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Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg 2016: an audience so amazing, it brought Bruce to Manly Tears.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Bruce Dickinson dedicated the performance of "Blood Brothers" to the late Ronnie James Dio during the Final Frontier North America tour.
    "You are the fucking Rainbow In The Darkness!"
    • Also when he threw the horns and said that it was the only time he has ever done it or ever will do it, because it was Dio's gesture and he was doing it in Dio's memory.
    • And in the Australian wing it was dedicated to the victims of the Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand.
    • And during a stretch of the 2011 summer tour they dedicated it to the victims of the Oslo shoot-up, sort of.
    • And at Download 2016 they dedicated it to the victims of the Orlando shooting.
      • On the topic of Blood Brothers, at the Ullevi Stadium gig in 2016, the audience cheered for four minutes straight after a performance of "The Number of the Beast", robbing Bruce of his ability to make his obligatory speech, rendering him speechless and standing on stage, smiling and even wiping tears of joy from his eyes. He then just introduced the song, and during the song, reminded the audience of just how memorable of a night it will be for him. Even better, four minute chants are a regular occurance at said venue whenever they play, with the same thing happening before the same song 5 years prior.
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  • Bruce played a gig in Sarajevo in 1994, when the country was at its war torn worst. That in itself is tear jerkingly heartwarming, but when Bruce ran out on stage to a down and low and quiet audience and shouted "Scream for me, Sarajevo!" the crowd suddenly experienced a major Mood Whiplash and fucking screamed louder than possible for him, showing that they after all were able to put their losses and troubles aside in the worst of situations, and just rock the fuck out. Read all about it here.
  • Don't forget that every time they play Blood Brothers they also dedicate it to their fans and have since Rock In Rio over ten years ago.
  • The guy in Colombia crying Manly Tears of Joy after catching Nicko's drumstick. He is just so happy and overwhelmed, you have to feel for how much it meant for him.
  • Any time one meets any of the band members, particularly Dave Murray. He is extremely light and fluffy and happy, and has not a care in the world. He always has time for the fans and will give you a hug and even a guitar pick if you're lucky!
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  • The Clive Aid gigs, a series of benefit gigs held at London's Brixton Academy, to help fund Clive Burr's medical bills after diagnosis with MS left him bankrupt. Particularly when they'd bring out Clive on stage.
  • In 2011, the barrier collapsed at a concert in Rio De Janeiro 10 seconds into the first song. Bruce stopped singing to get the crowd to move back (the rest of the band would finish the tune). After 30 minutes break, and the security not being able to fix the barrier, Bruce came out with the bad news of not being able to play that night... But immediately followed it up by telling the fans to keep their ticket stubs as they'd happily play a free concert for them the next night. Watch the situation here.
    • Especially what makes it this is that any other band, like Guns N' Roses, would flip out and cancel the show and never come back to Rio. Maiden always promise to finish what they start, and Maiden would never disappoint Brazil, the country that loves them most!
  • When a young fan was being beaten up in a Luxembourg gig in 2014, Bruce calls his attacker out immediately. Do not mess with the fans when Bruce is around.
  • You'd be hard-pressed to find a song which is heartwarming in itself, but "The Apparition" probably counts. It features a ghost, but instead of being played for Nightmare Fuel, the title character gives another person some friendly advice, engages in a philosophical discussion and parts with a promise to meet again. Maybe ghosts aren't that bad after all.
  • "Como Estais Amigos". Doubly so if you're Argentinian. This simple little ballad (from the rather maligned Virtual XI, no less) wouldn't be all that remarkable if not for its lyrical content, where the band reaches out to Argentina to put the Falklands/Malvinas issue behind, and to unite as brothers. They encourage both Argies and Brits to leave all their hate behind, and to mourn the dead in peace. Truly beautiful.
  • Bruce, all in one week, visiting disabled children at Nordoff Robbins' music therapy centre, and saving an African airline from going under. Truly an amazing soul.
  • It's also a massive Tear Jerker, but the news that "Tears of a Clown" from Book of Souls is dedicated to Robin Williams.
  • "Empire of the Clouds", sad as it is, is still a touching tribute to the 48 killed in the horrific R101 crash. The final lyrics are the saddest part of the song. But abruptly, it becomes hopeful in how the next verse implies that the victims are calmly watching, now safe and unburnt, in the afterlife as tributes are made and the successful court of inquiry is held. The music also switches to a very gentle and actually rather upbeat piano piece, suggesting that the 48 victims have managed to find peace.
  • "Wildest Dreams" from "Dance Of Death". An amazingly upbeat and powerful song about beating depression and finding new happiness and meaning in your life.
  • The band playing a concert in El Salvador. A country where several people have to live with violence and corruption every day and in fear. To say a good number of El Salvadorean fans were more than happy by news of this is an understatement.

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