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11:00:25 PM Feb 23rd 2015
Just wanted to offer a new profile. Please provide feedback and thank you:

Tucker and Dale, Gods of Hilariously Misunderstood Hillbillies
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A bloodied wood-chipper with a pair of legs sticking out of the input end
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (may border to Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Misunderstood to be evil hillbillies, being victims of wrongful judgement, Dumb but good folks, DEADLY dodging
  • Domains: Benevolent hillbillies, avoiding getting killed by sheer dumb luck, accidentally getting people killed by their own attempts to harm them, being more than dumb folks
  • Followers: All benevolent hillbillies, and similar groups of people
  • Opposes: Actual evil hillbillies who give them and their followers a bad name (and justification to be wrongfully accused of being evil by default)
  • The Trollkaiger once tried to get a pair of innocent hillbillies into trouble, only to be hilariously trounced by their own attempts to do so in the process. When the LOL Rangers found out about the mishaps and found good humor in it, albeit in a bloody hilarious manner, they quickly offered the pair of hillbillies a place in the pantheon.
  • Although initially treated with distrust and disdain, the pair quickly became accepted by the majority of the good-aligned gods in the pantheon. It helped that they were not surrounded by "suicide cultists". That said, the other gods made sure to remind Tucker not to use his chainsaw near any place with bees or wasps.
  • Dave claims to remember everything that he hears and reads. Given enough learning, he could become surprisingly intellectual which is partly proven by his ability to remember trivia with ease. This grants him an honorary place in the House of Knowledge.
06:08:07 AM Dec 2nd 2014
edited by
I suggest Najimi Ajimu as Overdeity Goddess of Not-equals. She may be Goddess of God-Mode Sue as well.
12:34:26 PM Dec 2nd 2014
When you put it like that, you make it sound like you want her in the Disgraces...
04:44:28 AM Dec 4th 2014
Oh, not like that. I just tried to find a trope for her quadrillion skills. Admittedly, she "maybe" a God-Mode Sue, but I still don't think her as a Disgrace because she is created to parody the very term. She would be, however, find Suetopia an interesting place due to her plan of creating "perfect" human. Well, just my idea. Sorry again for messing up. I'm a newbie here.
04:30:53 PM Dec 4th 2014
No worries. Happens a lot. You're better off bringing stuff like this to the Main Discussion Page, where everybody usually is. Over there, there are other tropers who can assist you with this request.
01:42:16 AM Dec 5th 2014
I will. Thank you for your help.
07:21:18 PM Jul 26th 2014
Just to "equal things out" with Ralph, we need a God of Punch Clock Heroism.

I say we go for the oldest example: Sam the Sheepdog.
01:30:44 PM May 20th 2014
I recommend red menace (league of super evil) as god for minion with an f in evil
10:05:58 PM Oct 31st 2013
As funny as the Lobo entry is, I disagree with the location. I'd say Bounty Hunter might be a better fit in the House of Justice.
11:00:09 AM Jan 13th 2014
Moved him to Profession.
09:15:02 AM Oct 29th 2013
For Wreck-it Ralph's alignment, what should it be? I mean his stance as the god of Punch Clock Villains means that he has two alignments right? (one for when he's on the job and the second when he's not) So when he's on the clock would he be Chaotic or Neutral Evil?
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