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Awesome / Harry Potter and the Natural 20

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  • Less than three weeks into the first term, Milo figures out that Voldemort is after the Philosopher's Stone, by savvyness and Exploitation of the Law of Conservation of Detail.
  • Milo defeats a troll with a sudden and unexpected tree.
  • Milo can craft amulets that make people immune to the Imperius Curse.
  • Hermione, non-Munchkin, rewrites the rules of a core divination spell twice in a few moments.
  • Chapter 53 throws several awesome moments at the reader.
    • First, the capture of Alecto Carrow by Fiona and her team. Though it goes awry later, it serves to reinforce Milo's point that Muggles Do It Better, or are at least pretty badass.
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    • Tom Riddle revealing that Milo copied his soul into his mind by accident when he used Scholar's Touch on his journal, and that he'd been subtly manipulating his mind since then to mislead him and the group into a trap. Manipulative Bastard doesn't begin to describe it.
    • Hermione and Mordy defeating the Basilisk.
    • Milo No Selling Crucio, on the logic that it doesn't really deal any damage - pain in Milo's world just isn't something 'real' as compared to status effects, hit points or the like.
    • Finally, Milo figures out a way to escape his current predicament - he simply has to alter his backstory so that his mother died defending him from an evil wizard. He even reasons out that it wouldn't be like killing her off or anything of the sort, since she doesn't even exist until he says she does. In a true show of Character Development, he chooses to state that his mother is alive and happy rather than kill her off, even if it means that he'll die as a result.
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  • In an impressive feat of Munchkinry, Milo manages to abuse the mechanics of being hidden by cover to make himself and his party members effectively invisible. His reasoning being that since shields can be used as cover, they can be completely hidden if they use big enough shields. And since being hidden behind cover hides you as well as all your equipment, that includes the shield you're hiding behind.
  • "Fourth mistake, pretty boy"
  • Lucius Malfoy receiving a letter marked "URGENT", courtesy of Fiona Smythe's persistence.

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