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  • The Resident is dumped with just a C.A.M.P, minimal supplies, and no weapons into the hostile West Virginia Wasteland. They proceed to craft for themselves a large amount of food, tools, and weapons before carving their way to a nuclear silo they take over in order to save the world from the Scorched. All without directly interacting with anyone save some robots, terminals, and a Super Mutant vendor.
  • The Resident manages to track the Overseer down across the map, which is amazing given the sheer variety of insane and dangerous things both of them encounter. Both of them prove to be the Determinator in their desire to complete their mission as well as finding out what happened to their Overseer.
  • Cold Case is a story that also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment that the Resident is willing to travel all across the Northern West Virginia Wasteland to investigate a 25-year-old missing child's case all to pacify a robot worried about them. They also solve it.
  • Nuke 'em is not a solution that usually helps matters in Fallout but the one exception is when you're fighting giant mutant radiation dragons. The Resident and a whole bunch of their friends can end the threat of the Scorch Beasts before they become an existential threat to humanity.

  • Vault 76 deserves this accolade as they managed to not descend into complete anarchy but released its inhabitants 25 years into the world with full-intent of rebuilding humanity. Its inhabitants proceeded to devote all their efforts to trying to restore the United States. Compared to the majority of selfish, psychotic, or stupid people in the Wasteland—it's a breath of fresh hair.
    • The Vault 76 Overseer might be one of the few examples of their kind not to be a complete monster. Instead, their sole concern is rebuilding the United States.
  • The Vault 76 Overseer manages to travel across the entirety of the Appalachian Wasteland in the manner of a proper Fallout protagonist. She's not able to pull together a nuclear arsenal (she doesn't find MODUS or befriend him) but more or less manages to survive everything else thrown at her.
  • Rose, despite being a Perky Female Minion at best, manages to manipulate both the Overseer of Vault 76 as well as the Resident into doing her bidding. She also manages to avoid getting any retaliation from them as she sends them all across the map to do meaningless (but hilarious) chores.
  • The Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel may not have been the cuddliest bunch of people and that cost of them in the end but they at least went out like a boss. They faced an entire army of the Scorched and proceeded to fight to the last man.
  • Shannon Rivers managed to accomplish this by creating an Amazon Brigade of young girls that fought raiders and helped the helpless. It was so successful, unfortunately, that it attracted the ire of the West Virginia Wasteland's worst who successfully wiped it out with the help of her own daughter.



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