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  • ICP thought that Woodstock '99 was too expensive. So, they taped $100 bills to some beach balls, and threw them into the audience. Then they brought out bigger beach balls, taped $500 each onto them, and did the same thing.
  • ICP organized a turkey drive around Thanksgiving in Detroit.
  • Sugar Slam's Super Live Toy Drive, organized by Violent J's ex-girlfriend, Michelle Rapp (Sugar Slam). While the infomercial for the toy drive was Saturday Night Live parody fodder, the actual toy drive itself was awesome.
    • Each donation with a value of $5 received a Christmas CD. (This wasn't no half-assed CD with a couple of lame songs, it was a full album of Christmas songs by several Psychopathic Records artists that you couldn't get anywhere else. For a mere $5 donation.)
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  • Their autobiographical song "Behind the Paint" includes a line that will bring a smile to the face of any nerd or freak who was rejected by the pretty girls for not dressing cool or being able to afford a nice car:
    Violent J: Look beneath the paint, bitch. It's the scrubs who won!
  • When it comes to the final tracks on the Joker's Card albums, there are some that are thoughtful like "Pass Me By" or "Nothing's Left", and some that are jokingly-dramatic like "Thy Unveiling" or "I'm Coming Home". The title track off of "Bang! Pow! Boom!", meanwhile, provides the most hyperactive rock-n-roll rap one could possibly associate with a song about a being that resembles a giant living explosion.
  • Having the sheer audacity to sue the FBI itself over classing Juggalo as a gang.
  • Violent J's dramatic weight loss in 2016. To see him going from being obese to having a much thinner and slightly muscular build is pretty damn cool.


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