made to it, but each person can only ask one question to it for their entire lifes. Without previous warning, Bu Gai, the God-Emperor of Yi-Ti, arrives to the system to make his question to the Oracle: what is the destiny of the Empire?

The Oracle shows him: his Empire will tear itself apart. The stellar nations will war. And then the demons will come: devil-spectres from beyond the Five Forts, fire demons from the Doom, cold creatures from the Breach-in-the-Stars and the heralds of madness from the depths of the Void, who will murder humanity and leave the galaxy a ruin devoid of life. With this knowledge in mind, the God-Emperor returns to his capital, has those he knows will betray the Empire condemned to death and leads an armada to reinforce the Five Forts against the incoming threat.

King Mance Rayder, 03.04.300AAC, Black Cairn System

Mance Rayder has finally managed to unite the clans under his rule, but many people have died in the meantime to the Others. His wife Dalla joins him in the bridge, and they take comfort from each other before Dalla's sister Val appears, informing him that the Free Folk scouts have found no signs of the White Walkers in the nearby systems. Mance worries about the current status of the Children and the Three-Eyed Crow, who usually sent messages every few days, but the last he heard of them was eleven months before, with the Children's worlds being besieged by the Others. The King-Beyond-The-Wall decides the best course of action is to muster near the Fist of the First Men and then distract the Night's Watch while several clans sneak behind and assault the Watch in the rear, hopefully allowing Mance to negotiate for the salvation of his people.

Victarion Greyjoy, 01.07.300AAC, Talon System, Basilisk Sector

The self-proclaimed Iron King now leads a small pirate fleet that assaults convoys for supplies. One of their contacts, a former Volantene Admiral that calls himself Ed Teach makes him an offer: should he successfully finish a mission he has prepared for him, he will put him in contact with the Blackfyre claimant to the Iron Throne, who may restore him to the throne of the Iron Islands. Victarion reluctantly accepts the mission.

Part B: Omens of Ice and Fire

Somewhere in the Void, 2.07.300AAC

For the last three years, a fleet of the Children of the Forest has been fighting off an ice dragon that has been persecuting them, intent on seeking the relic it carries. However, the Children manage to mortally wound it before their ship breaks in half. The ice dragon manages to drag the part of the ship with the relic to the nearest star, expecting his masters to retrieve it later.

Lord Eddard Stark, 2.07.300AAC, Winterfell System

The Starks - which include Joanna Snow and Baela Targaryen - enjoy a day in a ski station in Winterfell, with the children and teenagers engaging in a snowball fight under the eyes of Eddard Stark and his wife Catelyn Stark. His time becomes interrupted when Rodrik Cassel comes to warn him that an ice dragon crashed a few hours before in the nearby planet of Runic Fang along with an evil artifact, but no one can approach the dragon because of the direwolves surrounding it. When Eddard decides to bring his family there, Arya - who has been eavesdropping - cheers that they are going to see the direwolves.

Ser Gerion Lannister, 2.07.300AAC, King Tommen’s Last Stand, Outer Edge of the Doom

The surviving members of Gerion Lannister's expedition to the Doom run into their spaceship in order to escape the inferno that Valyria became centuries ago. As they make their way out, a huge dragon makes their way towards them with the intention of destroying them, while demons enter the ship and attack the crew and soldiers. Gerion orders an emergency jump, as it is their only chance of survival, while the fight within the ship rages on.

Colonel Janos Slynt, 2.07.300AAC, King’s Landing System

Janos Slynt is guarding one of the biggest casinos in King's Landing when Lord Gyles Rosby is seen leaving it, along with his coterie of relatives and "friends". Suddenly, a septon appears, shouting about the Seven... and blows himself up, killing Rosby and his followers, and many more people at the same time.
    Chapter 2 

Part A: Divided Council

Lord Varys Tivario, 03.07.300AAC, King’s Landing System

The previous day's suicide attack at the Royal Sun Casino turns out to be part of seven simultaneous terrorist attacks carried out by a group called the "Seven Sparrows". Rhaegar - who now surrounds himself with a bunch of people from different religions, many of them there just to feed his insanity - demands the Small Council to deal with the Seven Sparrows before leaving. However, with little clue as to who they actually are or where they are based in, there's not much the Small Council can do, and things soon devolve into shouting as Varys looks on and Master of Information Petyr Baelish smirks. After the Council members shut up under the threat of the Lord of the Seven Deaths, the Master of Assassins, discussion turns to the Rosby succession, but this engenders another shouting match between the factions in the Small Council.

Part B: Dragon and Direwolves

Eddard Stark, 03.07.300AAC, Winterfell System

Eddard watches the dead ice dragon with dread, knowing there might be more of them out there. Ordering his men to carefully approach the dragon, he turns to his children who are petting one of the direwolves - a huge animal that is larger than any of the Starks. The children ask if they can keep Dragon's Doom, but Eddard says it is not possible, before joining his men near the dragon.

Eddard's men find a box that has two objects: an ice dragon egg and Frostbringer, a sword once wielded by the Night's Queen and one of the White Walkers' relics the Children stole years before. Eddard has a vision of himself wielding it to attack the Seven Sectors in a brutal campaign, but shakes himself off and orders the sword to be hidden away and the egg to be taken to Winterfell, for he plans to use the ice dragon against the Targaryens. Then Arya rejoins him and shows him Nymeria, a recently born direwolf that the direwolves have granted her.

Part C: Prophecies of Betrayal

Shiera Targaryen, 05.07.300AAC, King’s Landing System

Rhaegar summons all of his children (Aegon, Visenya, Joffrey, Shiera and Daeron) and his brother Viserys shortly before midnight. Visenya arrives complaining about the pitiful construction of the fighters she is testing, Aegon and Joffrey engage in malicious banter, and finally Rhaegar arrives to tell them why they are there: in accordance to his prophecies, all the Targaryens must be together for Aegon's wedding to Margaery Tyrell, so he sends Viserys to bring Rhaenys back from Dorne (even though the Dornish have threatened to kill any other Targaryens that sets foot there), Joffrey to Braavos to put an end to Daenerys' stay (even though she is supposed to stay for two more years), Visenya to the North to bring Baela and Aegon to the Reach to bring his future wife with him, before starting to talk about his children's future marriages.

Andrew Baratheon, 05.07.300AAC, Musgood Hall System

Andrew Baratheon, the son and heir of Stannis Baratheon, observes as the ship of Viserys Targaryen's emissary disappears in the distance, and he soon goes meet his sister Shireen Baratheon, who tells him that - much like other claimants - they are offering the restoration of the Baratheons to the Lord Paramountcy and other assorted compensations in exchange for their support in the upcoming civil war. However, the Baratheons are actually planning to "support" all the Targaryens - and then stab them all in the back.

Jon Arryn, 06.07.300AAC, The Eyrie System

Robin Arryn shouts at his father Jon Arryn over his most recent decisions - an action that might have been impressive if it were not for his weakness and his immediate running for his mother Lysa Arryn for comfort. Jon asks Ser Vardis Egen, the general of his personal guard, where he went wrong with Robin: Vardis says that Lysa, by supporting him all the time, only made him weak, pointing that Jon's daughter Alysanne had the same illness but turned out to be fine - in fact, people in the Vale actually think Alysanne should be Jon's heir. Knowing that war is coming, Jon decides to send his most trusted captains to his allies' systems, to prepare for the fight that will soon happen in the Vale.

Ser Gerion Lannister, 07.07.300AAC, Volantis System

Gerion Lannister's expedition arrives to Volantis more than nine years after their last visit - when, for Lannister and his men, it was but five months. None in the expedition has gone unscathed, and Gerion knows of the new threat coming for the Seven Sectors from Valyria. Ayric Sarring - now called "Demon-Killer" for his feats during the battle - comes to tell him two more men have died during the night. Gerion, as promised when they departed the Seven Sectors, ascends Sarring to the position of Colonel.

Euron Greyjoy, 07.07.300AAC, Nightfort System

After centuries of absence, the Night's Watch returns to Nightfort, their closest planet to the Breach-in-the-Stars - now turned red - thanks to the efforts of the Northern Lords, who are helping rearm and reinforce the Watch. Euron wonders who will win the war - humanity, or any of the different sets of monsters ready to attack the humans?
    Chapter 3 

Part A: The Lies of the Long Peace

Ser Axell Florent, 08.07.300AAC, Pyke System

The situation in the Iron Sector is starting to get out of hand, as the Ironborn as a whole - save for the people of Harlaw System - have been engaging in a growing resistance movement against the forces occupying their planets ever since the end of the Greyjoy Rebellion. The worst of all is Gregor Clegane, who doesn't even attempt to coordinate efforts with the other leaders of the occupation forces. The others don't have it easier, though: the occupation is causing great stress to them and to their men.

During a meeting of the occupation leaders, the issue of the Void religion is raised: the efforts to wipe out the religion of the Void God are having no results even though all their temples have been destroyed and the Void Priests are executed or forced to convert. The economy is freefalling and the Iron Sector is but a few years away from complete economic collapse. And, during the meeting, a message comes in: Gregor Clegane, in an attempt to kill several revels, has ended up killing several thousands of his own men.

Stannis Baratheon, 08.07.300AAC, Storm’s End System

Much to his displeasure, the Lord of Storm's End is forced to receive a group of young heirs from the Storm and Reach sectors - a group that includes Rhaegar Connington (Jon Connington's heir), Loras Tyrell and, most distressing, Renly Baratheon. When asked about the reason the group is there, Rhaegar tells Stannis that they believe Viserys is plotting against Aegon. However, when Stannis (who is himself plotting his own rebellion) asks them for proof, they are unable to show any, and Stannis has them escorted out of the room. Having seen how Renly is clearly choosing the Tyrells over his family, Stannis decides he cannot give a damn about what may happen to Renly now.

Margaery Tyrell, 08.07.300AAC, Highgarden System

Margaery Tyrell, future wife to Prince Aegon (and, thus, future Queen of the Seven Sectors) has a private meeting with her cousin Desmera Redwyne and Lady Calla Rowan, whom Margaery regards as a disruptive presence at the Reach court, particularly as of late, as she has tried to gain a marriage with Alekyne Florent or Samwell Tarly, both Lords of families that stand in the opposition to the Tyrell block. Margaery tells Calla that her father (at the behest of the Queen of Thorns) has betrothed her to Lord Titus Peake, whose wife died several months before (at the behest of the Queen of Thorns). Calla is naturally incensed, as this robs her of her position as heir, but then chuckles and tells Margaery that the Tyrells will fall with the Targaryens soon - and also pointing out that Aegon is sleeping with multiple women every day. Margaery and Desmera dismiss Calla's warnings out of hand.

Samwell Tarly, 09.07.300AAC, Horn Hill System

The Lord of Horn Hill, a shy fat young man whose interests are far from the norm in Westeros, learns to his dismay that (at the behest of the Queen of Thorns) he is to marry Asha Greyjoy, who has a reputation of killing the men she is to marry before the bedding happens. However, his mother, Melessa Tarly, tells him that not marrying Asha will bring unpleasant consequences for House Tarly, and that the wedding must take place in a month.

Part B: The Return of the Dragons

Queen Rhaenyra Blackfyre, 11.07.300AAC, Tyrosh System

Rhaenyra Blackfyre, the Queen Varys and Illyrio Mopatis want to place in the Iron Throne, has just finished having a meeting with Victarion Greyjoy, whom she has ensured can gain enough ships to become more than a nuisance for the Targaryens. One of her admirals tells her they have captured Jorah Mormont (who had betrayed several of the North's secrets to a Hightower girl before being found out), who Rhaenyra expects to use in their negotiations with the Starks.

Lord Eddard Stark, 13.07.300AAC, Winterfell System

Eddard Stark contemplates the absurd parts of his life in the aftermath of his visit to Runic Fang, which has brought a dead dragon, a dragon egg and many rather excitable direwolves, which includes Dragon's Doom. Meeting with the Green Priests, he learns that the Sword has been sealed to make it harder for the White Walkers to detect it, but the Priests know it won't fully stop them, and they mention there's little that can be done to find the other Relics, much less destroy. They also agree that the dragon egg is linked to Baela the same way the direwolves are linked to the Starks, and refusing the bond would not be a good idea. When Baela touches the egg, it cracks open and a small ice dragon - whom Baela names Icefyre - leaves the shell.

Tyrion Lannister, 15.07.300AAC, Casterly Rock System

Tyrion Lannister and a few Western admirals are having a secret meeting to consider the future war against the Reach, which is likely to happen as soon as Rhaegar dies. It doesn't look good: Aegon's supporters can deploy a fleet that largely outnumbers that of the West, and the Reach is bound to receive new ships within a few months. Lord Addam Marbrand proposes a new plan, consisting on attacking Wayfarer's Rest and use that to ambush the River's forces, and then using that to lay further traps against the Crown and Reach fleets.

Part C: Distant Schemes

Lord Varys Tivario, 17.07.300AAC, King’s Landing System

Varys misses the old times where crisis happened every few months: now, they appear daily, and have left him running ragged. At least, this day he gains good news: his men have - by accident - found the Seven Sparrows' old training grounds, bringing him some information on them. Varys tells his agent to be prepared for "Operation Bard's Tale" before the two leave the room they were meeting in, with Varys considering that he is finally ready to leave his post and join Rhaenyra Blackfyre.

