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Note: Bruce Dickinson solo works don't have a place here.

  • "The Trooper". Perfect song to go killing zombies with.
    • "To Tame a Land", based on Frank Herbert's Dune novel.
    • "Revelations" has more of a moderate tempo overall than Iron Maiden's norm, but damned if it isn't epic.
    • "FLYYY!! On your way! Like an eagle! Fly as high as the SUUUN!! On your way! Like an eagle! FLYY!! Touch the sun!" The Metal Scream at the end makes this an absolute classic.
  • "2 Minutes to Midnight". Try listening to The Iron Maidens' cover of the same song (no, that isn't a spelling mistake).note 
    • "Rime Of The Ancient Mariner" is just one example of the absolutely epic music that the band cranks out on a regular basis.
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    • "Aces High" is another great one.
    • And finishing the big four of that album (the other four are considered not in the same level), the title track "Powerslave".
    • "Flash of the Blade"'s harmonies in the chorus are banshee-like, and it comes with one of the best riffs you'll ever hear.
    • "Back In The Village", one of the fastest songs on the album, starts from an incredibly technical riff and and only builds up from there.
  • "Alexander the Great" is seriously epic, and a good study guide to Hellenistic history. Pity they've never done it live.
  • Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. You've got the absurdly catchy "Can I Play with Madness", the haunting "The Clairvoyant", and "The Evil That Men Do", with an introduction so badass it has to be heard to be believed. It's surprising it's not featured more in movie trailers.
    • "The Evil That Men Do" is likely the most epic overall, although the titular track is also incredibly powerful and a prime example of Epic Rocking.
    • Capping off the experience is "Only the Good Die Young". Not only highly melodic, it manages to encapsulate the sheerly tragic nature of the story.
  • No Prayer for the Dying is considered a weak album by most fans, but the title track is beautiful. "Holy Smoke" is also pretty awesome. One of its bonus tracks is a cover version of Led Zeppelin's "Communication Breakdown". The impressive part of it is that Bruce nails the song's vocals like a fucking champion.
  • "Fear of the Dark".
    • "Wasting Love", Maiden's sole attempt at a power ballad. And it kicks major ass, containing some of the greatest personal lyrics done by the band.
    • "Be Quick Or Be Dead" is easily one of the heavier songs in the band's discography, and an excellent opener overall.
    • "Childhood's End" has an absolutely undeniable riff.
  • Please get the Rock in Rio live album and listen to Bruce singing "The Clansmen" and "Sign of The Cross". Epic. Also "SAINTS AND SIIIIINNEERS!! SOMETHING WITHIN US! WE ARE LORD OF THE FLIIIIIESSSS!!!!"
  • The two Blaze Bayley albums are doomed to be forever unappreciated because of Dickinson's absence, but there's some quality music on there. Case in point...HERE IS THE DREE-EEE-EEEEM! THAT MAKES MONSTERS OF MEEEEEEE-HEH-HEEEEN! OH WHOA OH! WAAA HA AH OH WHOA OH!
  • As uneven of an album as it might’ve been, Virtual XI still had one of the most epic final tracks of their entire career in the form of Como Estais Amigos. Everybody gave this song it’s all and delivers a truly sorrowful, yet beautifully crafted gem that not only caps the album off, but the Blaze Bayley era as a whole nicely.
  • From Brave New World: If you don't get pumped up by "The Wicker Man"'s opening riff, you might wanna check your pulse.
    • "Blood Brothers". A beautiful ballad.
    • "The Nomad". Begins with one of Iron Maiden's greatest Epic Riffs, and only gets better from there.
    • "The Mercenary". The beginning of the second verse is just that awesome!
    • "The Thin Line Between Love and Hate" is the most uniquely perfect song they have ever written. Epic mid-tempo intro, then Bruce comes in with possibly his greatest ever vocal performance (including some truly beautiful vocal harmonies in the verse). Then we have the first epic chorus, then a whole bunch of Davey solos, then the SECOND epic chorus, and minds are completely blown the world over. Follow that up with some more solos, a bridge featuring at least 5 guitars playing in harmony and one of the most epic slow melodies ever performed by any band at 6:44, and you have a song that manages to remain uniquely brilliant and unrepetitive for 8 minutes.
