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Awesome / Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past

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  • First of all, meta example: This story is one of the most popular Fan Fiction of all time.
  • How Harry defeated Voldemort this time around. He cleverly used the American mole to lure Voldemort into a trap and then destroyed his last Horcrux, before besting him one on one. Then using the 'power he knows nothing about' tore Voldemort apart.
  • An unmentioned one in chapter 2 goes to Harry before the merge occurs completely when Aunt Petunia is insulting his parents and shuts her up in a moment when Future!Harry's memories come to him.
    Harry: My parents were not worthless. My father was a star Qudditch player and my mother was one of the best Charms witches of her generation. If you weren't so bloody jealous of her and her relationship with my father, you wouldn't feel the need to make up petty lies.
    • It ends up stunning her into silence for the rest of the day, and this is before the merge is complete.
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  • Arthur Weasley standing up to Dumbledore and telling him, no, Harry will not be taken back to the Dursleys, not under any circumstances.
  • Harry gets his revenge on the Dursleys by having Vernon fired from his job with the stocks he purchased, sending the news of Vernon's dismissal to Smeltings, so that they can kick Dudley out, and simply doing nothing else afterwards. He notes that what makes the revenge even more satisfying is that he didn't use magic at all, which the Dursleys hate, and therefore beat them at their own game.
    • Mixed with Heartwarming Moment, Fred and George send Vernon some candies mixed with Veritaserum that make him tell the truth at the worst possible time, which ends up getting him in a lot of trouble in a hearing protesting his dismissal and found in contempt and sentenced to a jail cell for the night. The heartwarming part comes in Chapter 24 when they show Harry the candy along with the news clipping detailing Vernon's arrest. The twins found a way to get revenge for Harry without being thrown into Azkaban. Shows how much they care about him.
  • A minor but important one in Chapter 27; where canon-Ron was still afraid of hearing Voldemort's name up to seventh year, here second-year Ron, upon learning Tom Riddle's true identity, says "This ponce is Voldemort?" right in front of Riddle.
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  • In chapter 28, the twins save Harry from being hit by a Bludger in the nick of time: Fred sends the second Bludger to George, who manages to hit the Bludger with the other Bludger. This allows Harry to catch the Snitch and give the victory (and the Quidditch Cup) to Gryffindor.
  • Chapter 31: Harry massacring an horde of Dementors with summoning charms. OK, he had the Dementor-killing wards the Goblins had installed at the Burrow to do the killing part of the job, but still...
  • In chapter 33, Neville Longbottom standing up to his grandmother by sending her a Howler. Everybody within hearing range is shocked that anybody could send a Howler to Augusta Longbottom. And then one of the ladies realizes that the Howler is a result of her own son's gossiping.
    • Also, in the same chapter, Harry silencing Augusta's own Howler (the direct cause of Neville's Howler) and Neville's explaining to McGonagall his grandmother had sent it because Neville had "offended her bigoted, pure-blood sensibilities". And the group giving the gossiper the deserved punishment: even Hermione joined in, if only by teaching Harry a curse to make him look like an idiot.
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    • And about that punishment... Harry tried to assure McGonagall everything was under control, nobody would do anything and smile reassuringly, but the teacher was terrified.
      • Poor woman was probably having flashbacks to the times when James Potter donned that very same smile.
  • In chapter 39, Ron kills a Dementor, a feat that has never been done, with the Sword of Gryffindor, to save his and Hermione's souls. And then he taunts all of the other Dementors.
    • Even better by applying some Fridge Brilliance. Remember how the Sword of Gryffindor was able to absorb the destructive properties of Basilisk venom? Well, if it works the same way, now the Sword of Gryffindor can absorb souls.
    • Before this, when Harry realizes they are being attacked by Dementors, he uses the Sonorus charm to warn everybody, and in his enthusiasm goes a bit overboard: the Hogsmeade inhabitants see that the windows facing Hogwarts are cracked.
  • Slughorn showing everyone the cunning of a real Slytherin, listening to his House's false complaints against Harry before using them to justify his actions to prevent them from bullying.
    • At the end of the year, when Pansy Parkinson asks him why he is "sucking up to the Gryffindors", he shows her how much money he earns every year and tells her he got three times that a few weeks before because he was polite to Harry.
      Slughorn: Now, which of us is the better Slytherin?
  • Harry manages to help capture Barty Crouch Jr by laying a trap on him: he puts one of Fred and George's fake wands in his pocket and waits for Barty to bite. Which he does. Spectacularly.
    • Thanks to Harry's influence, Percy becomes less anal about the Ministry, and is willing to attack his boss Bartemius Crouch Sr. (whom he idolized in the original books, even though he never got his name right) when he starts acting weird. This helps him to land a much better job as Madam Bones' (the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement) assistant, in a position where he is actually appreciated.
    • Thanks to Harry's idea, the twins get much good attention from Madam Bones, who promises to give them free publicity in exchange of a couple of their fake wands.
  • In Chapter 42, Moody has become the new Professor for Defence Against the Dark Arts and has a special first lesson, consisting of hiding in a corner and attacking the students when the bell rings. As soon as she enters the classroom, Luna goes straight to where he is hiding and says "good morning": she catches him because his Disillusionment Charm does not cover the smell of the pickled herrings he had for breakfast.
  • In Chapter 43:
    • Ron furiously calling the Gryffindors out for celebrating Harry's becoming Hogwarts representative, even though Harry explicitly stated he did not want to be in.
    • Harry has to face the Hungarian Horntail (again) in the Triwizard Tournament's First Task. This time, though, he's not going to take the flying route: instead, he uses a transfiguration spell to transform rocks in the ground into heavy, sturdy chains to hold the dragon in position - which work until the "agent in place" destroys one of the eggs. Then Harry casts such a hard Stunner that it knocks the dragon out in one move (something that usually needs more than six wizards working together) and his wand ends up smoking.

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