Lieutenant Joanna Snow, 17.07.300AAC, Moat Cailin System

While deployed at Moat Cailin, Joanna Snow deplores how the arrival of the Others has completely screwed with the North's plans to deal with Rhaegar and the Southern lords. Her direwolf Phantom jumps on her, distracting her with his weight, and Baela arrives with Icefyre soon after, with the two cousins bantering before they discuss Baela's inability to forge a connection to Icefyre the same way Joanna and their Stark cousins have with the direwolves.

Ser Preston Greenfield, 26.07.300AAC, Braavos System

Joffrey and his escort (which includes Kingsguard Preston Greenfield and Sandor Clegane) arrive to Braavos to bring his aunt Daenerys Targaryen back to the Seven Sectors. However, when they find her - an intelligent, well-learned young lady - Daenerys not only points out that the Seven Sectors would have to pay an enormous compensation for their attack on the Lorathi ship during Rhaegar's coup, but she doesn't want to return, particularly not when it would start a war.

Part D: Broken Oaths

Ser Jaime Lannister, 28.07.300AAC, Sunspear System

Jaime Lannister arrives to Sunspear with orders to bring Rhaenys Targaryen back to King's Landing - with Viserys remaining well away from Dorne, knowing of their hatred of most Targaryens. As is, the situation is bad enough - at least fourteen of his men have already died in "accidents". Eventually, they are allowed to land a small shuttle in Sunspear.

Directed to an out-of-the-way spaceport, Jaime and the Targaryen soldiers are forced to await as the Dornish humiliate and make a mockery of them before they can meet Rhaenys Targaryen, now twenty years old and, much to Jaime's surprise, very similar to Elia Martell. When Rhaenys tells them she will not go back, as she does not recognize Rhaegar as her father or her King, the Targaryen captain accompanying Jaime tries to alert the spaceship that took them to Sunspear, but the Dornish forces destroy the ship, and promptly kill the Targaryen lackeys in the group. When Rhaenys asks him what he intends to do, Jaime declares his allegiance to her.

Lord Jacaerys Velaryon, 1.08.300AAC, Longtable System

Jacaerys Velaryon, Theon Greyjoy and a few of Aegon's friends and allies meet to come up with a plan to deal with the Lannisters when the war comes. Even with their superiority in numbers, it is not as easy as it might be, particularly with Mace Tyrell keeping a good part of the fleet back at home, and the need to keep their allies in the River Sector covered. Jacaerys comes up with a plan to deal with the River systems that are opposed to Aegon, but he knows it'll be difficult to sell it to Aegon.

Sparrow Secret Base, 01.08.300AAC, Appleton Harvest System

In the Sparrow's secret base, the seven men and women that form the leadership of the Seven Sparrows decide to continue their campaign against the Targaryens.

Northgate System, 02.08.300AAC

In the Northgate system, once part of the River Sector but now all but a part of the North, stands the North's forward outpost, a small Crown flotilla has arrived. When the Northern captain opens communications with them, he's surprised to see Visenya Targaryen's face, and he realizes things are going to get serious.
    Chapter 4 

Part A: Two Minutes to Midnight

Princess Rhaenys Targaryen, 03.08.300AAC, Sunspear System

After a long day working in the preparations for the war, Rhaenys returns to her rooms only to find her cousin Arianne Martell inside. After Arianne suggests Rhaenys to deal with her tension by having sex with Jaime Lannister, the two young women discuss the Kingsguard's soon-to-come disintegration as its members follow one or the other claimant, the upcoming Operation Midnight that will open the war against the Sectors loyal to Rhaegar and other matters before Arianne leaves. After a while, Rhaenys decides to change her clothes and use a secret passageway to reach Jaime's bedroom, seducing him and joining him in bed.

Princess Visenya Targaryen, 06.08.300AAC, Moat Cailin System

Visenya arrives to Moat Cailin, wary of anything that may cause war with the North - starting with her father's attempt to send a squadron of battlecruisers to escort her, which she has fortunately prevented. Unfortunately, not everything is as easy to avoid - such as the animosity between the North and the Targaryens and their lackeys. Welcomed at the Flames of Rebellion by Vice-Admiral Davos Seaworth, one of Visenya's escorts tries to order the Vice-Admiral to bow: when Davos gives a bald-faced lie about it, the escort tries to pull out a gun and is immediately killed, with two more men following seconds later. Baela appears after Visenya and her remaining escort surrender, and the twins hug after not seeing each other for most of their lifes. Visenya half-heartedly argues that the war is going to kill millions of people, and Baela points out that the war is going to happen no matter what they do. In the end, Visenya chooses to join her twin.

Part B: Dangerous Women

Lady Asha Greyjoy, 10.08.300AAC, Horn Hill System

Asha Greyjoy, as her handmaidens are preparing her for her wedding to Samwell Tarly, reminisces about her first two weddings, one to an old man she poisoned the night before the wedding and the second to an Ironborn-hating war veteran who was killed by his servants after she convinced them to do it during the wedding banquet. After being dressed, she meets her future goodmother, Melessa Tarly, who warns Asha against trying to kill Sam before she points out Asha could have had it a lot worse. Upon meeting Sam, the two internally consider that the marriage may not be so bad, after all.

Lady Calla Peake, 10.08.300AAC, Starpike System

Calla Peake née Rowan tells her father Admiral Mathis Rowan she will not betray her husband as he expects, and calls him out for trying to use their familial relationship when just a few months before he had no problem with marrying her to Titus Peake against her wishes. She then points out that the mighty fleet the Reach has been building is a lot weaker than apparent, as the Sector has deeply indebted itself to pay for all the new ships and soon additional expenses will grow, between salaries, war pensions, fuel and more, but Mathis ignores the issues and mocks his daughter. Calla, realizing she has wasted her time, tells him to leave and never return.

Berona of the Broken, 12.08.300AAC, Great Wyk System

Ever since the occupation began, Great Wyk (and most of the other planets in the Iron Sector) have had an ongoing rebellion against the occupiers, but Great Wyk has it worst, being under control of Gregor Clegane. Entire cities have been built underground, away from the eyes of their enemies, while those who fight bring the battle to the invaders.

Berona, once a child who lost her entire family at the beginning of the occupation, now fights against Clegane's men as part of the resistance movement. When she receives news that the ruined village she's in is going to be attacked, she organizes her men to the defense as they sing an old song, but overwhelming numbers kill most in her group as the Beast arrives. Before the Beast can kill her, though, Berona activates a plasma grenade, killing herself and sixty sellswords at once.

Sparrow Dagger, 16.08.300AAC, King’s Landing System

In his palace in Visenya's Moon, the morbidly obese High Septon and the Most Devout daily engorge themselves in food that could have fed hundreds of people, while protected with multiple layers of security. Unfortunately for them, one of his servants is actually a member of the Seven Sparrows, and she kills both him and his guests with the knives on the table before being killed herself by the High Septon's guards.

Part C: The Art of Explosion

Lord Petyr Baelish, 17.08.300AAC, King’s Landing System

The death of the High Septon and the Most Devout turns out to be part of another multiple terrorist attack by the Seven Sparrows, once again shocking King's Landing - and driving Varys into loudly venting all of his rage with the Small Council, Arthur Dayne and their idiocies and incompetence, leaving the room while shouting imprecations and destroying anything at the reach of his hand.

Prince Viserys Targaryen, 18.08.300AAC, Dragonstone System

Viserys Targaryen learns of the events in King's Landing, and Lord Ardrian Celtigar tells him they have to remove Rhaegar from power or else the realm will destroy itself. Viserys' plans to claim the crown will be complicated, since he cannot take either Aegon nor Joffrey hostages, thus making a civil war unavoidable: however, if he doesn't act soon, he will lose his chances. Viserys decides to start the plans within a month and a half.

Lord Edmure Tully, 19.08.300AAC, Riverrun System

Edmure Tully preocuppies himself with finding a wife from the mountain of proposals that he has found on his desk. None of them fulfill his minimum requirements of beauty, lineage, loyalty and wealth.

Lord Jon Arryn, 20.08.300AAC, the Eyrie System

Jon Arryn receives the news that his son and his wife have just left the Eyrie to join the Vale's Targaryen loyalists in Gulltown, led by Gerold Grafton and followed by many of the houses that had rebelled against him during the Usurper's Rebellion. Jon decides to being attacking the homeworlds of the loyalists closest to the Eyrie, choosing not to take any hostages this time to punish the betrayal, a sentiment his daughter Alysanne Arryn is all to willing to follow.

Ser Preston Greenfield, 25.08.300AAC, Maidenpool System

Joffrey returns from Braavos after his unsuccessful attempt to bring Daenerys back. Unsurprisingly, he has chosen to delay telling his father about the failure as much as possible by going to Casterly Rock before returning to King's Landing - and the supporters of his brother Aegon would use his failure to drive Rhaegar to deprive Joffrey of what few rights he still has.

Lord Jacaerys Velaryon, 25.08.300AAC, Highgarden System

Jacaerys Velaryon observes as the Crown and Reach fleets maneuver in the Highgarden system: they are ready for war.

Part D: Threats from the Void

Ayric Sarring, 26.08.300AAC, Somewhere in the Narrow Void

During their stay at Volantis, the survivors of Gerion Lannister's expedition to the Doom took some time in destroying the cult of R'hollor - a cult that worships the demons that are coming out of Valyria. Now returning to King's Landing after more than a decade away, they wonder how much will have changed in so much time, Ayric wonders how in the Seven Hells he became friends with Gerion, and they ready to find and kill the cult of R'hollor's representative in King's Landing, a woman called Melisandre...

Queen Rhaenyra Blackfyre, 26.08.300AAC, Tyrosh System

The new Blackfyre Queen is now prepared to carry out her long-awaited invasion of the Seven Sectors, and she reveals her plans to her men: Gulltown, so as to defeat the Targaryen loyalists there and deprive Rhaegar and his children of any reinforcements they may provide.

Victarion Greyjoy, 27.08.300AAC, Somewhere in the Summer Void

Victarion gives one of his men four thousand dragons for a strange ring that, supposedly, was found in a crippled tree orbiting a dead planet. Victarion decides to put on the ring.

Melisandre of Asshai, 28.08.300AAC, King’s Landing System

Melisandre plots the death of Jon Connington while meeting with her subordinates in the Faith of R'hollor. They know that the war comes closer, and that the Stormlands will suffer when Stannis Baratheon rises against Connington. With Connington starting war games in Fawnton System, it will be impossible to evacuate the installations the Red Priests have there - but Melisandre decides to use those as a trap to show everyone the power of R'hollor, and chooses for the task the Flame of the Pyre, once known as Tysha Lannister.

Part E: The Beheading

Arya Stark, 29.08.300AAC, Winterfell System

Arya Stark enjoys talking to her newly met cousin Visenya, asking her to teach her how to pilot a starfighter - and Visenya is also enjoying her time with the cousins she has never met. Eddard asks Arya to return to her lessons, as he needs to speak with the twins.

Ser Jaime Lannister, 29.08.300AAC, Dry Lake System

In the Dry Lake System, destroyed after the battles against both Aegon the Conqueror and Daeron the Young Dragon, the Dornish navy gathers for the beginning of the war, and where Rhaenys has just been crowned. As the shuttles return the men to space, Rhaenys comes to Jaime, and the two watch the men, knowing that many will die during the war. Rhaenys then brings Jaime to her tent for another night.

Lord Varys Tivario, 02.09.300AAC, King’s Landing System

In the aftermath of a Dornish diplomat bringing Rhaenys' declaration of war and Rhaegar ordering Arthur Dayne to kill the diplomat, Varys has decided to leave King's Landing. So, he has taken a spaceship for Gulltown, has ridden himself of Master of Arms Aron Santagar - and started two plots, one of them being the Beheading, aimed at killing all the men in the Small Council: in a few days, the Targaryen monarchy will be left headless, paving the way for the Blackfyres' return.

Commander of Five Thousand Diana Ker, 02.09.300AAC, Westbrook System

Diana Ker, Dornish Commander of Five Thousand, is one of the volunteers for Operation Midnight: an almost suicide attack against Westbrook System, aimed at destroying their shipyard and killing as many people - civilians and soldiers - as possible.

War of the Ten Warlords Arc

    Chapter 1 

Part A: Sneak Attacks

Commander of Five Thousand Diana Ker, 02.09.300AAC, Westbrook System

Diana Ker orders the launch of the Dornish starfighters and the beginning of the attack against Westbrook's shipyard. During their advance, though, they are surprised by a Reach picket at their backs, which launches multiple missiles against them. However, the starfighters manage to achieve their mission to destroy the shipyard before the Dornish ships themselves are destroyed with all hands.

Lord Warryn Beesbury, 02.09.300AAC, Honeyholt System

Honeyholt was another of Operation Midnight's targets, and the destruction was heavy: more than two hundred thousand people have died, and all the ships that were being built in Honeyholt's shipyards have been destroyed. Lord Warryn Beesbury swears revenge on the Dornish for their treacherous attack.

Ser Edmund Ambrose, 02.09.300AAC, Ambrose System

In the Ambrose System, Lord Arthur Ambrose orders his cousin Edmund Ambrose to send couriers to Highgarden, Bitterbridge, Ashford, Oldtown and Goldengrove to warn them of Dorne's attack, while the last Dornish starfighters sent to the system are destroyed - and as destruction continues to rage around them.

