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Headscratchers / Harry Potter and the Natural 20

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  • Why did the attempt to use the ritual to switch Milo with Bellatrix not work? I can't see any significant difference between what works in chapter 62 [1] and what fails in chapter 26 [2].

  • Why didn't Milo just have his mother die and then get Resurrected? They can do that in the D&D world.
    • It would probably negate the protection.
    • You see, the thing is, it would have been optimal. Just as it would be optimal for Lily Potter to let her son die to protect herself. And in the past, before he gazed upon his reflection in the Mirror of Erised, before he started interacting with Hannah not because of bonuses but just to interact with her, before he changed his alignment to good rather than neutral, in the past before all of those and more happened he would have taken the optimal choice. Because it would have been optimal. But after all of those, he could no longer see it as an "optimal choice" versus "non-optimal choice". No, he tried to see it that way, that is evident in his train of thoughts, that is what the whole "it wasn't as if [he] was sacrificing something" thing was about. But he failed to see it in such a way, after all that happened even though she did not exist she was not a plot device anymore but his mother now, and now he had a choice between "sacrifice my mother to live" versus "sacrifice myself to save my mother", the same choices Lily Potter had with Harry. And they chose the same.
      • So would that mean that if Voldemort somehow met Milo's mother, she'd be protected from him?
      • Maybe, maybe not. Most likely not as with Lily and Harry there was the factor of Voldemort giving her a chance (an important thing with that blood protection) whereas with Milo Tom was unaware of the choice Milo was making, not to mention that Milo isn't exactly a wizard of the same sort that Lily was a witch of (which likely is a requirement for the protection), and even if those did not stop it there's also Milo not exactly being dead anymore. But the point is that they made the same choice, the consequences of said choice don't really have to be identical.

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