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Nightmare Fuel / Die Another Day

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  • The blood geyser that erupts from Zao's Falling Chandelier of Doom death can catch people off guard.
  • Many people were caught off guard by Bond's capture and brutal torture by the Koreans... for 14 straight months. The opening credits depicts hints of what Bond went through (and there's some exposition about it), but the potential for even worse Fridge Horror is still pretty huge.
  • Zao's gene therapy being interrupted halfway through by Bond results in him waking up as a hideous man with no hair and very pale skin.
  • The virtual training sequence that Q puts Bond through. A stealth assault inside MI6's own headquarters, where Bond is forced to witness his fellow agents being gunned down around him one by one, plus a lovely image of Miss Moneypenny dead at her desk with a headshot wound and her eyes left open.
  • Mr. Kil's death, with a laser piercing his head from its back and coming out of his mouth.
    • Jinx then proceeds to cut off his hand with the laser in a Gory Discretion Shot and uses it to open an automatic door with his fingerprints.
  • Gustave Graves' death, which would later inspire Syndrome's death. He gets sucked into one of his plane's turbines, but with a horrid grinding sound as he goes through the engine.
    • Graves himself in the final act after his father rejects his insane plan. He undergoes a rather frightening Villainous Breakdown, shooting his father and grinning in a way to rival the Joker in insanity.
    • Anyone who died from being sucked out of the plane when Bond accidentally shot the window.
  • The Icarus satellite, which amplifies the power of the sun to fry anything that stands in the path of its massive laser. Basically it's a miniaturized Death Star, and proceeds to lay waste to much of the Demilitarized Zone with the American and Korean forces completely helpless to stop it. All they can do is run in the opposite direction, and as Graves notes, even nuclear warheads won't do any good as Icarus will simply shoot them down.