Ser Boros Blount, 02.09.300AAC, Griffin's Roost System

The Dornish attack against Griffin's Roost has been brutal - and the incompetence shown by the ships left behind by Jon Connington has been great enough that two of the Dornish ships attacking them, along with seventy starfighters, have managed to return to Dorne. Ser Boros Blount watches as Rhaegar Connington rails about the incompetence of the officers left behind and declares he will have Dorne and its people destroyed, before taking a ship to meet his father at Fawnton.

Ser Willas Tyrell, 03.09.300AAC, Highgarden System

Willas Tyrell, heir to Lord Paramount Mace Tyrell, feels dejected about the Dornish attacks, knowing that the people in charge of the attacked systems did not properly prepare their defenses against the eventuality - something he had warned them about. His brother Garlan Tyrell tells him it's not his fault, but Willas knows that the Reach nobles will no doubt try to make him the scapegoat of the disaster. Willas correctly identifies the structure of Operation Midnight and its targets, and both siblings know that control over the Storm Sector will be vital if they want to stop the Dornish rebellion, but given the enmity between Stannis Baratheon and the Conningtons, it is likely Stannis may actually take advantage of it to rebel once more.

Part B: The Truth will set you free

Colonel Janos Slynt, 03.09.300AAC, King's Landing System

Rhaegar has ordered, through Commander Jaremy Rykker of the Goldcloaks, the arrest of all Dornish people within King's Landing - even though most of them left the planet days before. However, before the Goldcloaks begin, one of Janos Slynt's men brings a holo-newspaper - which gives excruciating details over the deep corruption that now besets the Seven Kingdoms and every secret the Targaryens and their lackeys want to keep secret. And these news are now spread all over King's Landing - which soon uprises against the Targaryens. Janos Slynt promptly tells his men that perhaps they ought to reconsider their allegiances.

Ser Gerion Lannister, 03.09.300AAC, King's Landing System

Gerion Lannister's ship arrives to King's Landing just in the middle of the uprising, and learns that most of the Small Council is dead or dying, with only Petyr Baelish surviving thanks to being away from the system, all of this while Rhaegar sequesters himself in the palace and Barristan Selmy directs the defences. Gerion asks about his niece and nephews, and, as it turns out, Rhaegar made a sudden change of the Kingsguard roster - Ser Oswell Whent is guarding Shiera and Daeron, and it is unlikely he will allow the children to leave. Gerion decides to ask Colonel Sarring if he would be willing to do the rescuing.

Princess Shiera Targaryen, 03.09.300AAC, King's Landing System

Shiera and Daeron are trying to run away from Oswell Whent, knowing that she will soon be taken hostage for Rhaegar's and Aegon's sake. However, Whent and the rest of the escort manage to catch up to them. Shiera mouths off to them, and suddenly the Targaryen men begin to die, being shot in the head by the now arriving Lannister men meant to get Shiera and Daeron away. To Shiera's surprise, Oswell Whent dies in duel against a man carrying a Valyrian steel sword.

Prince Viserys Targaryen, 03.09.300AAC, King's Landing System

Viserys begins his coup, knowing that all of his brother's children have escaped King's Landing, and he decides to let Shiera and Daeron leave unharmed. The political officer in the ship (kept unaware of Viserys' true plans) attempts to force him to capture or destroy the ship carrying Shiera and Daeron, but he is promptly put down by Viserys' men, and Viserys takes his ship closer in order to help stop the uprising and gain the crown.

Part C: Operation Nightmare

Vice-Admiral Ser Rolland Storm, 04.09.300AAC, Nightsong System

The Dornish launch the second phase of their attack, this time aimed at Nightsong, in the border between Dorne and the Storm Sector. Rolland Storm, Vice-Admiral of the 24th Storm Task Force, is caught unaware, as are his men, and the Dornish capitalize on it to their benefit while he contacts the other leaders of the fleet and gives his orders - knowing that any of them might betray him just for their own benefit. After the Storm Task Force launches its starfighters, Dorne does the same - and shows their advances in warfare with a missile much better than expected, annihilating the fighters while suffering almost negligent casualties.

Commander of Ten Thousand Lady Jennelyn Fowler, 04.09.300AAC, Nightsong System

The Fowler twins, Jennelyn and Jeyne, are the commanders of the attack on Nightsong. While Jennelyn orders the Dornish fighters back, Jeyne plots the battle against the Storm Task Force, planning to capture as many carriers as possible and intending to use a new weapon, the ion cannon.

Vice-Admiral Ser Rolland Storm, 04.09.300AAC, Nightsong System

Only eighty-two fighters remain in the Storm Task Force, and Rolland tries to order the empty carriers to return and protect Nightsong Prime, but the man in charge of commanding the starfighters not only disobeys, he sends his starfighters out and sends Rolland a message where he declares his intention to follow Rear-Admiral Wagstaff's orders instead of his. Much to Rolland's dismay, a good part of the fleet decides to do the same, and they go head on against the Dornish - moment in which they unveil the ion cannon, capable of destroying a battlecruiser in one shot. Soon, the mutineers surrender, and Rolland only has the time to order a frigate to leave with readings on the Dornish new weaponry and the mutiny, while he and his few escorts fight the Dornish as far as they can.

Commander of Ten Thousand Lady Jeyne Fowler, 04.09.300AAC, Nightsong System

Nightsong is now at the mercy of the Dornish, who have also killed most of the nobles in there and are now destroying the space fortresses. The shipyard commanders foolishly destroy all the spaceships under construction while the Dornish capture all the infrastructure in the system. Eventually, a young officer, the highest-ranked one in the planet, surrenders Nightsong.

Part D: Behemoth's Fall

Major-General Ser Justin Massey, 04.09.300AAC, King’s Landing System

Justin Massey takes control of Camp Conqueror and its ten Behemoths, putting them in service of Viserys. His first order is to support his fellow supporters in their fight against Aegon's and Joffrey's supporters in Camps Daeron and Inferno: the fight, involving hundreds of thousands of men and multiple Behemoths on both sides, ends up in victory for Viserys' supporters, but at a heavy costs in both of them. Massey has a message sent so Viserys may land his troops and begin to restore order.

King Viserys III Targaryen, 04.09.300AAC, King’s Landing System

Viserys curses Barristan Selmy for rallying the troops loyal to Rhaegar, which has cost him a heavy price, with only ten out of twenty-nine Behemoths still working. The Crown Sector divides between those who support Viserys and those who support Aegon, and Viserys gives orders to neutralize or bring down Aegon's supporters. When the Goldcloaks and Gold Fists declare for Viserys, he decides to make direct contact with Barristan Selmy.

Ser Barristan Selmy, 04.09.300AAC, King’s Landing System

Ser Barristan Selmy bitterly wonders about Viserys' treason while pointing out to Ser Arys Oakheart that, no matter what, they still serve the King. Viserys calls Barristan, and Barristan makes it clear he will not surrender, even though Viserys controls most of the planet and, as he points out, the Seven Sectors are about to collapse. Surprising both of them, a woman hijacks the call and tells Ser Barristan that she is the death of King Rhaegar and that Barristan will soon die - moment in which an explosion takes place in the Red Keep's war room, killing everyone inside.

Lady Margaery Tyrell, 04.09.300AAC, Highgarden System

Willas tells his sister Margaery that her betrothed is a mad idiot, as he has ordered most of the First Fleet to strike Nightsong and drive the Dornish back. Margaery, in the meantime, has realized that Aegon is dangerously mad, and she will require much work to keep him under control. While Willas remains to lead Highgarden's defences, Garlan will accompany their father to the front. Margaery and Willas wonder why the Dornish thought they had a chance of victory.

Senior Captain Lady Brienne Tarth, 04.09.300AAC, Summerhall System

Senior Captain Brienne Tarth dramatically announces she and her men are tourists while they carry out the take over of the strategic planet, as part of their long-planned rebellion against the Targaryens, Jon Connington and their constant insults and betrayals ever since the end of the Usurper's Rebellion. As she says, though, it is not about winning, but about being free.

Part E: Regicide

Captain Lady Sansa Stark, 04.09.300AAC, King’s Landing System

Sansa Stark detonates the bombs that kill Barristan Selmy and Arys Oakheart. She and Meera Reed have led a commando team into the Red Keep to carry out their mission: begin the North's revenge. Sansa kills Arthur Dayne by stabbing him with a dagger and then slicing his throat, and the group moves to seek Rhaegar, whom they find in a ritual room - where he has killed all the loyal men he had with him in an attempt to bring life to three dragon eggs. Sansa interrupts him and gives him one last message: "Lord Eddard Stark sends his regards."'
    Chapter 2 

Part A: Cold Cataclysm

Ygritte of the Crimson Squadron, 05.09.300AAC, Kroc’s Star System

Ygritte is aiding in the desperate evacuation of Kroc's Star System, knowing that it is but a matter of time before the White Walkers appear. And they do - when there are still about ten million people still living in the planet. Ygritte and her men, piloting two hundred thousand starfighters, go out to hold the line: to make matters worse, there's a new kind of spaceship that is larger than anything else they have seen, which Ygritte calls Star Killer. The Free Folk manage to destroy multiple enemy cruisers and even a battleship, suffering catastrophic losses in the meantime - and then Star Killer fires its weapon, freezing Kroc in a few minutes. The surviving fighters escape to return to the fleet and warn Mance Rayder about the new danger.

Euron Greyjoy, 05.09.300AAC, Nightfort System

At Nightfort, Euron Greyjoy - now in charge of the criminals being inducted into the Night's Watch - has a vision of the Star Killer firing on Kroc and a White Walker, shocking him heavily. When Euron calls for his squire, a youngster tells him the squire suffered a bad fell in the stairs: Euron brutally attacks the youngster, who turns out to be Ramsay Snow, a boy claiming to be Roose Bolton's illegitimate son. Euron decides to forcibly make Ramsay his squire.

Melisandre of Asshai, 05.09.300AAC, Pommingham System

Melisandre contemplates Viserys' lucky stroke at taking over King's Landing, as she goes to another section of the Red Priests base - one that contains a genetic and cloning laboratory. Using the laboratory's machines, along with several rituals, Melisandre manages to bring Barristan Selmy and Arthur Dayne back to life.

Part B: It's Good to Be King

King Viserys III Targaryen, 05.09.300AAC, King’s Landing System

Viserys has decided to change multiple things about the way the Seven Sectors are governed, and today is no exception, as he is willing to leave his nephews and nieces alone if they acknowledge him as the King, which he knows will just lead them to rebel nonetheless. He also rewards those who have chosen to follow him, orders his new Master of Laws Ser Sal Blackrock to begin making preparations to restore order in the Crown Sector, has all debts to the Houses supporting Aegon and Joffrey nullified and disbands the Kingsguard. When the meeting finishes, his wife Lynesse Hightower joins him in the throne room, telling him that Cersei Lannister is celebrating her husband's death - Rhaegar having been found castrated and with his genitals forced into his toothless mouth - and has her own celebration using Viserys' new throne for sex.

Part C: Eastern Cataclysm

Princess Daenerys Targaryen, 05.09.300AAC, Braavos System

Daenerys is attending a reception in Braavos, where she meets Bellegere Otherys, a famous courtesan. Bellegere tells Daenerys that her companion wishes to meet her in a collection room in the mansion, and Daenerys decides to accept, curious. In the collection room she finds many Valyrian artifacts, including a black dragon egg Aegon the Unworthy gave Bellegere's ancestor for her services, and Tormo Fregar, one of the candidates to replace the Sealord when the current one dies, and noted for his willingness for a more energetic stance against the Seven Sectors.

Their conversation is cut short when Daenerys suddenly has a vision of Rhaegar's ritual - and the dragon egg hatches, bringing a small black dragon to life.

Ser Eddison Tollett, 05.09.300AAC, Hardyng Hill System

Jon Arryn's campaign against the Targaryen loyalists has commenced, and the Valemen loyal to Jon have finished defeating the defences of Hardyng Hill, Ser Eddison Tollett being among them. The battle finished, the soldiers watch as Jon brings Lady Hardyng captured. Lady Hardyng claims that Robin will overturn all of his decrees when Jon says that the Hardyngs will lose their noble title and all of their possessions and privileges - and then Jon tells her she will be executed: following the example set by his ward Eddard Stark, he grabs an axe and carries the execution out himself.

Part D: To War

Princess Shiera Targaryen, 05.09.300AAC, Castlewood System

At their great-uncle's spaceship, Shiera and Daeron are bored, having little to do. Daeron finds Shiera's golden dragon egg, which suddenly hatches and brings a small golden dragon to life.

Lady Calla Peake, 05.09.300AAC, Starpike System

Calla Peake watches as it becomes obvious the double shock of Operations Midnight and Nightmare is not enough to knock the arrogance off the Reach nobles. While the men in charge of the Reach fleet and men (under orders of the Tyrells) prattle on about the current situation and plan for an attack of just-surrendered Harvest Hall, Calla thinks that her predictions of how long the Reach would have were quite optimistic.

Princess Visenya Targaryen, 05.09.300AAC, Winterfell System

Visenya runs away from the eager direwolf pups that want to lick her, trying to (and managing to) reach the safety of her room, where she finds Baela. Baela points out that a good part of what she intends to take to the war is unnecessary, and Visenya jokingly tells her to decide what she is to take - and Baela promptly pulls most of it out of her bags. When Baela asks about her jewels, the trunk that holds them starts to growl and smoke, and when Visenya opens the trunk, a small red dragon she calls Starfyre tackles her.

