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  • His EIGHT reigns as NWA World Heavyweight Champion puts him only behind Ric Flair (10) for most reigns, and ahead of both LOU THESZ and Jeff Jarrett (6 each).
  • According to a story by Kevin Nash, Harley Race was the driver for Nash and a couple other guys in the car. Race, naturally, is going the wrong way down a one way street at ninety miles an hour. When a cop pulled them over, Race immediately barked out, "I'm Harley Race! I need to get to [insert the name of the city they were going to.]" The flustered cop gave him the info, and Race took off another two blocks down the wrong way before turning. Nash later mused that the cop must've figured that Harley Race was someone important, because "only someone who was SOMEONE would pull a stunt like that."
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  • Go watch one of his promos. The man radiates intensity.
  • On October 6, 1978, Race became one of the few wrestlers to slam André the Giant.
  • Speaking of which, Andre said he only ever was afraid of two people: Race himself and Meng.
  • The Hell's Angels incident. As the story goes, while wrestling one night in Oregon, Race was heckled relentlessly by a mob of Hell's Angels bikers who were convinced they could take him. When they confronted him after the show looking for a fight, Race picked the biggest biker, broke his nose with a full force headbutt and proceeded to turn his lights off with a sleeper hold. The other bikers wisely decided they wanted no part of him anymore.