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Awesome / Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

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  • Killing a pedophile who was about to rape Squee at just the right moment is arguably the closest Johnny ever gets to one of these.
  • The death of Mmy, Nny's twisted little fanboy. Perpetuated mainly through Tranquil Fury, as if a true scene of Pay Evil unto Evil wasn't awesome enough.
    Mmy: (bleeding out) I don't understand! You're just like me!
  • A more personal one comes after Nny's starting to realize just what the Doughboys are doing him, draining his mind to the point that he can't even hear Nailbunny. As always, they brush him off, confident that they can bring him right back into line, sidling up once he looks vulnerable, so he stabs Psychodoughboy in the face while declaring, "NO!! I CONTROL ME!! I CONTROL ME!!!" and declares that he's taking his life back. It toes the line of Heroic Willpower! No matter what comes next, that was made of win.
  • Devi kicking the shit out of Nny is pretty damn awesome—she kicks him in the head hard enough to draw blood and smashes his face into a mirror.
  • As Johnny is giving his little goodbye speech to Squee, Squee's dad enters seemingly for no other reason than to tell Squee just how much he hates him. So Johnny knocks him out. Let's face it: He kind of deserved it.
    • Possibly better is Nny showing restraint and not murdering Squee's dad while he has the chance. A kid needs a dad, after all.

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