  • Dance of Death still has awesome music.
    • The pinnacle of their epicness, even more so than "Hallowed Be Thy Name", would be "No More Lies".
    • To quote the DVD Death On The Road: "Wherever you are from, wherever you're going to... welcome... to the Dance... of Death" (Cue epicness of the title song)
    • Two great songs named after foreign places: the sadly never played live "Montségur" and "Paschendale", which even got a proper stage translation.
    • "Journeyman" is just beautiful.
    • Hard to find many songs as catchy as "New Frontier". "Out beyond the new frontier / Playing god without mercy without fear / Create a beast made a man without a soul / Is it worth the risk a war of god and man"
    • "Rainmaker" has to be one of the most energic songs of the album, with an Epic Riff of its own. The lyrics are intense enough to help:
      You tell me we can stop the rain
      You tell me that we all can change
      You tell me we can find something to wash the tears away
  • A Matter of Life and Death. They've even played it live in its entirety, for Eddie's sake!
    • It may be out of place in the album, but "Different World" still belongs here.
    • "Out of the Shadows" is one of the most epic ballads in the history of ever.
    • "Brighter Than a Thousand Suns" is painfully epic, subverting the idea of a lengthy intro by plunging into the powerful first verse a line and a half into the song. The bridge just keeps getting more and more stirring and epic...
  • Pretty much the whole The Book of Souls album is 92 minutes of pure, undistilled awesome. Hell, it needs its own page. Every song on this album is an absolute masterpiece!
    • "If Eternity Should Fail". Steve was absolutely right to nab it from Bruce's planned solo record. Opening with squelchy synths, tramples into a catchy mid-tempo beat, amazing tempo changes, and beautiful spoken word outro.
    • "Speed of Light". Five years without any new material from Maiden, four successful years of touring and cancer horror surrounding Bruce Dickinson later, and Maiden come ripping back onto the scene in August 2015 with a brand new song that boisters out of the speakers with a sense of urgency not seen since the Dance of Death era, cowbell and a beastly scream from Bruce, tasty riffs abounds, mean as fuck drumming and some of the best production in years.
    • "The Red and the Black". This song just begs to be played live.
    • "The Great Unknown". So dreamy, creepy, and beautiful.
    • The title track. Most beautiful Metal song ever.
    • "Tears of a Clown". Maiden's salute to the late Robin Williams with a great message and a really cool riff in the beginning.
    • "Shadows of the Valley". Sure, the opening riff sounds very similar to "Wasted Years", but when the song kicks in, you are getting some great stuff.
    • "The Man of Sorrows" Very somber and some very bluesy riffs make this a great cut off the album.
    • DEATH OR GLORY! IT'S ALL THE SAME! DEATH OR GLORY! THE PRICE OF FAME! A fitting tribute to the original Red Baron.
    • "When the River Runs Deep" is Maiden's punchiest track since the 80s. Seriously.
    • "Empire of the Clouds". Bruce's finest hour, 18 minutes of sheer beauty, realized only by Maiden, and not a second too long. First ever pairings of piano and strings and horns for Maiden, beautiful lyrics about the R101, and just consistently stunning throughout. A serious contender for the best Maiden song of all time. That riff at the 7 minute mark? That is Morse code for S.O.S being played with guitars! Seriously, that has to be one of the most amazing things ever done in a metal song.
    • Can we just take the entire album as a crowning example of a band who after 40 years and 16 albums can still put out an album that's both excellent and actually tops the charts, unlike many if not most of their peers?
  • Which is the best way to finish this entry. Everything Iron Maiden have done since day one has been awesome and we should be lucky to have such a great band who have entertained us to the same quality for so long. We should also mention that their guitar harmonies were the inspiration for Power Metal and the fact that Metallica, Megadeth, and Lady Gaga are followers of them among others.


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