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  • "Mom Song": A song that proves even murderous clowns who work for a supernatural carnival still love their mothers.
  • "Homies": A song about The Power of Friendship, and the bond that True Companions share which can sometimes go far deeper and be much more meaningful than blood relation. Never give up on your friends, and never think that your friends will ever give up on you.
  • "Thy Unveiling": The wicked clowns, after all the murder and violence, finally explain the purpose behind it: The songs are a warning. They describe the fates of evil people, people who hurt their fellow man. They don't want you to go down that road, and urge you to follow God and be kind. They even apologize to the Misaimed Fandom that thought it was all blood and ultraviolence For the Evulz.
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  • "Miracles": Despite the...reception that it received, and some of the more dopey lyrics, the intent of the song is to celebrate how wonderful and spectacular life and the universe is by portraying it through the eyes of a child. The song explains that life is full of marvelous things that will blow your mind, things so amazing and awe-inspiring that they seem like miracles in and of themselves. The song's meaning heavily implies that you shouldn't become disillusioned and worried over scientific discovery supposedly taking away the "mysteries of life", because there is still so much to see, and there always will be. That no matter how bleak and boring you think it all is, something will always come along to surprise you. D'aww...
  • "We Belong":
  • "Forever" and its remix with the Geto Boys.
  • For how depressing "Suicide Hotline" is, the fact the song ends with the protagonist deciding not to kill himself after getting a call from his girl makes it uplifting compared to the dark atmosphere of Hell's Pit.
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  • "Pass Me By"
  • Meta: in 2018, Violent J attended Midwest FurFest with his daughter, in full fursuit resembling his character. If nothing else, this shows that he's a supportive father.

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