Colonel Tyrion Lannister, 06.09.300AAC, Casterly Rock System

At the celebration for Joffrey's coronation, Tyrion Lannister observes soldiers and tanks parading before Addam Marbrand finds him. The two discuss how Vanguard is now useless, as the Reach is now concentrating in its southern border, and Marbrand comes up with a new version, aimed at taking several strategic River systems before turning the navy towards the south.

Part E: Operation Cataclysm

Ser Guyard Morrigen, 06.09.300AAC, Fawnton System

The men of House Morrigen sent to Fawnton suddenly reveal their true allegiance by attacking the troops nearby before they can defend themselves, and after a long battle where they lose many men, they take over the station they are in and turn the platform defence grid against the dockyards and warships controlled by those loyal to the Conningtons.

Lord Richard Lonmouth, 06.09.300AAC, Fawnton System

The Morrigan men's attack has caught the Connington loyalists by surprise, and they lose many ships and men in an attempt to retake the lost space stations - with Fawnton One destroyed by one ship accidentally ramming it in its death throes. When Lonmouth wonders about the suddenness of the attack, he realizes that this is part of a plan, and soon sensors confirm his fears: three fleets clearly outnumbering what remains of his have just appeared in the system, led by Stannis Baratheon. Lonmouth orders a general evacuation and tries to contact Connington.

Ser Renly Baratheon, 06.09.300AAC, Fawnton System

In the ground, chaos is absolute amongst the loyalists - and, for Renly, the attack represents how his actions have caused Stannis to hate him. Loras tries to console him, to no avail. The two lovers decide to escape while there's still time - only for demons to suddenly appear, killing Jon and Rhaegar Connington and attacking everyone.

Senior Captain Dale Shouter, 07.09.300AAC, Fawnton System

Dale Shouter leads his men in an attempt to protect the civilians of Fawnton from the demons, to no avail, for the demons are more numerous and powerful. Just before dying himself, Dale sees new lights of human origin coming from orbit.

Lord Richard Lonmouth, 07.09.300AAC, Fawnton System

His spaceship crippled between the Morrigen soldiers' attack and the Baratheon supporters' strike, as well as the knowledge that demons have overrun most of Fawnton, Richard Lonmouth decides to execute Castamere Option: driving his spaceship against the planet to kill the demons and give whoever is still alive a merciful death.

Flame of the Pyre, 07.09.300AAC, Fawnton System

The Flame of the Pyre curses when Lonmouth's ship rams the planet, knowing that this will prevent the Lord of Light from gaining a foothold in the Seven Sectors. Just before the planet is destroyed, she manages to open a portal that takes her to a safe place.

Senior Captain Lady Brienne Tarth, 07.09.300AAC, Fawnton System

The Baratheon loyalists observe with shock how Fawnton dies when Lonmouth's ship hits the planet's surface: Operation Cataclysm ends up - not because of the Baratheons - killing more than seven hundred million people.

Part F: Get Away

Lord Jacaerys Velaryon, 08.09.300AAC, Highgarden System

Aegon rages about Viserys' betrayal while his main noble supporters are left impotent at the defeat this represents.

Queen Rhaenyra Blackfyre, 08.09.300AAC, Witch Isle System

Rhaenyra's fleet captures the Witch Isle system, their only stop before striking at Gulltown.
    Chapter 3 

Part A: Games of Doom

Lord Gerold Grafton, 09.09.300AAC, Gulltown System

The First Vale Loyalist Fleet in Gulltown, led by Lord Gerold Grafton, who privately notes his men's inability to carry out a decent coordinated simulation - Jon Arryn's crafty actions having prevented most of the houses involved in their rebellion from taking part in any war games before, making the loyalist fleet an uncoordinated mess that is sorely unable to stop Jon's rampage through the loyalists' systems. His sons Vincent and Gregor come, and tell him in no uncertain words that Robin Arryn is completely unsuited to the role of Admiral, seeing that he treats the officers like they were toys. Lord Gerold acknowledges the problem, but he can give any order an alarm breaks out: Gulltown is under attack.

Gerold's expectation that this is a raid by those who remain loyal to Jon Arryn crumbles to dust when the Bittersteel, the Golden Company's flagship, is identified. As the fleet comes together in order to put a defense of Gulltown, a message is sent from the Bittersteel: Rhaenyra Targaryen, who has claimed the title of Queen, demands Gulltown's surrender. The Vale admirals think her to be bluffing, but Grafton realizes too late they have been drawn to a trap.

Queen Rhaenyra Blackfyre, 09.09.300AAC, Gulltown System

As it turns out, several false merchant ships took the time a month before to lay a minefield right where the Vale's loyalist fleet would pass through when a battle came, and the results are devastating, destroying most of their light units. When Salladhor Saan asks her what she intends to do about the forty-two thousand-strong starfighter wave coming for them, Rhaenyra points out that there are more traps.

Lord Gerold Grafton, 09.09.300AAC, Gulltown System

One such trap is formed by several "abandoned orbital systems" that turn out to be anti-fighter minelayers, whose mines destroy a third of the Vale's starfighters and leave many more damaged or unable to keep fighting, forcing Gerold to order them back. Just then, it turns out that the fleet they were going after were drones, and Rhaenyra's fleet ends its stealth systems to fire on the now defenseless carriers, while the ships of the line suffer a heavy battering. Robin Arryn's ship runs away. Grafton orders his son Gregor (Vincent having died with his ship) to escape with most of the survivors while he and the heavy cruisers cover them - which they manage to do, with Grafton dying in the last salvo.

Ser Donnel Waynwood, 09.09.300AAC, Gull Tower System

Donnel Waynwood breaks down as he thinks of all the losses suffered in just a few moments. With more than three hundred thousand lost men, the Vale Loyalists are done for.

Part B: Traitors And Justice

Lord Eddard Stark, 10.09.300AAC, Winterfell System

In the aftermath of an attempt by Arya to smuggle her cousins' dragons and the direwolves into a ship going to the frontlines, which neither Baela nor Visenya tried to stop, Eddard decides to punish the latter by sending them to the neo-arctic Bear Island system, and as he discusses the figures of the ships that will be involved in the war against the Others, he mentally wishes he could turn back time to undo the mistakes of the past.

Queen Rhaenyra Blackfyre, 10.09.300AAC, Gulltown System

After conquering Gulltown, Rhaenyra begins to make plans to establish solid foundations for her reign. As such, she declares all the belongings of the noble houses of Gulltown confiscated, and decides to have them all sold into slavery to repay their debt, and she gives Harry Strickland, the former commander of the Golden Company, rule over the system. After Gulltown's main septons call for rebellion against her, she has several septs bombarded and the survivors arrested.

Lady Alysanne Arryn, 11.09.300AAC, Newkeep System

Alysanne, the heir to Jon Arryn, observes as her brother comes in to the improvised throne room. Jon Arryn proclaims that, while Robin is his son by blood, he is absolutely disappointed and furious with him, particularly as he has shown himself to be a dishonourable coward, which Robin unwittingly confirms by trying to blame everyone else of what he did - and for that, he'll be sent to the Sky Cells. When Robin tries to beg for mercy, Jon furiously fires back with how Robin's last message before his betrayal indicated he would have had Jon burned alive and Alysanne gang raped before killing her. Alysanne orders Robin to be sent to the Sky Cells - and to chain him to the doors so he won't be able to "escape too quickly".

Ser Gerion Lannister, 12.09.300AAC, Casterly Rock System

Gerion returns to Casterly Rock and is brought to his brother Tywin. Gerion mentions that time within Valyria was a lot slower for some reason, and reveals the truth behind the Red Faith and that he has decided to give Brightroar to Daeron, simply to screw with his brother. When conversation turns to how Shiera's dragon, Goldwing, hatched, Tywin points out that there is a chance Rhaegar did some ritual that caused the hatching, and when Joffrey tries to order an immediate attack against Viserys, Tywin indicates that, if Viserys has any dragons, it'll be still a long time before they are useful in any way. Gerion asks where Tyrion is, and going by Kevan's reaction it does not seem to be good.

Ser Jaime Lannister, 13.09.300AAC, Summerhall System

In Summerhall, Jaime witnesses as Stannis Baratheon and Rhaenys Targaryen agree to an alliance of convenience against Aegon, but, as Rhaenys points out, both of them know that, eventually, one of them will betray the other.

Part C: Roses of the Reach

Ser Willas Tyrell, 13.09.300AAC, Highgarden System

Willas contemplates the very much undesirable situation the Reach is now in: while their first plans were based on the idea that they would only be fighting the Lannisters, they are now surrounded by enemies from all their borders. Garlan interrupts his planning - they are expected for the wedding of their sister Margaery to Aegon. Before the wedding ceremony itself takes place, Aegon is crowned King of Westeros.

Lord Samwell Tarly, 14.09.300AAC, Highgarden System

During the celebrations for Aegon and Margaery's wedding, Sam goes to a famous restaurant to meet with his wife Asha in one of the restaurant's private pools. While getting naked for a private celebration of their own, Sam reveals he is being sent to the Iron Sector to retrieve Axell Florent's fleet, and Asha tells him she will join him as his chief of staff.

Part D: Vanguard of War

Lord Edmure Tully, 15.09.300AAC, Riverrun System

Edmure receives the visit of several Lords, one of whom has made a pitiful attempt to fake official orders from Lord Daymun Darry to make him surrender his command of the Second River Fleet to Ser Ronald Vance, an Aegon loyalist, who intends to send his fleet into attacking the Golden Tooth in spite of its unsurmountable defences and the threat of Lannister allies in the Riverlands. However, Edmure has other ideas, and decides to declare his allegiance to Viserys before kicking all the Lords out of his planet (he cannot take them prisoner because they already had their bread and salt).

Ser Marq Piper, 16.09.300AAC, Wayfarer’s Rest System

Marq Piper, the son of Lord Clement Piper and one of Edmure's few true friends, unsuccessfully tries to convince his father not to attack Riverrun, but Clement claims that they have to attack now or else they will lose more ships when they have to attack later. However, before they can act, the Lannisters jump into the system.

Brigadier Tyrion Lannister, 16.09.300AAC, Wayfarer’s Rest System

Tyrion has been effectively banished from Casterly Rock by his father for supporting a plan that will divert forces from his planned attacks into the Reach, and has been sent with the Fourth Fleet to capture Wayfarer's Rest and garrison it. Luckily for him, the Vances' concentrating their plans to attack Riverrun have left their defences on the Western side rather weakened, allowing the Fourth Fleet to attack with few losses. And, much to Tyrion's confusion, Lord Vance has decided to implement a plan that makes little sense. In the end, the Lannisters gain a decisive victory.

Lord Edmure Tully, 17.09.300AAC, Riverrun System

Marq Piper manages to escape the massacre at Wayfarer's Rest, and Edmure, after reviewing the reports, takes all the surviving officers prisoner, but suddenly his men attack, him, led by Ser Brynden "Blackfish" Tully, who has decided to put an end to his nephew's lordship, sending him and his officers to the Wall. Edmure tries to point out that, since Brynden has no children, the name Tully will die with them, but Brynden surprises him by bringing Sansa Stark to become the new Lady of Riverrun - and the Riverlanders swear their allegiance to the King in the North.

Epilogue: The Last Light

Lord Gylbert Farwynd, 17.09.300AAC, Lonely Light System

Lord Gylbert Farwynd, a veteran of the Greyjoy Rebellion that now lives alone in the wastes of Lonely Light after a successful attempt to lay a trap on the Targaryen loyalists during the Rebellion. His watch, though, is interrupted when the Beacon of Light, an artifact in the planet, lights up - marking for Lord Farwynd that the Long Night is coming.
    Chapter 4 

Part A: Where Angels Fear To Thread

Ser Jon Upcliff, 16.09.300AAC, Saltcliffe System

Ser Jon Upcliff, commander of the occupation forces in Saltcliffe, receives news that King Rhaegar is dead and that a civil war is imminent. Upcliff ignores a demand from the Pyke military garrison to send as many assets as possible to them, and decides to organize his ships and men as best as possible, preparing both for potential rebellions or for a potential attack from the Lannisters.

Lord Donnor Saltcliffe, 17.09.300AAC, Saltcliffe System

Lord Donnor Saltcliffe reflects on how much he and Saltcliffe lost during the Greyjoy Rebellion: most of his family dead, his holdings restricted to the planetary capital and the surrounding settlements... and Ser Lyn Corbray, the de-facto Lord of Saltcliffe, has made well sure to deny the Ironborn any weapon heavier than a pistol, as well as building a large fortress capable of holding off anything the Ironborn may be able to point at them. Suddenly, he receives a message: Victarion Greyjoy is attacking the Upcliff fleet. Saltcliffe immediately orders the beginning of Operation Iron Vengeance, a general uprising against the occupation. Soon, the occupying forces start to leave the cities, and Lyn Corbray sends a communication. Saltcliffe gloats to Corbray about his men being defeated, but after stating he knows his men will not be able to win against Victarion, Corbray drops his bomb: years before, he had very powerful atomic warheads hidden underneath every major city in the planet, and he has sent their detonation codes. Thirty seconds later, the warheads activate.

