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Awesome / Die Another Day

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  • The whole opening sequence with Bond withstanding fourteen months of torture and not snapping. Double points for how quickly he resumes his normal personality.
    • Even better, when rescued, he has no qualms about going back if it keeps an international terrorist behind bars. It really shows off one of his best traits.
  • The hovercraft chase through the DMZ's minefield.
  • Bond's escape from the ship by slowing down his heartrate and overpowering the staff.
  • A lovely Chinese lady enters Bond's hotel room as "entertainment". He pretends to feel her up...then finds and steals her gun. He then smashes the mirror to find people with cameras behind it.
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  • Bond's Aston Martin Vanquish and Zao's Jaguar XKR duel.
  • Jinx's conclusion of a Cat Fight by stabbing Miranda Frost in the heart — through the book The Art of War.
  • Bond's torture in the beginning is pretty brutal, but we get one bit of awesomeness in it: the lovely Torture Technician who oversees it. She's not attracted to him in any sort of way, nor does she even pretend to be—in her eyes, he's just another prisoner to be tortured. And she gets away with it!
  • Miranda successfully infiltrating MI6. And sabotaging James' gun by removing the rounds from the gun’s magazine without his knowledge.
  • Not only does Bond manage to escape the Ice Palace in Grave's vehicle, but he beats his time, too.
  • The Sword Fight between Bond and Graves in the fencing club is really spectacular.
  • Real Life example: While filming their love scene, Halle Berry started choking on a fig. Pierce Brosnan saved her life by applying the Heimlich Maneuver.


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