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  • He saved a man from committing suicide!
  • All profits from the Dangerous Tour were donated to various charities including Jackson's own "Heal the World Foundation".
  • Every time when he talked about how much he loved his fans. Also, the fact that the feeling is mutual, since Jackson's fans are notable for their incredible loyalty to the King and still fiercely protect his memory and good name long after his death.
  • The TV-special "Michael Jackson's Private Home Movies" in which we get to see a lot of funny and heartwarming home videos with Michael clearly having a great time looking back at it.
    • The very end of the special where he talks about what he's most proud of: his children.
  • During his Bad, Dangerous, and History World Tours, he would allow one girl from the audience to come up on stage with him during the songs "She's Out Of My Life" (for Bad and Dangerous) and "You Are Not Alone" (for History). The looks on the girls' faces when they are picked to go onstage with him are just so sweet; you can often see them mouthing, "I love you", or sometimes they would fall to their knees and kiss his hand. Once, a girl even fainted when she went up onstage; he just picked her up and handed her gently back to the security. Of course, some girls got a little bit rough with him, but he just kept doing it anyway.
  • The loving brother-sister relationship Michael and Janet showed in the "Scream" music video, especially the way she wraps her arms around him at the end.
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  • The music-video for ''Love Never Felt So Good'', released after Jackson's demise.
  • "Someone In The Dark," a song exclusively recorded for the audiobook version of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial which he narrated. Not unlike the film on which it's based, it's a beautiful reminder of how friendship can come from the unlikeliest of places.
  • "Hold My Hand," his first posthumous single and a duet with his protege Akon, a simple yet gorgeous song about The Power of Love. Even when the demo version leaked onto the internet before it's official release a year later has some incredible power in it.
  • "You Are Not Alone." The title says it all.
  • "Man In The Mirror," an impassioned anthem about being the change you want to see in the world.
  • Crossing over with Funny Moments, but here's the story of the time Zac Efron got to talk to MJ himself.
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  • On June 13, 2018 Paris heard about someone defacing a 'Michael Jackson' star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The star belonged to a radio host who happened to share her father's name but she went out and cleaned it up herself.

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