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09:07:46 AM Nov 14th 2017
Any special reason why the Real Life section was deleted? The edit is in History, but attributed no reason. Seems like nitpicking or random deletion? Mindful of flame wars emerging, I'm not restoring the deletion - but forgive me for feeling the temptation to...
11:23:40 PM Dec 5th 2016
I'm just curious, is there a character (or characters) who actually embodies all seven sins at once?
10:14:01 AM Nov 27th 2017
There are a few that I can think of, but off the top of my head, there's Eric Cartman, Ghetsis Harmonia and Dante. Dante's the only one I can think of who has this going on intentionally, though.
10:00:44 AM Sep 6th 2014
Why is everything associated with Goats? Are goats terrible and sinful in every way?
11:16:44 AM Sep 6th 2014
Goats are associated with the devil since a long time. I am not familiar with the details though.
04:29:34 AM Sep 16th 2014
Well, the fertility god pan with his giant phallus and balls was considered satanic, as were satyrs for what ever reason, to the European converts. Also, goats were favored by the Muslim invaders, whom everyone was afraid of after they wiped out the Visigoths, so there is those timeless traditions of war propaganda and religious demonization too. There is probably more to it than that but that's what I know.
07:15:42 PM Dec 19th 2013
Are any of these Vices actually praised in the Bible despite someone listing them as the Deadly Sins?

Hatred is not included as one of the Vices or is conflated with Wrath(despite it being Disrespect not lashing out in Anger) and the Bible clearly indicates Hatred and more importantly Self-Hatred as praise worthy unlike human Anger.
09:53:07 AM Dec 20th 2013
Wrath is the only of the Seven that received a "positive" variant by the guys listing the sins, exactly because of their positive portrayal in the Bible.
05:28:32 PM Dec 21st 2013
Hatred ironically isn't Anger/Wrath by literal definition(Hatred just low esteem while Anger is a lashing out of emotion at being wronged) and unlike Wrath/Anger is praised rather than criticised. Also since Hatred just low esteem Self-Hatred is technically Humility....

Hatred is the Virtue opposite of Pride it seems... Not a variant of Wrath/Anger(at least as far as the Dictionary and the Bible is concerned).
06:30:51 AM Jun 18th 2013
The "Pandora" series by Carolyn Hennessy have a young adult take on the sins (known here as Great Evils):

Book 1, "Pandora Gets Jealous," has a 13-year old Pandora having to recapture Envy in the Box she accidentally opens. If she can't get Envy and the other Six Evils back in the box in six months, the world will end.

Book 2, "Pandora Gets Vain," has her deal with recapturing Vanity (Pride).

Book 3, "Pandora Gets Lazy," has Laziness (Sloth) as the target.

Book 4, "Pandora Gets Heart," has Pandy time-warped to capture Lust.

Book 5, "Pandora Gets Angry," targets Rage (Wrath) in the Persian Desert.

Book 6, "Pandora Gets Greedy," has Pandy in Rome trying to recapture Greed—and when the Greek Gods meet their Roman Counterparts, too.

The recently-released Seventh (and final) Book is "Pandora Gets Frightened," where the worst of the Evils, Fear (to show a more menacing foe than Gluttony to a young person), is waiting for them in the Underworld.

Should make for a good thing under "Literature" if we don't mind replacing Gluttony with Fear.
07:05:00 AM Jun 18th 2013
Looks like a very clear invocation of the seven deadly sins, despite having one deliberately altered. Go ahead and add it.
08:56:35 PM May 6th 2013
According to Wikipedia there used to be Eight Deadly sins: Gluttony, Lust, Greed, Pride, Sadness, Wrath, Sloth and Deceitful Boasting/Unjustified Bragging/Conceit.

Pope Gregory merged Despair with Sloth and also merged Conceit with Pride and added Envy making them the Seven we know today.
11:00:47 AM Nov 15th 2012
Should this example/comment under Comics (DC) be faded out: "This troper remembers seeing "Ignorance" as well."

It seems a bit vague, and I've found no reference to this, at e.g.