Iron Castellan Adrach Goodbrother, 17.09.300AAC, Saltcliffe System

Iron Castellan Adrach Goodbrother observes as Saltcliffe's cities die to nuclear weapons, an action that will slowly but surely render the planet inhospitable. Adrach orders to send the surviving Vale warships on a collision course against the planet, but Victarion Greyjoy (clearly affected by the ring) belays that order, saying that he will teach true despair to Corbray... and the dead begin to rise.

Ser Lyn Corbray, 17.09.300AAC, Saltcliffe System

In the ground, Corbray receives news of the fleet's defeat, which he knew would happen because of lack of ship maintenance, lack of resources and a failure of the intelligence systems. His men report on the millions of deaths caused by the nuclear explosions, indirectly criticizing that it also killed many of their fellow men. As Corbray orders preparations to begin for a siege, the dead begin to rise from the entire planet, including the burial zone where fallen Valemen were being buried. Corbray leads soldiers to put an end to the rising dead.

Captain Joss James, 17.09.300AAC, Saltcliffe System

Much to their misfortune, the Valemen soldiers realize that what happened in their burial plot is happening elsewhere in the planet, as millions of wights begin to swarm against Fort Forlorn. The active defenses hold, but they are not enough to prevent the wights from reaching the walls and climbing to the top of the walls. The numbers slowly force the soldiers to step back, but the sudden counterattack of the garrison's tanks, led by the super-heavy tank Dawn of the Vale, allow them to retake the walls and prevent the opening of the gates. However, a dead kraken appears and forces the gates open, allowing the wights to come in, killing the men.

Captain Godric Meric, 22.09.300AAC, Saltcliffe System

Hidden in the system is the Joyous Bird, one of several obsolete cruisers that Jon Arryn had converted to furtive spying platforms to keep an eye on important enemy systems. Through the ship's drones, Captain Godric Meric is keeping an eye on events, seeing how, wall by wall, Fort Forlorn falls to the wights. Godric and his officers discuss the tactics Victarion Greyjoy is using, puzzling over how he has been using the wights with little regards to how many will be left, when one officer points out something: the garrison sent their remaining atomic warheads when the second wall fell, and this has caused the planet to become heavily unstable, potentially destroying the planet if another such weapon is detonated. Knowing that Corbray probably has such a weapon, Godric orders the ship to leave the system and return to the Vale.

Ser Lyn Corbray, 22.09.300AAC, Saltcliffe System

Fort Forlorn's inner citadel is falling, and Corbray is now left with little more than five hundred men. Corbray tells them he's proud of them, and also that he has activated the fusion bombs beneath Fort Forlorn, so Victarion Greyjoy cannot animate their bodies. As the undead swarm in, the last survivors begin their last stand.

Captain Godric Meric, 22.09.300AAC, Saltcliffe System

The men of the Joyous Bird observe as Saltcliffe cracks because of the last bomb, and the Ironborn fleet leaves the system. The crew note that they received a message from Fort Forlorn moments before the planet cracked, stating "Fort Forlorn still stands". The captain decides to honor Lyn Corbray and his men by noting officially how they fought well beyond the expected. "The planet broke before the Vale Army did".

Part B: The Jaws of Death

Ser Waymar Royce, 17.09.300AAC, Craster’s Fort System

In the Craster's Fort system, Ser Waymar Royce of the Night's Watch, leading a flotilla intended to cover the strategic system, receives news that several missile platforms have been damaged by a solar storm, and he orders a group of men to go repair them. An alarm blares sometime later: the wildling Exodus Fleet, which numbers in the thousands, has jumped into the system, and Waymar knows well what might follow behind them.

King Mance Rayder, 17.09.300AAC, Craster’s Fort System

Mance would have rather not come to the system, but the threat of the White Walkers has forced him to lead his fleet here, through the shortest path towards the Wall. Knowing there's a high chance of an ambush, and worried because there are no ships in sight (even though several raiders came ahead of the fleet), Mance is tensed. Unfortunately, his fears prove true: the Walkers manage to jump behind them, they will be in range before the Arks manage to reach the jump point - and the Star Killer is among them.

Ser Waymar Royce, 17.09.300AAC, Craster’s Fort System

The Night's Watch force present in-system looks shocked at the arrival of the White Walkers' fleet, which is blasting its way through the system's asteroid fields. With numbers clearly against them, Waymar knows that the only thing they can do is to bleed the enemy as best as possible, and orders the missile platforms to be readied, to attack the Others' ships by order of size, beginning with the cruisers, so as to save the wildlings.

King Mance Rayder, 17.09.300AAC, Craster’s Fort System

Mance becomes surprised at the fiery attack launched against the cruisers trying to attack his fleet, as the Night's Watch reveals itself, attracting the attention of the White Walkers. Thanks to an overwhelming number of missiles, the Watch manages to destroy a good portion of the White Walkers' fleet and heavily damage the Star Killer at the cost of their own lives, something that allows Mance to send the Exodus Fleet out of the system.

Lord Rickard Karstark, 20.09.300AAC, Nightfort System

After their arrival in a damaged state, the wildlings work with the Night's Watch and the Northern fleets in recovering as many survivors as possible from those ships that have been unable to stand the problems of so much travel. Rickard Karstark cannot help but admire the wildlings' tenacity, even if it is causing great logistical trouble for the Watch, and orders that those ships in best condition are sent away from the Nightfort so as to keep the people within alive.

First Night’s Sword Al’Sya, 20.09.300AAC, Craster’s Fort System

Al'Sya kills the commander she had tasked with destroying the Exodus Fleet for falling for the Night's Watch's attack. Without their "Holy Relics" in hand (although one is already being heavily used at the other side of the Wall), her chances are slightly smaller, but nonetheless still good. She orders the gathering of her fleet so as to prepare for an attack against the "prey".

Part C: Old Soldiers

General Janos Slynt, 21.09.300AAC, King’s Landing System

Janos Slynt, now ascended to General in the Goldcloaks, considers the changes brought on to King's Landing, particularly the economic decay and loss of focus from other Sectors, as well as the still existing chaos brought on by the aftermath of Viserys' coup. In a meeting over the state of the war, the main officers reveal that most of the Crownlands have either joined Viserys or surrendered to his men, but there is still High Chelsted to consider, and the Reach is bound to send a fleet there at any point, so they must reinforce King's Landing as best as possible to deal with the soon-to-come attack.

Colonel Ayric Sarring, 21.09.300AAC, Lannisport System

Ayric visits the same tavern where he met with Bronn Wood-brother eleven years before, before the Lannister offensive against the Ironborn began, and notes how much time has passed by everything else while he was in Valyria. Bronn tells him about the Blackfyres' return to the political and military scene, and it turns out both of them are going to Blacktyde in order to evacuate the Western soldiers in there for the war against the Reach.

Vice-Admiral Ser Davos Seaworth, 23.09.300AAC, Northgate System

In Northgate, Davos is warned by Lieutenant Joanna Snow that the time to begin has come, and he sends her forward while regretting the sacrifices that are going to be made during the war. Upon arriving to the bridge, he states that Operation Overlord's southern plans are to begin, with an attack aimed at the Freys as the first step in what will hopefully be a successful mission.
    Chapter 5 

Part A: A Clash of Warlords

King Viserys Targaryen, 19.09.300AAC, King’s Landing System

Watching over the state of the capital system, Viserys laments the destruction caused by the fighting that took place there, and when he returns to the Red Keep for a meeting with his council, the situation is no less bad: while efforts have been made to reduce the out-of-control expenditures from his elder brother's reign, the Treasury is in almost complete shambles, precisely at the worse moment, because Viserys knows a counterattack by his nephew Aegon through High Chelsted (which has resisted Viserys' attempts to claim it and remains loyal to Aegon) is imminent, and, while, on paper, the Navy should be capable of halting such an attack, in reality they will likely lose.

Lord Jacaerys Velaryon, 19.09.300AAC, The Ring System

Jacaerys Velaryon, Admiral of the 1st Crown Fleet, tells King Aegon that he will not accelerate plans to attack the Crown Sector, no matter how much he demands, because the fleet is not ready for battle. Aegon leaves in a huff, and Jacaerys speaks with Theon Greyjoy, the two young men discussing future plans, the current state of the Navy and how Aegon will take the news (especially since it seems that his wedding night to Margaery Tyrell did not go too well).

Queen Rhaenys Targaryen, 20.09.300AAC, Harvest Hall System

Rhaenys and Arianne discuss the advantages and risks of the new plan, a trap for the Tyrells, which Rhaenys admits would not work on veterans like Stannis Baratheon, Eddard Stark or Jon Arryn, but should work on someone like Mace Tyrell, even if he might be too unpredictable: Operation Graveyard.

Lord Varys Tivario, 20.09.300AAC, Gulltown System

Varys meets with Queen Rhaenyra, whom he finds a refreshing change in comparison to Aerys and Rhaegar. However, the poor strategic situation Rhaenyra's forces are in do not invite to optimism, even if currently those loyal to the Arryns are concentrated in defeating the Aegon loyalists. Rhaenyra hopes to bring Jon Arryn and his bannermen to the negotiating table by striking at the four systems that produce most of the fuel used by the Vale Navy. One of these systems, Longbow Hall, is currently home to a certain Petyr Baelish, whom Rhaenyra hopes to use so as to bring that system down from within. Varys reluctantly approves of this tactic - as long as Baelish is killed as soon as possible.

King Joffrey Targaryen, 20.09.300AAC, Old Oak System

Joffrey stands on the bridge of the Victorious Lion, observing as his grandfather commands half of the Lannister fleet into the Old Oak defenses with an overwhelming (and wasteful) attack - much to Joffrey's chagrin, whom Tywin is keeping away from any meaningful command. Joffrey speaks with his cousin Lancel Lannister, and the two agree that taking the system should open the way to Highgarden.

Part B: Winter Is Coming

Lord Eddard Stark, 22.09.300AAC, Castle Black System

The Eye of Woe has changed, becoming a maelstrom of dark energy distorting its surroundings, and crossing it is tantamount to suicide, forcing the Northern Fleet to rely on drones for scouting and reducing any warning time to a few minutes. After mentioning that Waymar Royce and Flotilla 805 have received some of the highest decorations of the Night's Watch for their heroic sacrifice, Eddard turns to a more divisive issue: what will happen with Mance Rayder.

King Mance Rayder, 22.09.300AAC, Castle Black System

Mance Rayder crosses the corridors of Castle Black, watching the preparations for war being carried out in the system, until he finds himself alone with Lord Commander Jeor Mormont and Eddard Stark. Stark tells Mance that his execution will be delayed - but only because needs must. The Free Folk are allowed to settle down, but the North, now gearing for war, cannot offer refuge to everyone. Mance mentions the other Sectors, but Eddard and Jeor mention the civil war currently going on there: the North, apart from a few allies, is alone in this fight. Eddard exacts the tithe for passage: one out of every thirty of the Free Folk - a hundred million warriors - is to remain and support the fight, with Mance as their commander, with the promise that Mance will be forgiven for breaking his oaths. Mance accepts.

Ygritte of the Crimson Squadron, 22.09.300AAC, Castle Black System

Ygritte is shocked when she learns she is to go to Bear Island with the survivors of her squadron. Val points out that her starfighters will not be able to stand further combat due to their lack of serious maintenance, and the North has promised to give them all new Northern equipment so that they can fight on better odds, and that the incoming fight at the Eye of Woe will only be the first of many now that the Great Enemy is crossing into the North. Ygritte reluctantly agrees and begins to prepare for her travel.

Part C: River Chaos

Lord Lucias Vypren, 23.09.300AAC, Haigh’s Fort System

Haigh's Fort System was expected to be the frontline between those loyal to the Crown and the North, should another rebellion happen, but time and lack of money ensured the defenses were not up to date, and Lucias Vypren, Vice Admiral of the Sixth Fleet of the River Sector, believes the paranoia over the North is unfounded, and worries more about the war against Viserys and the fact that his superior and most of the officers in the Sixth Fleet are Freys. However, the North decides to prove him wrong by launching a devastating attack on the defensive system near Haigh's Fort, base to the Sixth Fleet, wiping out the minefields, the fortresses and a good part of the Sixth Fleet with only one salvo. Knowing they are doomed, Lucias orders his ship to jump to the Binary Twins System in order to raise the alarm and preserve what ships can survive the Northern onslaught... even if it means abandoning the land forces in Haigh's Fort.

Senior Captain Ser Damon Paege, 23.09.300AAC, Haigh’s Fort System

On land, Damon Paege laments the death of his father and eldest brother aboard the Red Argent, one of the many ships destroyed in the merciless Northern attack. The planet has several energy shields meant to stop orbital bombardment, but when they prove insufficient, Damon decides he would rather survive than die for the Freys and sends the Northern fleet a message to surrender.

Lord Raymun Darry, 23.09.300AAC, Darry System

Raymun Darry, Lord Paramount of the River Sector, is now lamenting having accepted the title as he sees the sector burn in the flames of rebellion, attacked from all borders and with more and more planets joining Viserys, Joffrey or the North. Raymun acknowledges to one of his knights, Willis, that he does not have the ships required to fight off any of the threats, much less all of them together - particularly as the ships that were keeping an eye in the North should have reported the previous day have not done so, which makes Raymun realize the North is up to something that does not bode well.

