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Funny page for Fallout 76.

Beware of spoilers!

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  • The Overseer's computer mentions how she pacified the group of egotistical residents by giving out various participation trophies. She mentions the irony of how a dweller lost a tooth in a fight to claim the "Best Dental Hygene" award.
  • There's something hilarious about how Obviously Evil MODUS, the Enclave Supercomputer, is. He's trying to convince you to work for him but between the fact that he's, well... an Enclave AI and the damage to his systems giving him the personality of an Unnecessarily Creepy Robot the effect is pretty funny. For example in the science wing he informs you that the tissue samples used to create the various mutagens "technically" haven't been human for a while so you aren't "technically" engaging in cannibalism by using them. Or how part of the science wing had to be "demolished" for health reasons. But don't worry, it's since been repeatedly sterilized.
  • An Army base in West Virginia is now using Mister Gutsy robots as Drill Sergeants to train new recruits; the former Drill Instructor, in order to retire and earn his pension, has to over spend his last few months in the Service overseeing the transition and providing updates on how the Gusty's are doing. His report indicates that the robots are unable to climb stairs (or indeed any steep incline), one of them reverted to his Mr. Handy programming and began to landscape the base grounds (poorly), they continually refer to him as a "Commie Loving Bastard," and one Gutsy killed a recruit, after firing 17 stray rounds into him.
  • During the quest in the afromentioned Army base, the player is ordered to fight "communists" (actually various robots) to complete their training. You'd assume that the robots are simply retextured Protectrons...until you hear them (all in their monotone voices) say ridiculous communist-themed phrases. "Are you prepared to meet your culturally imposed deity?"
  • If the player goes to the Charleston capitol building, one of the main entrances leads into a makeshift DMV. In a unusual twist, the Mister Handy robots all sound incredibly depressed or apathetic, which is starkly different from how normally upbeat they sound. Their dialogue is just them asking for you to wait till your number is called, completely unaware of the apocalypse outside. Better yet, if the player uses the terminal inside said room, they can activate the intercom, and call all the ghouls nearby into the room, with the Mister Handys just watching with no reaction at all. The DMV is just as depressing in the Fallout series as it was in real life.
  • One of the quests gives you the Vox Syringer, which fires darts that let you translate the thoughts of animals into human language which leads to some funny dialogue.
  • One quest from Rose has her tell you to befriend a Deathclaw, if you live long enough to come close to it you will get the option to make friends with it, it doesn't work and Rose calls in shocked that you would even try it.
  • One of the pipboy video games you can find is called Wastelad.
  • The teddy bears are back and up to their usual questionable fun throughout Appalachia. One throws himself a barbecue (complete with 25 year-old hot dogs), while another pair force a third to "walk the plank." There's one wearing a Ranger's Hat and sunglasses, holding a cigarette and hunting rifle. Another one cooks his "friend" in a pot on a stove. Even better, Fallout 76 adds variations such as Bubblegum Bear, Teddy Fear, and Comrade Chubs, so they're not all the same brown bear as in years past. One of the most demanded patches, other than the usual badly needed gameplay fixes, is a way for people to display the bears they find at their C.A.M.P.
  • Arriving the North Mountain Lookout, players will see junk and furniture scattered all over the ground. Going up, more furniture and debris sits on the landings for the stairs, raising curiosity as to what happened here? An epic battle for survival? A crazed, drug-induced tragedy? Nope. Turns out two pre-war forest rangers decided to throw themselves one hell of a Halloween party the weekend the bombs dropped, complete with booze, costumes, and Halloween decorations "borrowed" from the other lookout towers. They got wasted and started throwing everything out of the tower for fun.


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