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05:34:02 PM Aug 28th 2017
Perhaps the article's name should be changed from "My Little Unicorn" to "My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic". The former was used only for the first iteration of the first "season" after all. May I get some thoughts on this please?
05:35:18 PM Aug 28th 2017
I agree with you.

On another note, how do you change an article's name? I would appreciate it if you told how to do it.
04:04:10 PM Aug 29th 2017
Thank you.
09:03:19 AM Aug 31st 2017
Given that it's probably gone by the latter name for longer than it has the former, and that the page encompasses the series as a whole, I concur.
10:32:35 AM Aug 31st 2017
edited by SenorCornholio
Definitely gonna have to agree on that. At this point, the remake has all but encompassed the original.
01:13:23 PM Sep 8th 2017
So we are in agreement then that it should be changed?
01:14:26 PM Sep 8th 2017
I vote yes.
11:46:16 AM Apr 15th 2017
  • Moral Myopia: The summary of the whole "fanfic": if Starfleet does morally questionable acts, it's cheered upon and never acknowledged (except for Ace Ray and Brass Bolt), if Titan or the others does morally questionable acts, they deem them immediately evil.

reading Moral Myopia, if the history not acknowledges the myopia, this is Protagonist Centered Morality but put this again is an edit war. Beyond this, this is not too specific( our own morality is"morally questionable" to thousands of other moralities)
12:48:56 AM Mar 18th 2015
edited by VVK
I've been removing a bunch of stuff because it's clearly against the way the tropes are supposed to be used. I'll make a list here for reference.

Overall, I think the lesson is that if you start putting in examples only to complain how much it sucks, you end up with bad examples that are not actually examples. I've seen that several times. I may have been guilty of it in the past myself, even though I'm generally very good at avoiding Square Peg, Round Trope. See also Complaining About Shows You Don't Like.

I may sound critical. Please don't take it personally. I just try to explain my case and get slightly irritated after going on for a while.

  • Alternate Universe: Because the author hated FiM's universe too much to use anything from it. At least until it crosses over with the FiM universe about three-quarters through. They are even merged into one kingdom at the end. Also, Starfleet Humans takes place in the same alternate universe that Equestria Girls took place in.
    • Mykan has gone on record as saying that Season 4 of FiM onward is non-canon in the Starfleet universe. This is because he started the series after Season 2 and doesn't want to rewrite large parts of earlier stories to fit the more recent episodes.
The trope Alternate Universe is about the "mirror universe" or "travel to another dimension" kind of stuff that's on this page discussed under the entry for The Multiverse. The way it's used here seems to use it in a meta sense, like Alternative Continuity. I reworked the entry to be about Alternative Continuity, though that ended up being a bit messy because the lines between the same and alternative continuity seemed to become a bit fuzzy and I couldn't set it all straight based on just the information given here. I also changed this in the main description of the work.

  • The Chosen Many: Lightning and Celesto are the only two alicorns that can use the Uniforce... besides Cerise, a one-shot character from My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic II. Oh, and Raven can do it too.
Trope: "A superpowered individual discovers an organization of similarly powered individuals." The example here says nothing about an organisation. This sounds more like complaining about the plot again.

  • Completely Missing the Point:
    • The author thinks that friendship is magic in the sense that it is an actual force to fight, similar to a Kamehameha, instead of just a positive virtue.
      • In all honesty, that's not entirely wrong in the show of origin, as the Elements of Harmony can best be described as high-grade weaponized friendship. So yeah, friendship is magic and it can blast your face off.
      • The author also believes that if you use friendship, you are not allowed to throw a punch. That using friendship is the exact same thing as pacifism.
    • For being a revenge/hate fic, the sequel actually shows Twilight and her friends to be more competent in general than Lightning and Starfleet.
In-universe examples only. That's why it's called Comically Missing the Point now. Also, part was Conversation on the Main Page.

Under Disproportionate Retribution:
  • The author wrote the entire fanfic, which insults bronies as being losers who dare to believe in positive things, because one single brony made fun of him.
    • He makes Cadance suffer just because he does not like the fact that, in the show, she got happily married.
      • Cadance gets more heat in Starfleet Magic IV over the wedding.
In-universe examples only for that trope.

  • Department of Redundancy Department: A particularly infamous example is in the Ace Ray chapter of My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic III, where Penny states "I'm not just a doctor of medicine and psychology. I know a thing or two about science", not realizing that both medicine and psychology are sciences.
That's not saying the same thing repeatedly, it's a more complicated case of saying something new in a way that unknowingly overlaps with the old thing while still giving new information. A bit borderline maybe, but I don't see why a questionable example should be kept unless as an excuse to complain more.

  • Moral Myopia: The summary of the whole "fanfic": if Starfleet does morally questionable acts, it's cheered upon and never acknowledged (except for Ace Ray), if Titan or the others does morally questionable acts, they deem them immediately evil.
Kept the text but put it under Protagonist-Centered Morality, because Moral Myopia implies the author is consciously showing them as hypocrites. See the very first sentence (besides the quote) on the Moral Myopia page.