Part D: The Graveyard

Admiral Baelor Hightower, 24.09.300AAC, Old Oak System

The Admiral of the Third Reach Fleet Baelor Hightower watches as his sensors relay to him the destruction of Old Oak's defenses by the Lannister Fleet. Speaking with Lord Branston Cuy, Baelor points out that, while they expected an attack from the Lannister, it is far stronger than they had expected, but not enough to be his entire fleet. As they are outnumbered, Baelor orders the immediate evacuation of the critical infrastructure and troops, in spite of the opposition to this by Lady Arwyn Oakheart, who rules Old Oak - as he intends to destroy the infrastructure to deny it to the Lannisters.

King Joffrey Targaryen, 24.09.300AAC, Old Oak System

Among the Lannisters, there is surprise and disappointment that the attack has not gained the expected result: the infrastructure they were counting on to aid their attacks has been destroyed, and all they have to show for the attack is the capture of the Old Oak nobility, which does not amount to much. Joffrey and Lancel speak, and Joffrey points out that the next step in the invasion of the Reach, the attack on Dustonburry, will not be easy.

Ser Willas Tyrell, 25.09.300AAC, Highgarden System

Margaery (now thoroughly disenchanted from her marriage to Aegon) tells her brother Willas that the situation could be worse, and Willas agrees, but he also states that the Reach is in a critical situation due to the multiple setbacks they have suffered since the beginning of the war: should Dustonburry fall, there will be nothing to prevent Tywin Lannister from sending his fleet against Highgarden itself, and most of the fleet is too far away or cannot be recalled in time. As is, the Reach's survival now relies on a rapid victory against Dorne and Rhaenys.

Ser Garlan Tyrell, 25.09.300AAC, Harvest Hall System

The Reach's attack against Harvest Hall begins well: the first layer of defenses falls rapidly to the Reach fleet. However, Garlan suspects the Dornish are planning something, as is their wont, because the Reachers cannot seem to find them. Advancing into the system, they encounter a small fleet hidden behind the main planet, only for a shocking attack from missile platforms hidden in the orbital debris around Stern Guard to launch. The fleet commander orders the starfighters to attack the platforms before they can launch a second attack, but while the main fleet's cruisers are almost wiped out, the platforms self-destruct in order to take as many starfighters down as possible. Dornish starfighters appear in the jump point, and Mace Tyrell orders the fleet to push forward, but Garlan realizes the trap and tells everyone to turn around: it is too late, though, and Dornish nova bombs destroy the Fleet's vanguard. With Mace completely unable to make coherent decisions, Garlan orders to get as many ships as possible to retreat to Ashford.

Queen Rhaenys Targaryen, 25.09.300AAC, Harvest Hall System

In the end, only ten Reach ships of the line and a few others manage to escape the deadly trap created by the Dornish, and the Grand Reach Fleet is destroyed as a battle group. Rhaenys demands the surrender of the Reachers, but, much to her surprise, Mace Tyrell refuses to surrender. Thinking that Mace might just want a martyr's death, she decides instead to have her ships attack everything but the Reacher flagship, which is instead to be boarded and Mace taken in as a hostage.

Part E and Epilogue: Dark Days

Lady Calla Peake, 26.09.300AAC, Starpike System

After a visit from a Dornish envoy, Calla makes herself alone in a room before bursting into laughter at how her predictions were too optimistic: in just one battle, Mace Tyrell has lost 1768 starships, 8000 starfighters and 3500+ auxiliary and supply ships, totalling eighteen million lost men, including a good part of the Reach's nobility - save for Mace and Loras Tyrell, who have both been captured by Rhaenys. Calla reminds herself of how she warned Margaery Tyrell that the castle would collapse all around her ears.

Ser Raynald Westerling, 26.09.300AAC, Great Wyk System

Under the control of Gregor "The Beast" Clegane and Amory "Crazy Manticore" Lorch, Great Wyk has turned into a realm of nightmares and evil, amidst great corruption and brutality. And, for Raynald Westerling, it means doing his best to remain well away from the planet, from Clegane and from Lorch while doing his patrols. The patrol becomes interrupted by a strange anomaly that turns out to be made of organic signatures - and suddenly the Emerald Sabre is attacked by an undead kraken that promptly eats the ship.
    Chapter 6 

Part A: Death to the False King

Davos Seaworth, 26.09.300AAC, The Twins System

Seventeen years after Roose Bolton's victory, the North is once again master of the Twins, and Davos welcomes Lord Jason Mallister to Twin A's main space station. On the way to their meeting, the two men comment on the North's surprisingly low casualties (well below the most optimistic previsions) and provisions are made to send new recruits to the Night's Watch. All men in the conference, though, know that eventually they will begin to run into stiffer resistance, so plans have to be made. A tally of the deceased or captured Freys is made, and Domeric Bolton is named interim ruler of the Twins.

Ser Garlan Tyrell, 27.09.300AAC, Cider Hall System

Garlan Tyrell reflects on the humiliation the Battle of Harvest Hall has been for the Tyrells, made all the worse because it was to an outnumbered and outweighed Dornish fleet - and bad news pile up, as he was forced to retreat from Ashford, the military and political situation means that the Tyrells will lose a lot of territory - potentially even Highgarden itself - and the economic collapse many had predicted is about to happen, further pushing the Reach into an untenable position they will not have an easy time to get out of.

Queen Margaery Targaryen, 28.09.300AAC, Highgarden System

In the aftermath of Harvest Hall, demonstrations break out in Highgarden, some against the war, others against the Dornish, but for the most part against House Tyrell and their incompetence. Margaery knows most of it is a consequence of decisions made years before, most of which seemed like a good idea at the time, only for them to backfire most spectacularly now. Willas has sent orders to recall all the fleets, as well as Mathis Rowan, currently advising the King, although Margaery does not hold much hope of Aegon doing something intelligent.

Lord Jacaerys Velaryon, 29.09.300AAC, High Chelsted System

Jacaerys Velaryon has to keep himself in check from reacting to Aegon's orders to attack Bywater Rest, a system with little strategic or economic value - and worse is that he's sending Mathis Rowan ahead, along with showing a clear lack of military thought by all but broadcasting his order of battle.

Part B: Fuel of Betrayal

Lord Varys Tivario, 29.09.300AAC, Redfort System

The Battle of the Redfort between Queen Rhaenyra Blackfyre and Lord Jon Arryn has resulted in victory for the former, but the victory is not as thorough as she wanted: her objective of destroying Arryn access to fuel for their spaceships has been stymied by Jon taking as much fuel as possible to an unknown system, thus securing his short-term needs. Also, in spite of her capture of Ser Creighton Redfort, commander of the Redfort forces, Rhaenyra knows that the planet will rise up against her at her first mistake. However, Rhaenyra expects that the loss of the Redfort refineries will allow her to force Jon Arryn into spending his fuel at a faster rate that can be replenished. Varys mentions Longbow Hall, and Rhaenyra points out that whatever plans Baelish (who has managed to worm his way as her Master of Information) made have likely been found out.

Lady Alysanne Arryn, 29.09.300AAC, Longbow Hall System

At Longbow Hall, Jon Arryn berates the members of House Hunter, each of which was making joint cause with a different faction in the current civil war, all of them with the aim of taking (or retaining) Longbow Hall and becoming Lords Paramount of the Vale. Finally, he aims his wrath at Petyr Baelish and his wife, Janyce Baelish née Hunter: seeing that Baelish has not only betrayed Jon Arryn, but did so multiple times to the Targaryens while completely ignoring any obligations he had in the Eyrie, Jon condemns him to death, and Alysanne chooses how he is to die: his tongue is to be cut off and he will be thrown out of the airlock. The Hunters are also punished accordingly - the only one spared is Lord Gilwood Hunter, who is allowed to join the Night's Watch. When left alone with Lady Janyce, she turns out to be a deep cover agent by means of brainwashing and she reveals everything she knows of Baelish. As Janyce leaves, Alysanne indicates her distaste for the procedure, and Jon replies that it is one of many distasteful actions he has been forced to take for the sake of the family, before telling her he intends to send an emissary to Rhaenyra, as news of ill events in the Iron Sector have arrived and things don't look good.

Part C: The Beast Must Die

Colonel Ayric Sarring, 29.09.300AAC, Great Wyk System

The Lannister relief fleet to evacuate all the Lannister soldiers in the system arrives in the worst possible moment, as Amory Lorch's fleet has been completely destroyed by a kraken and most of Great Wyk's surviving population (heavily reduced in number because of Gregor Clegane's brutalilty) rising up in arms against the occupying armies. Sarring sends a part of the fleet to deal with the evacuation of those people that are not rebelling, while he himself deals with an important objective: kill The Beast.

Sandor Clegane, 29.09.300AAC, Great Wyk System

Sandor reflects on his desire to be the one to kill Gregor Clegane as his ship lands - and his soldiers are immediately attacked by the Ironborn population. When the attack halts, Gregor appears, demanding a transport under threats, but Ayric tells him he is going to die. Gregor fights against the Lannister soldiers, but between the soldiers' rifles and Sandor, Ayric and Bronn piling attack after attack on him, destroying the once invulnerable armor until the helmet is taken off, showing that the constant use of combat drugs have left Gregor corpse-like. Sandor, after sentencing Gregor to death, decapitates his brother.

Ser Raynald Westerling, 29.09.300AAC, Great Wyk System

The evacuation proceeds hurriedly, bringing less numbers than expected, as the Kraken advances on Great Wyk, and the Lannister fleet knows that they cannot fight the creature. Then, Victarion Greyjoy's fleet jumps into the system, and Westerling decides that they might as well let Greyjoy fight against the Kraken his people worship.

Lady Shireen Baratheon, 30.09.300AAC, Griffin’s Roost System

Shireen Baratheon commands a Storm fleet against Griffin's Roost as part of Operation Reclamation, the final point to the Conningtons' control of the Storm Sector and the acquisition of all the supplies and infrastructure in the system, forcing them to return to an agricultural-based economy. As the Conningtons have no ships left, there is no actual battle: the defenseless mining infrastructure falls helplessly to the Baratheon onslaught, and the planet is soon left to the Storm Fleet's mercy...

Brigadier Tyrion Lannister, 30.09.300AAC, Wayfarer’s Rest System

Tyrion plays cyvasse with Addam Marbrand as they discuss the current situation: the River Sector is in chaos, the North restoring the alliance with the River Sector's rebels and the battle between Aegon's and Viserys' forces for control of the Crown Sector is about to begin.

Part D: Fire and Blood

King Viserys Targaryen, 01.10.300AAC, King’s Landing System

As he prepares for the upcoming battle with his nephew's forces, Viserys realizes that the war was unavoidable, as was the North, the Vale, the Storm Sector and Dorne turning against the Iron Throne, because of Aerys' and Rhaegar's rulership, and the same for the River Sector's self-destruction. Having already evacuated his family and as much non-essential ships as he can spare to Dragonstone, Viserys has also ordered two almost useless super-battleships to complement the defenses around the jump point Aegon's ships will come from. The ships jump into the system - and the battle begins.

Lord Jacaerys Velaryon, 01.10.300AAC, King’s Landing System

Aegon's forces are caught by surprise by Viserys' defensive strategy: multiple ships, including most of the super-battleships, are destroyed or suffer heavy damage in the attempt to destroy the fortresses and spaceships Viserys has emplaced to stop them. With the biggest part of Viserys' non-deep space capable fleet waiting for them, the situation seems going against Aegon's men, but the King - after ordering the immediate execution of an officer who suggests a retreat - claims that the Red Witch will be able to defeat them, much to Jacaerys' dread.

Lord Guncer Sunglass, 01.10.300AAC, King’s Landing System

In Viserys' flagship, the King and his officers are bemused at Aegon's ships still advancing to fight in spite of the pounding they just received. As the next part of the battle continues when Viserys orders to open fire, Lord Guncer Sunglass notices a shadow appearing right behind Viserys and he pushes the King away, saving his life at the cost of his own.

Lord Jacaerys Velaryon, 01.10.300AAC, King’s Landing System

Melisandre's shadow assassins have managed to kill many of the high-ranking officers in Viserys' fleet, causing chaos as his ships begin their retreat. As Aegon orders pursuit, Jacaerys rejects his orders, as their own fleet is critically spent, with few weapons and tired spacemen. Viserys' men destroy King's Landing's shipyards and repair facilities to deny them to Aegon before escaping towards Dragonstone, turning Aegon's victory into a pyrrhic one.

General Janos Slynt, 02.10.300AAC, King’s Landing System

The land armies of King's Landing prepare for the soon-to-come assault by Aegon's men. Lord Baelor Staunton, Supreme Commander of the planet, points out that the invaders will have no mercy towards them even if they surrender, so they have no other choice but to fight as the bombardments begin.
    Chapter 7 

Part A: The Siege of King’s Landing

Lord Jacaerys Velaryon, 03.10.300AAC, King’s Landing System

Jacaerys Velaryon observes as the infrastructure and defenses around King's Landing become destroyed during the fighting, as preparations begin on the bombardment of the planet itself. Theon Greyjoy comes to him and points out that the aftermath of the space battle has left the fleet in critical condition, which might require a retreat: Jacaerys agrees, but knows that doing so will both arise Aegon's anger (which will be very unhealthy for them and will only cause further problems for Aegon) and allow Viserys to return later and use a now fanatically loyal population to destroy Aegon. Theon proposes the possibility of trying to get rid of Aegon's Kingsguards and the Red Woman so they can bring some sanity to their faction.

