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Fridge Brilliance

  • ICP's Joker's Card albums, at first casual glance, seem like mindless violence and black comedy music, and the whole "We believe in God" thing sounds like a cop-out. That is unless you read Revelations and really listen to the albums, reading between the lines, and then it all makes sense. The albums point out the signs of the End Times in a jumbled order. Observe:
    • Carnival of Carnage: The rise in violence and arrogance. Humanity getting into wars and killing each other in a carnival of madness and chaos. The political slant is also rather brilliant, as it points out that the governors of the world will be the initiators of the chaos, which is represented by the Dark Carnival visiting their rich neighborhoods.
    • The Ringmaster: The rise of the Antichrist and the second coming of Christ. The "Forks up, Forks down" symbol is about more than gang harmony, it's the contrast between good and evil.
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    • The Riddle Box: The uncertainty after death, and the dead rising during the End Times to be judged by Jesus Christ for their sins.
    • The Great Milenko: The wicked seeming to inherit the earth as the Antichrist rises in power. Only by resisting the pressure to give in to your dark impulses like everybody else can you ascend to a higher spiritual plane.
    • The Amazing Jeckel Brothers: The good and evil inside all of us. They represent our conscience, as well as the weight that our actions will carry when the end finally arrives.
    • The Wraith-Shangri-La and Hell's Pit: The good and just will ascend to Heaven, while the wicked will be left behind on a ravaged earth to repent. Hell's Pit isn't the end, it's a warning, a taste of Hell's horrors to those that wish to change, while Shangri-La is a taste of the beauty you're promised if you remain kind-hearted and pure.
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    • Bang! Pow! Boom!: (Yes, even this one.) The evil souls of those who didn't repent being cast into the lake of fire.
      • I might be reading too much into all of this, obviously, but it's still rather interesting. Also, as another piece of Fridge Brilliance for you, you might be asking yourself: "That's all well and good, but why dress as clowns? Why are they so vulgar?" Here's the reason: Because they can spread their message easier that way. A court jester, in the medieval era, was actually one of the king's most intelligent advisors. However, rather than risk being decapitated by insulting the king's idiocy, he would play the fool and drop hints that the king is ***ing up under the guise of playful acts of comedy. Insane Clown Posse are modern court jesters for society, explaining our flaws to us and the solutions that are within our grasp under the guise of two high-school dropouts who wear paint and act hard, and even this could be a satirical statement about mainstream rap being gaudy and ridiculously commercial drivel hiding under a loose facade of toughness. Why has nobody mentioned this yet? -Ometta7
      • Word of God confirmed this.

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