I think that troper might have confused "Injustice" (as someone pointed out, later replaced by "Lust") and "Ignorance"?
01:00:52 AM Nov 16th 2012
I removed that bullet; This Troper natter of dubious accuracy is never needed. If injustice was one, that can be added with proper Example Indentation.
07:34:23 PM Mar 24th 2012
I want to know if there is a tropes page that shows examples of characters in TV shows, movies and video games that could represent the Seven Deadly Sins. Kind of like the Five Man Band examples page. If there is, please send me a link!
12:42:39 AM Oct 29th 2011
edited by R.G.
Comparing the Seven Deadly Sins to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse:

Pride, Envy, Greed and Wrath lead to War.

Gluttony leads to Famine.

I guess Sloth can lead to Pestilence.

But how can Lust lead to Death?
08:29:42 PM Jan 18th 2012
07:15:05 AM Oct 20th 2012
Also ST Ds, which would fit under Pestilence. And pregnancy, which would lead to overpopulation and thus further death as the world becomes too crowded.
02:45:56 PM May 5th 2013
Also, war, famine, and pestilence all can lead to death.
10:17:34 AM Aug 13th 2011
How is it that Lust is associated with the color blue, when traditional symbolism associates it (and general passion, including anger) with red?
01:08:20 PM Jan 18th 2012
Red is associated with Wrath because Red is often linked with anger.
01:25:29 AM Oct 22nd 2010
What is the biggest different between Greed and Gluttony? They often treated as the same and the page don't really point it out. "Desire for more","desire for things" ???
12:18:37 AM Nov 1st 2010
Greed is the desire for material goods, like money, jewels, cars, etc.

Gluttony is the desire for food and, to a lesser extent, drink.

Basically, greed (aka avarice) is the desire to "have" as much as possible, while gluttony is the desire to "consume" more than your fair share. Bear in mind these concepts were first laid out by monks in a monastery, for whom hogging the food supply was a serious matter.
06:16:36 PM Dec 9th 2010
Nowadays, Gluttony equates to more than food. The post above mine got it right, consuming more than your fair share is what it's all about, but that isn't limited to dietary consumtion.

It can also be seen as taking more than what you need when others need it as well. Taking The Order of the Stick into account, Haley might show signs of both greed and gluttony, as she takes more money than she needs comppared to the rest of the group. IF she were to never spend it, it'll be a waste, and a bigger sign of gluttony.
02:46:39 PM May 5th 2013
Greed is desire, gluttony is waste.
04:50:30 PM May 30th 2010
Not quite accurate translation... Acedia isn't quite sloth - it's discouragement (which is not quite the same as sloth). Luxuria is extravagance, not quite lust. However, translating it like that wouldn't parallel the page...
10:03:41 AM May 25th 2011
edited by Stoogebie
Luxuria is actually the original (or one translation of...I think) lust. It's a desire for pleasure in the abstract* , I think, so "luxuria" could qualify as at least being a part of this.

As for Acedia, it originally meant to despair. The reason it's related/connected to/replaced with sloth is because in many cases, people who are in despair aren't motivated to do things, so it leads to things like giving up and procrastinating.

There's also "Superbia," which is Latin, and it can mean both "pride" and "superior/superb(ness)". Either way, it's correct for the given meaning of it.
09:03:08 PM May 15th 2010
So, where are we getting this information about the patron demons of the sins? Most works that I know of treat Lucifer and Satan as the same demon under different names. (Shin Megami Tensei doesn't, so differentiating the two might be part of Gnosticism, but I don't really know.)
06:13:42 PM Aug 8th 2011
Some people probably separate them. But I think it's more of how they convey the sin; Lucifer is Pride because he put himself above God, Satan is Wrath because he's a force of uncontrollable hatred and destruction, Beelzebub is Gluttony because he devours everything in his path, Asmodeus is Lust because he twists the sexual desires of others, Leviathan is Envy because he's a literal Green Eyed Monster, Mammon is Greed/Avarice because he embodies wealth, status, money and power, and Belphegor is Sloth because he's lazy and encourages others to be lazy.
06:27:02 PM Mar 17th 2010
edited by RedWren
Can someone tell me where a bigger picture of the main picture can be found. I can almost see a lot of details, it's a little aggravating.

08:25:24 PM Mar 17th 2010
10:53:31 PM Apr 8th 2010
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