Ser Justin Massey, 03.10.300AAC, King’s Landing System

Hidden in a deep military bunker, Justin Massey can do nothing but wait for the bombardment to stop, since his role as a land army general makes him unsuitable to command the defence against spaceships. The bombardment pattern indicates Aegon plans to land his troops in Quadrant 4, near the Dragon Gate, known for having never fallen to the enemy. Using this information, Massey and Staunton begin to plan for a defensive plan that may have a chance of defeating Aegon.

Robb Stark, 03.10.300AAC, White Knife System

Robb Stark visits White Knife, the Manderlys' world, to observe the efforts made to house the Free Folk. Ser Wendel Manderly, Wyman Manderly's second son, informs Robb that they hope to be able to host two hundred million Free Folk within a year, but no more - not when the war is absorbing so much industrial work. Wendel points out that some planets are not accepting as many Free Folk as they could, but Robb mentions that the planets near the Wall would not be secure - in terms of the Others and the noble Houses that have been raided by the Free Folk for so long. In better news, Davos Seaworth has managed to take Charlton - finally providing a link to their Mallister allies.

Princess Visenya Targaryen, 03.10.300AAC, Bear Island System

Visenya reflects on how Rhaegar was sure the North was hiding some secret shipyard - and how, as it turns out, all rumors about the base had been planted by the Northerners themselves to keep Rhaegar and the Council distracted while they just expanded the size of the shipyards that already existed. This happens as Baela guides her through the Heart of the North shipyard, while Baela tells her of some of the North's preparations for the war. During their talk, they become briefly interrupted by a red-haired free folk.

Lord Eddard Stark, 03.10.300AAC, Castle Black System

Eddard meets with his brother Benjen Stark. Benjen notes that a good part of the Night's Watch is angry because they believe the Northern lords plan to use them as cannon fodder, with Eddard pointing out that he cannot afford to not have them in the frontlines (particularly since many of them are scum). Eddard also bitterly comments on how Benjen chose to abandon his responsibilities for the Watch, as well as the fact that he has to contend with millions of men that he is sure will turn their cloaks at the first sign.

Part B: Ruin of Crowns

Colonel Ayric Sarring, 03.10.300AAC, Outpost Diamondback, Iron Sector

The Lannister troops that went to Great Wyk, along with other ships from other systems, converge in an abandoned starbase in one of the uninhabited systems of the Iron Sector. With the help of Lord Gylbert Farwynd, the commanders of the group (led by Ayric Sarring) try to decide where to go from where they are, as their ships will not be able to make their way back to the West sector: Pyke or Harlaw. After considering the pros and cons of both options, Harlaw is chosen, while the Pyke garrison is sent a raven-drone to warn them about the Krakens and Victarion Greyjoy's fleet.

Ser Bastian Cave, 04.10.300AAC, King’s Landing System

The bombardment of Quadrant 4 stops as the troops sworn to Aegon begin to make their landings. Ser Bastian Cave leads the army in the region leads an assault on the landing armies amidst the completely disproportionate destruction of the cities that existed in the place. The initial assault goes well for the defenders, but Aegon's armies soon prove themselves to be greater in numbers, and Cave's army is overwhelmed as he dies when his tank is destroyed.

Lord Baelor Staunton, 04.10.300AAC, King’s Landing System

Lord Baelor Staunton is informed that the situation in Quadrant 4 is desperate, with more than half of the soldiers and even more of the matériel lost already. Staunton claims them to be lost, because any of the potential reinforcements that could be sent would be lost as well before they could make a difference and would weaken the defences of King's Landing City, ordering a number of the troops in the quadrant to retreat back to the walls.

Prince Oberyn Martell, 04.10.300AAC, Water Gardens System

Oberyn Martell observes the poor state of the Water Gardens, as his brother Doran bitterly admonishes him for getting Dorne into a war. However, Oberyn fires back that, for the last years, he has not actually been doing any ruling at all, and that all his plans would have been worth nothing, because he was being too blind to the reality of the situation and too naive to think they would work - and, in Oberyn's eyes, Doran would have never given the actual orders to begin his plans.

Princess Daenerys Targaryen, 05.10.300AAC, Braavos System

Braavos is planning to offer Daenerys to crown herself Queen of Westeros, but Daenerys tells them they should support Viserys instead of her. Tormo Fregar, the new Sealord, mentions that few would be happy if Rhaenyra Blackfyre claims victory, while both Eddard Stark and Jon Arryn decided to reject any Braavosi support for a Crown they do not want. Daenerys decides she intends to meet with Eddard Stark and her nieces Baela and Visenya before committing to any course.

Lord Jacaerys Velaryon, 06.10.300AAC, King’s Landing System

The siege of King's Landing continues, and Jacaerys Velaryon is completely horrified by the tens of millions of casualties the bombardment and fighting has already caused, knowing that no one will ever forget the massacres caused by Aegon's orders and his subordinates' unwillingness to stop him. Theon and Aelyx Langward come bearing news: the last cities in Quadrant 4 have fallen, they have managed to neutralize most of Viserys' Behemoths in the planet (at a heavy cost) and an attempt by Melisandre and her red priests to carry out a ritual was prevented by some magic in King's Landing City's walls, killing all the red priests and severely injuring Melisandre. Jacaerys orders Aelyx to find two captains - and order them to destroy the Asshai ship Melisandre is in the moment they can get away with it.

General Janos Slynt, 07.10.300AAC, King’s Landing System

Up in King's Landing City's walls, Janos Slynt thinks of the horrors this war has brought to his home planet, as Aegon's army attacks the walls. A breach forms near the Dragon Gate, and Janos - who suddenly realizes he is in charge of the defences due to the death of his immediate superior - orders the reserves to stop the breach in order to buy time for engineers to close the gap.

Ser Justin Massey, 07.10.300AAC, King’s Landing System

Justin Massey is gravely injured in the Exemplar, the last working Behemoth in all of King's Landing, and he is the last man standing within the enormous war machine. Janos Slynt contacts him with news of the breach in the wall, telling him that they will fall in an hour if something is not done soon. Massey decides to move the Exemplar closer to the breach in order to help protect it, but as he advances, crushing enemy soldiers and tanks, the attacks by Aegon's armies cause critical damage to the Exemplar, making it impossible to achieve any sort of victory. Massey activates the Behemoth's core's overload, and dies as the war machine explodes, taking out four hundred thousand enemy soldiers in the explosion.

Part C: Law of Usurpation

Lord Walter Whent, 07.10.300AAC, Harrenhal System

Walter Whent, Lord of House Whent, is in a bit of trouble: Melisandre resurrected him like she did to Arthur Dayne and Barristan Selmy, but unfortunately Viserys sent the original body to Harrenhal, so now Whent's descendants think he is either a clone or a fake, and they promptly put him in prison.

Lady Sansa Stark, 07.10.300AAC, Riverrun System

Sansa and her half-sister Joanna Snow joke around before discussing the current military situation the North-River forces loyal to House Stark are facing, which is good, but not as much as Sansa would like. Sansa then gifts Joanna the sword Dawn, which she took from Arthur Dayne's dead hands, as Joanna's direct ancestry should make her compatible with carrying the sword around. When Joanna unsheathes it, it glows in acceptance, making her the new Sword of the Morning.

Lord Samwell Tarly, 09.10.300AAC, Harlaw System

Samwell and Asha contemplate the sudden refugee crisis Harlaw is undergoing after the arrival of the Western fleet to the planet. The two know now of Victarion Greyjoy's campaign, and easily conclude that, sooner or later, he will go to Pyke in order to gain legitimacy. Asha resolves to kill her father's brother before he can turn his wights against the rest of Westeros.

Lord Stannis Baratheon, 11.10.300AAC, Longtable System

Stannis hates how he is being misblamed for the Fawnton catastrophe, but he realizes it has its uses - such as forcing planets like Longtable to surrender without one shot. Planning for the future, Stannis decides to lead the Storm Fleet towards Bitterbridge, which would pave the way for attacking the heart of the Reach.

Regent Willas Tyrell, 11.10.300AAC, Highgarden System

With his father captured, Willas is now Regent of the Reach, and bad news continue to pile up: Baelor Hightower has been forced to retreat from Dustonburry, leaving the system in Lannister hands and opening the way for him to strike Highgarden directly. Recalling Mathis Rowan has not produced any results, by which Willas infers that Aegon has already attacked King's Landing. Willas knows that the war now depends on defeating the Lannisters should they attack Highgarden, because if the system falls, the Tyrells and the Reach will be out of the war.

Queen Rhaenyra Blackfyre, 11.10.300AAC, Crab Shore System

Alysanne Arryn meets with Queen Rhaenyra, in order to first present her Baelish's frozen head and then making some hard questions about Rhaenyra's support for Victarion Greyjoy. Rhaenyra denies having ever given him anything that gave Victarion the power to raise the dead, and plots to stop supporting him while sabotaging his ships. The discussion continues as Alysanne raises the matter of Rhaenyra's positions on slavery.

Lord Jeor Mormont, 12.10.300AAC, Nightfort System

Repairs of the Nightfort advance ahead of schedule, much to the agreement of Lord Commander Jeor Mormont: the strategic position of Nightfort means that it is likely to suffer the great attack by the Others, and every preparation made will be fundamental for the defence of humanity.

Lord Baelor Staunton, 12.10.300AAC, King’s Landing System

Unfortunately, Ser Justin Massey's sacrifice has not been enough, and now King's Landing City is burning under the assault of Aegon's army. The defenders fight valiantly, but supplies start to become scarce and Aegon's men advance into the city. As it becomes obvious that Rhaegar's son will be the one carrying the day, Staunton decides to go out in a blaze of glory by personally fighting the enemy.

Epilogue: Kingslayer

General Janos Slynt, 13.10.300AAC, King’s Landing System

Janos Slynt remarks on the irony that, seventeen years before, he was assaulting the Red Keep as part of Rhaegar's army, and now he is defending it from Rhaegar's son. When the gates are brought down, soldiers from Aegon's army begin to enter, starting a fierce battle between both sides. Aegon Targaryen enters the fight, accompanied by his Kingsguards, and kills Baelor Staunton while shouting about how he should have not knelt to Viserys - and then takes off his helmet. Janos points his rifle at Aegon and hits him in the neck, before he himself is killed.

    Chapter 8 

Part A: Long Night


Green Priest Sylvania tells the Northern High Command that the Night's Watch in Icemark has been suffering from nightmares caused by the Others, and wights are attacking the Watch's positions on a regular basis, causing many casualties.

Rear Admiral Roger Ryswell warns that no further attempts to explore what's going on at the other side of the Eye will happen, and that, going by the sudden change in patterns, the Others will begin their attack soon.

Euron Greyjoy, 13.10.300AAC, Nightfort System

Euron, named Commander of the Nightfort, begins to direct the troops he leads in order to defend themselves against the incoming attack of the White Walkers, itching to get revenge for what they did to him. Unfortunately, he has to deal with his squire Ramsay's idiocy. He directs the men to begin preparing for a defensive battle, and when Ramsay gets a bit too uppity, he incapacitates him and allows a green Priestess to use him as a blood sacrifice.

Melisandre of Asshai, 13.10.300AAC, King’s Landing System

Even as she tries to recover from the failed attempt to bring down King's Landing's magical defences, Melisandre is forced to use more magic to keep Aegon alive after he got almost killed during the assault on the Red Keep, because she does not have the means to contact any of the other would-be Kings to seek whether they are Azor Ahai or not, but warns the other Red Priests that, if Aegon screws up again, they will be done with him. Then, she has a vision of her own death and orders the opening of a fire gate to Cressey Hall.

Lord Rickard Karstark, 13.10.300AAC, Nightfort System

The Others begin their assault on the North-Night's Watch Alliance positions in the Nightfort System by throwing suicide cruisers against their defences, crippling many of them before they can act, forming two waves of these before sending the first line cruisers in. Karstark orders the preparation for fighting this new force.

Lord Jacaerys Velaryon, 13.10.300AAC, King’s Landing System

Jacaerys, Theon and Aelyx quietly lament the survival of Aegon (who has been heavily crippled in the attack on the Red Keep), discussing their current strategic situation: with the Tyrells close to collapse, all their allies in the Stormlands and the Vale eliminated and Aegon's First Fleet crippled, they will need a lot of luck to survive as a faction. Jacaerys decides to retreat towards High Chelsted, and points out that the only way to maintain the alliance with the Tyrells is by ensuring Aegon recovers both his health and his sanity, things that are unlikely to happen any time soon, so Theon suggests turning Jacaerys into a facsimile of Aegon in order to cover up Aegon's injuries, a plan all of them know is risky at best.

Part B: Blood and Wights

Lord Eddard Stark, 13.10.300AAC, Nightfort System

When Halys Hornwood indicates the Others are seemingly wasting years of work to pummel thousands of cruisers against the North's defences, Eddard corrects him, pointing out that it is a solid tactic that causes a lot more damage to the North than to the Others. As the Others pour in several normal cruisers and dragon carriers, Eddard makes the decision to not commit all his forces yet, not until the Others send in their powerful ships, as he knows that losing the Fleet is far worse than losing the Nightfort, now crewed with Night's Watch, mercenaries and the worst of the Free Folk. Conceding to activating more missile platforms, Eddard thinks that, at least, he knows the Others will not like what awaits for them.

