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06:49:34 PM Dec 7th 2017
edited by HighCrate
Regarding the "Multiple Media" folder, examples should go under the proper folder for the work in which the Xenafication actually takes place, meaning that those examples that are valid need to be recategorized. As written, though, a lot of these entries are bad. Let's go through them one-by-one:

^ If she was originally an Action Girl, then making her an Action Girl isn't Xenafication; it's the works in which she's not an Action Girl that are engaging in Chickification. Not an Example.

  • Marian, the ladyfriend of the Lee brothers from the Double Dragon video games who gets sucker-punched and carried off in the original arcade game, became a policewoman in the comic and animated adaptation of the series and a female gang leader (who just happens to be the daughter of a policeman) in the movie. The Neo Geo fighting game version influenced by the film followed suit and made her into one of the playable fighters in the game who can stand on her own against the likes of Abobo, Burnov and even the Lee Brothers themselves.

^ These all look like valid examples, but they should be written up separately and categorized under the Comic Book, Western Animation or Anime, and Video Game folders respectively.

^ Not an Example. "Genres" can't be Xenafied, only characters.

^ The first bullet is valid enough, but separate entries need to be written for the Comic Book and Film adaptations of the character. The second bullet point is a clear case of Examples Are Not General. What specific works portray the valkyries as an Amazon Brigade?

^ Again, what specific works are we talking about here? There are already individual entries for Tim Burton's 2010 film, Once Upon a Time and American Mc Gee's Alice. Are there others that should be listed? If so, list them.

  • In recent years, more Action Girl-style portrayals of Snow White have come to the fore. Sword and Sorceress XXVII's introduction contrasted Snow White's portrayal in the Grimm and Disney versions with that of modern versions like Snow White and the Huntsman, Mirror, Mirror, and Once Upon a Time. Anthology editor Elizabeth Waters says:
    I suspect that most modern viewers find it easier to identify with a Snow White who fights back. Spending years asleep in a glass coffin waiting to be awakend by "True Love's Kiss" is hopefully not something that girls today aspire to. We can fight for what we want, and we have a good chance of getting it.

^ There are already individual entries for Snow White and the Huntsman, Mirror Mirror, and Once Upon a Time, so that much is redundant. I don't know what Sword and Sorceress XXVII is, but if it's a valid example, give it its own entry in the proper folder.
10:11:52 PM Dec 7th 2017
Maid Marian: If she was Chickified to the point that the popular perception is of a damsel in distress, I'd argue that making her an action girl again does count as Xenafication.

Magical Girl genre: WHY can't a genre be Xenafied? As someone with what I consider a pretty in-depth knowledge of the genre in question, this is definitely a case of such a thing happening.

Snow White: For the record "Sword and Sorceress" is an anthology series featuring female-led fantasy short stories. The passage in question is from the introduction, rather than from a story.

07:58:25 AM Nov 15th 2010
Why does Xenafication have a content warning?
01:34:46 PM Apr 14th 2011
09:46:40 PM Mar 12th 2010
I've added Tim Burton's version of Alice In Wonderland as an example, and thought that a side-by-side pic of Alice from the original Disney version and Alice in armor with vorpal sword from the Tim Burton version would be good for a page pic. Anyone with photoshop who wants to make it up?
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