Reviews: Defiance

Too Little, Too Late, Don’t Buy It

Don’t get it twisted and believe the hype, Tommy’s not a bad character, he’s a badly-written character like Sasakibe aka Butler-kun from Bleach and T-Dog because of inconsistent/lazy/clumsy writers who spent more time shilling Nolan as original instead of Ol' Jack Burton played ridiculously straight.

An overlooked Butt Monkey that’s been around long enough to establish only to job to another that the author(s) have no idea what to do with until their fate’s sealed all with a major case of Show, Don't Tell where potential should’ve been from the get-go to justify the last-minute Character Development or else it’s just Narm and just plain Bad Writing. He’s Meg and “In My Secret Life” was his “Seahorse Seashell Party” in being the punching bag to “justify” everyone else’s issues despite them doing far worse than one case of backstabbing. But I prefer solutions to headaches.

He could’ve been the Guile Hero Savvy Guy Sergeant Smooth preferring subtlety to Irisa/Nolan’s Chaotic Good, mellowed Irisa out by comparing their pasts in detail to do more than just bang and rival Nolan in busting perps or at least try to. Just something instead of being constantly KO’d to prove his relevance.

As a true heel (and not the Ron the Death Eater he's been branded as,) he could’ve been Pottinger’s Dragon, going on a Motive Rant about being tired of being knocked out and overlooked and calling Nolan out as a cliched jackass where he either still has love for Irisa as a Hope Spot for redemption or crosses the MEH for Karmic Death to actually justify the hate he’s gotten even on this wiki.

Not an Ethnic Scrappy or a Magical Negro, but the writers’ apathy and treatment of the audience during the last few eps proved a glaring weak point and there’s nothing sadder than wasted potential.