Euron Greyjoy, 13.10.300AAC, Nightfort System

Euron watches the results of the first space battle and the attempts of the Others to bombard Nightfort while animated corpses continue attacking the garrison. The fight goes well, as the Night's Watch manages to hold off the attacks with artillery, mines and rifles, while the sacrifice of Ramsay helps to boost up the magical protections, but then the Others unveil an ice dragon they have managed to hide in one of their captured Arks. Euron grudgingly orders a retreat.

Lady Maege Mormont, 13.10.300AAC, Nightfort System

Maege Mormont, lady of Bear Island, commands an isolated post in Nightfort with one aim: when it becomes clear that any of the other fortresses has been overrun, she is to have it completely destroyed to deny the Others the corpses within. Helman Tallhart states that the first place to fall will likely be Steel Steps, garrisoned with the Riverlands loyalists, and Maege agrees. Then, the Dragon Carriers begin advancing towards Nightfort...

Euron Greyjoy, 14.10.300AAC, Nightfort System

Euron is quite displeased at the sudden dragon attack, which has destroyed part of the walls and the artillery, making his defense plans useless. Tybalto Virys, his Braavosian Master of Artillery, reveals he has something called "Bone-Ripper" created by the warlocks of Qarth that should be able to do a lot of damage. Euron realizes that the "Bone-Ripper" must be incredibly dangerous, but in the current situation, he needs its power, so he orders Virys to unleash it.

King Joffrey Targaryen, 14.10.300AAC, Dustonburry System

Joffrey wonders the usefulness of making councils of war when the only thing done is what Tywin Lannister orders, and particularly since Tywin continuously does everything to show himself as more powerful than Joffrey, damaging the latter's image as King. During this council, it is 'revealed' that House Dunn has 'chosen' to join the Lannisters. The current situation with the Reach is discussed, but nothing of use is done - and Joffrey wonders why he is there, when he is never listened. by those who are supposedly his subjects.

Part C (and Epilogue): The Wall must stand

Lord Eddard Stark, 14.10.300AAC, Nightfort System

The first assault by the Others has been practically pushed back, with relatively minor losses in comparison to what the Others have lost. However, the Others then send in an enormous fleet that is larger than what the Northern strategists expected, a fleet placed around the Star Killer. Eddard gives orders to the new standing, and while Lord Bolton suggests that using all the fixed defences now will deplete them for further use, most everyone else agrees that not using them now will prevent their being used at all.

Robett Glover, 14.10.300AAC, Nightfort System

From his command on the Loyal Fist, Lord Robett Glover observes the first exchanges of salvos between the two fleets now engaged in battle. The exchange of firepower between both sides is brutal, destroying many ships... including the Bolton and Karstark flagships, but also the Star Killer, which explodes when the Others scuttle it. The remains of the Others retreat back through the Breach-in-the-Stars, granting victory to humanity, even at a large cost.

Euron Greyjoy, 14.10.300AAC, Nightfort System

In the citadel of Crow's Peak, things are not going as swimmingly as in space: a hole opened in it, even the forbidden weapons used before have been insufficient to deal with the wights. Now with just above thirty thousand men, stuck in the top of the citadel, Euron orders the lower levels to be bathed in plasma. As the lower levels burn, the Others begin to drop wights in from transports, but as the wights are about to attack, the Others' retreat happens, and they cast a spell that causes all the wights to explode simultaneously.

Lady Maege Mormont, 15.10.300AAC, Nightfort System

Maege Mormont arrives to Ice, House Stark's flagship, to speak with Eddard. Numbers are not particularly good: three and a half million men have died in Nightfort and pretty much every fortress has either fallen to the wights or has suffered so much damage that their military value is close to zero. Maege suggests abandoning Nightfort, and Eddard agrees, since the planet's strategic value has dropped drastically, and Castle Black is far more important. And, surprisingly, Euron Greyjoy remains alive.

Lord Samwell Tarly, 15.10.300AAC, Harlaw System

Much to Samwell's disappointment, the threat presented by Victarion Greyjoy is not enough for the factions present in Harlaw to work together, with Reachers, Westernmen, Ironborn and Crownlanders always at each other's throats. Between that, and the lack of news from the Reach, both Samwell and Asha know it is going to be bad for everyone if a common front is not presented. The meeting is interrupted by Ayric Sarring using his Valyrian sword to break a table in two, and then ordering the senior commanders to meet him within two minutes.
    Chapter 9 

Part A: Blood of Westeros

Lord Samwell Tarly, 15.10.300AAC, Harlaw System

Ayric Sarring lays down the situation: while it is true that Victarion Greyjoy is a poor strategist, he still represents a great threat due to his sorcery and his abilities, so now the allied fleet in Harlaw only has three options, retreat, remain until Greyjoy comes or fight the former Iron Captain in Pyke, and given the current recall of all fleets to their home Sectors, the situation does not look good.

Asha points out that the only acceptable option is to attack Pyke, because, after so many millions of deaths in the last two decades, her uncle would be able to claim almost infinite undead. She proposes a rapid assault on Victarion's fleet while a commando team gets into the flagship and personally kills Victarion. While Rodrik Harlaw is not very keen on the chances of success, Sarring and his men are willing to risk it, asking for the support of as many people with Valyrian steel swords - and Sam does not like Asha's look when she turns to him.

Regent of the Reach Willas Tyrell, 16.10.300AAC, Highgarden System

The Highgarden system is in high alert, as the Lannister invasion seems to be imminent. And these are not the only bad news: Baelor Hightower reveals in a war meeting presided by Willas that the Dornish are poised to attack Cider Hall and the remains of the Reach Grand Fleet commanded by Garlan, who does not have the numbers to fight off the attack. Some admirals support retreating to the better defended Ambrose, but Willas is not comfortable with the idea, as Cider Hall's industry has become critical for the Reach's future. However, Hightower points out that retreat may be the only way to ensure any potential future victory.

Planning for the answer to the Lannisters is not a particularly easy task, either. Most feasible plans run the risk of losing many ships or a good part of the local infrastructure, neither option an acceptable idea. However, Margaery arrives and points out that the real target is not the Lannister Fleet, but Tywin Lannister: killing him would remove Joffrey's main supporter and make the Westerlands leaderless, which would give the Reach a survival chance. With little option available, Willas approves the strategy suggested by Margaery.

Lord Eddard Stark, 16.10.300AAC, Castle Black System

In spite of the hard-earned victory of days before, Eddard knows that the war is not finished yet, and counter-attacking is not feasible, not after the many losses they have suffered. Braavos may be able to send an expeditionary fleet some time soon, but the advance in the River Sector is starting to stall as planets manage to resist Ser Davos' offensive and the Vale is unable to send help due to the Blackfyre threat. Much to his displeasure, Eddard knows he will have to redraw plans so the bigger threat can be dealt with. The fact that Braavos is starting to mention Daenerys Targaryen in their conversations is also source of worry.

Queen Rhaenys Targaryen, 17.10.300AAC, Ashford System

Rhaenys receives news of the Reach starting to evacuate Cider Hall, but she knows it won't be an easy task to carry out, not fast enough to save everything of worth since their attack will happen in a few hours. Arianne mentions that their best hope is for the Lannisters and the Tyrells to destroy each other, since it would weaken both and facilitate Dorne's invasion of the Reach, potentially even putting an end to Aegon's reign. Rhaenys decides to take advantage of the evacuation of Cider Hall to turn House Peake against the Tyrells, gaining that system for their cause without having to fight, but both of them know that their offensive will soon have to be halted - so any advantage they take in the near future will be very important.

King Joffrey Targaryen, 19.10.300AAC, Highgarden System

The Lannister Fleet begins its assault of Highgarden, and, much to Joffrey's shock, the losses it has suffered have been terrible, with two thirds of the initial assault lost in the first fifteen minutes. Things don't go so well in the following time, as all the escort carriers are lost in a coordinated strike by Tyrell starfighters, and suddenly the Tyrells adopt a strategy that allows them to take advantage of Tywin's less flexible plans: as one ship of the line dies, Joffrey realizes that the Tyrells are gunning for his grandfather's super-battleship.

Ser Baelor Hightower, 19.10.300AAC, Highgarden System

The Reach's plan seems to be working: they have cut the Lannister fleet in two, and the counter-attack by the Reach's fleets is destroying multiple Lannister ships before they can fully react to the sudden change in the battlefield. Tywin's flagship, the Lion's Domination, begins to flee as the situation becomes clear to Tywin, and Baelor orders Lord Ambrose to use anything in his arsenal to destroy the ship before it escapes.

Part B: Deaths and Debts

Lord Tywin Lannister, 19.10.300AAC, Highgarden System

Tywin internally thunders about the lost opportunity in the face of stiff Reacher resistance, and has a message sent to Joffrey to order him to retreat to Old Oak, without stopping in Dustonburry, since the latter system will be unable to aid in stopping a potential counter-advance by the Tyrells. The losses have been heavy, and Tywin knows it is all his fault.

Suddenly, the temperature within the ship's bridge begins to increase well above the expected, and several men begin to spontaneously combust, including Kevan, as a woman dressed in red appears in the bridge and presents herself: she is Tysha Lannister, and Tywin realizes why she is there before she has several demons kill him.

Regent of the Reach Willas Tyrell, 20.10.300AAC, Highgarden System

The Lion's Domination burns in unnatural fires, and after two boarding parties die in seconds after trying to enter the ship the fleet decides to pummel Tywin's former ship from afar. The clearly demonic nature of this attack makes Willas and an also present Garlan realize that maybe Stannis was not behind the similar attack that happened in Fawnton. Meanwhile, though, the siblings must accept that this has been a pyrrhic victory: while they have achieved their objective of killing Tywin Lannister and forcing his fleet to run away, they have also lost many irreplaceable ships and men, and the recapture of Dustonburry has left them with pretty much nothing of use, since the Lannisters destroyed all military infrastructure in there.

In the face of the situation, Willas knows that the Reach needs to rearm, reform itself and hold positions until they can go back to war, but the true threat in the south and east continues to advance. Garlan points out that, if they hold out for six months, they will be able to launch limited counter-attacks with the newly built battlecruisers, but Willas replies that House Tyrell and the Reach will be bankrupt in a few days. While it is feasible that they may be able to retake other planets in the next year, the situation for the Reach is critical.

Queen Rhaenyra Blackfyre, 21.10.300AAC, Wickenden System

Another victory arrives for the Blackfyre Fleet, and Rhaenyra reflects on the current situation. While Jon Arryn's propaganda war seems to be quite lacking in comparison to Rhaenyra's, he is still quite capable, as proven in this last battle as the Arryn Fleet was able to retreat when Rhaenyra tried to attack them while they assaulted a rebel planet. When Varys arrives, he does not have good news to share, either: the Vale Fleet has managed to retake several important sectors that will prevent her from threatening Jon Arryn's main allies, and Braavos seems to be planning to intervene in the war as well in favor of Daenerys, who now has a dragon. Knowing that the true prestige of House Lannister lies in the dragons, Rhaenyra decides to return to Gulltown.

Lady Sansa Tully, 22.10.300AAC, Riverrun System

Sansa observes terrified an holo-image showing the Atranta "discipline camps" (more like extermination camps) built by order of Lord Norbert Vance, who has gone mad in the aftermath of his sons' deaths, convinced that a conspiracy aimed at him is behind those deaths: his madness has led already to the death of two million people in a reign of terror. And, given the current situation with the fleet, it is impossible to aid the people of Atranta get rid of their mad lord. She decides to request for a few Manderly battlecruisers to bombard Atranta.

King Viserys Targaryen, 23.10.300AAC, Rosby System

Viserys slowly recovers from the shadow assassin that nearly killed him, and talking with Admiral Perwyn Rosby he acknowledges that House Targaryen's name is falling due to the actions of all of its members. Viserys learns that the destruction of King's Landing is such that the planet will suffer a humanitarian catastrophe soon enough, but, much to his surprise, Aegon and his men are evacuating. Much to his distress, an attack to retake King's Landing is unfeasible because they do not have the means to supply the people of King's Landing with what they need: in fact, with the loss of food sources due to the war, the Crown Sector will be hard pressed to feed itself, even with rationing, at least in the next months. With that, Viserys bitterly knows that House Targaryen is done for.

Lord Raymun Darry, 23.10.300AAC, Darry System

Lord Darry and a Whent knight discuss Aegon's loss of King's Landing, the advance of the enemy fleets into the River Sector and the lack of support from those houses who are theoretically loyal to him. Conscious of the weakness of his position, he plans to retreat from Kneeling's King (the planet where Torrhen Stark surrendered his crown to Aegon) because of the Northern advance. In fact, Darry thinks that the cause of Aegon is unlikely to survive for much longer, after so many losses in such a short time.

Colonel Ayric Sarring, 24.10.300AAC, Pyke System

After more than a decade since the fateful Battle of Pyke that ended the Greyjoy Rebellion, Ayric Sarring returns to Pyke, conscious that being unable to defeat Victarion Greyjoy then and there will probably render the Ironborn civilization extinct, in the aftermath of millions of deaths caused by the multiple wars and the criminal mismanagement of the occupation. As the Iron Fleet arrives, the allied fleet begins to put their plan into gear.

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