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Headscratchers / Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

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  • What does the C. stand for?
    • Supposedly, it's Nny's last inital, but it's also Jhonen's middle inital. It's to make it so that the "J.C." signiture on the Happy Noodle Boy comics can be read as "Johnny C." within the context of the books, or as "Jhonen C." if you're reading it seperately.
  • So, what is the monster from within the wall, after all? Johnny's schizophrenia at its highest peak or the actual Cthulhu?
    • A possibility is that it's humanity's filth, and part of his job as a waste-lock is to suppress it, along with killing the humans.
    • That monster is definitely real. Johnny's hallucinations couldn't tear a man in half. Also, Johnny might not even have schizophrenia since Tess and her moronic friend could see Psychodoughboy and Mr. Fuck move and talk.
      • The idea was that the more insane Johnny gets the more "real" his hallucinations get. The wall monster might've been just a product of Nny's imagination at one point, but that sure as hell isn't stopping it now. Another explanation is that, since Johnny's the keystone to the universe and it disappears if he's dead, everything is his hallucination made flesh, not just the monster and the Doughboys. One more theory for the road—since the Universe is about to shitty-morphing-effect out of existence, reality's breaking down and what's real and what isn't doesn't matter anymore.
  • So, according to Señor Diablo Johnny is made the lynchpin of reality so that he can collect all of humanity's filth, and it can be discharged into the nothingness that is left behind when he dies, and takes the universe with him. If this is true... then what the Heck happens to reality after Devi defeats Sickness (who, especially when using the plural, seems to be the psychodoughboys all over again). Not such a triumphant ending after all...
    • Sickness probably wasn't strong enough to leave much of an impact on the universe when she met her demise. That's my guess anyway.
    • Simple. The Powers That Be chose another wastelock, a weaker mind. Nny was already unstable when he became a wastelock, after all. They probably didn't expect Devi to put up as good a fight as she did.
  • This is more of an IJBM at the fandom than anything, but what the hell is the deal with pairing Johnny and Jimmy together!? For one, it's pretty obvious that Nny hates Mmy with a bleeding passion, and on the other end Jimmy raped a girl! Now, you could argue that he really didn't care, but he seems to want to see Johnny as more of a mentor than anything else. It just bugs me due to the lack of logic in these fangirls' delusions sometimes.
    • Yaoi Fangirl Rule Number 1: If two male characters interact with each other and have penises, they will be shipped.
    • I can't even see Johnny with a girl, let alone a guy, good lord.
    • We all know how badly things turned out with Devi. She's the closest thing to a love interest Johnny is ever going to have. Jimmy/Johnny is just wrong in so many ways.
    • It's the logical result of one of Jhonen Vasquez's most blatant Take Thats at the Fan Dumb. The ones who would wind up on Nny's hit-list will, in full fucked-up fashion, take the new development and twist it into something worse. In this case, a sick and twisted pairing arguably more popular than the canon "love interest." Thanks, author.
  • What exactly happened to Johnny's eye after accidentally shooting himself? Did all of the blood vessels simply burst making it black (to the readers anyway) or did he lose it somehow? And if his eye did fall out, how did it just come back after putting a bandaid on the bullet wound? (Oh yeah, Jt HM logic...forget that last question)
    • I think it's the blood vessel thing. And that last question isn't so much JTHM-logic as it is Heaven-logic—may as well ask why Satan can shapeshift or why God's a giant baby.
  • The killing of Edgar Vargas. I get that Nny's not exactly the picture of mental health, but surely he's aware of the room with the hundreds, maybe thousands of people gagged and cocooned in straitjackets hanging from the walls that Tess and Kirk find in book five. Surely Nny could use one of them? After all, he even said that he didn't want to kill Edgar, so why abduct him to begin with when he's got reserves?
    • Good point. Maybe he felt rushed and just couldn't think of any alternatives at the time. The whole series is implied to have gone over the course of several months though, so he may have just gotten all those people after the Edgar incident. Or maybe he completely forgot where he kept them all.
    • Or maybe Nny's a Living Doll Collector and keeps them there as decorations...until he decides to kill them.
    • Also, he's Nny. If he did have reserves, he probably convinced himself that they were full of tabasco sauce instead of blood. The man is not renowned for his lucidity.