  • The Power of Hate: Pretty much what gave birth to this story. The author appears to be a big fan of it.
Seems to be talking about the author only, in which case it's not really an example but more hyperbole to complain with (and anyway Square Peg, Round Trope because the hate doesn't seem to have given him any real strength as he just created something that sucked), and even if it is actually about the story, it's a Zero-Context Example.

  • Revenge Fic: As stated by the author:
    "I do not like FIM at all... in fact I hate it and wish it were never made... and it makes me angry with all its lies and falsehoods about friendship being magic and the true salvation. Not to mention all the horrid emotional pains it brings me. SoI create this to bash at it."
This describes Hate FicRevenge Fic being against some character, not work — so I removed this trope but moved the text under Hate Fic, which was already there with no details.

  • The Smurfette Principle: Up to Eleven. According to Word of God, the population of Unicornicopia consists mostly of males. While the story has at least five female winged unicorns in it, only Starla (who is mostly there as the Love Interest) and Dementia have any form of slight significance to the overall plot.
Rather than being an extreme example of the principle (which is not what Up to Eleven means anyway, see below), the work does not go far enough to qualify. If you read, again, the very first sentence of the trope description, it says there must be exactly one female in the cast (or per group, it says later), so "there are at least five but only two count" doesn't count. Also, the description of the example seems to ignore the fact, stated elsewhere, that several female characters from MLP:FIM show up.

  • Super Sentai: One of the main inspirations for the author. The unicorns fight their enemies like Power Rangers, minus the giant robots.
That doesn't make "Super Sentai" a trope appearing in this work, like putting it on the list implies. I even thought that maybe it was the name of a trope after all rather than a work, based on its being where it was and the description not actually contradicting that. But it links to a work.

Up to Eleven: Not used as a trope, but referred to both under In-Name-Only and The Smurfette Principle. I removed both references before realising The Smurfette Principle should be removed altogether. Up to Eleven was being used, as it often is, just to say "like, really totally much so," whereas it has an actual meaning that doesn't fit this at all. (I've contemplated proposing a TV Tropes trope called "Totally Extreme to the Max" to discuss how certain tropes like Up to Eleven and Beyond the Impossible attract that kind of use just by their names.)

01:22:30 AM Mar 18th 2015
edited by VVK
I can't do it because I don't have the background knowledge, but someone should also fix the Zero Context Examples. You know, where it gives the name of the trope and mentions something that is supposed to fit that trope, but never describes how it does. Eg. "This Trope: Character A qualifies."
02:32:36 PM Feb 21st 2015
I'm not so sure about the "Hypocrite" goes a lot into the author's feelings/thoughts, not what goes on in the fanfic. Though I DO see that it has quite a bit of relevance to the fanfic itself (such as his motivation for writing it in the first place). Should it still be allowed?
02:06:42 AM Feb 22nd 2015
Removed it. In no way do we need to trope authors:
  • The author, big time. He spends most of his time bragging on how evil people who bash the work of others can be (something related to him being the victim of several mocks over the years) and admitted to have worked as a child entertainer who taught little kids about how important friendship and believing in yourself is. But then he created this fanfic to bash a show just because it rules on The Power of Friendship, admits to being glad when he makes fans of the show angry/sad with his work, and abandoned the concept of believing in yourself entirely for the remake. Let`s not forget that he hates the original show with a passion, but watched it in its entirety, and actually ships his Gary Stu with Celestia because he himself has a crush on her.
10:53:32 AM Feb 22nd 2015
Can we at least keep the ways the characters themselves are hypocrites?
11:17:52 AM Feb 22nd 2015
02:01:03 PM Feb 22nd 2015
Should the entries under Irony be removed too, for similar reasons?
03:07:21 PM Feb 22nd 2015
Put it to discussion, yeah.
10:35:02 AM Jan 3rd 2015
Hey. So, not entirely sure if this is relevant or not, but I checked the author's deviantart page with the links (How the hell is there four seasons and two movies, if I can be a little biased), and in the case of My Brave Unicorn 3, only the first four episodes are up there. I just want to make sure, is it just my computer that's not letting me see them?
01:16:17 PM Jan 4th 2015
edited by
It's not just you. Because many of the "episodes" in this "season" plagiarize more than usual, he won't post them for fear he'll get banned. The reason why he doesn't rewrite them is because he believes there's no such thing as originality anymore. Also, his creativity sucks.
07:59:33 AM Jan 7th 2015
Aw.....part of me wanted to read them just to see how non-creative they were! Is that the one with Twilight's death? Thanks for responding.
06:26:06 PM Jan 7th 2015
08:49:40 AM Sep 2nd 2014
Mykan finally removed his "fanfics" in DeviantArt.

That's a good thing right?
09:17:43 PM Nov 11th 2012
Mykan is at it again. Story 3 is being made. [1]
04:44:39 PM Aug 12th 2012
If this truly Needs Wiki Magic Love then I shall brave the elements and weather the storm in order to add necessary things such as a character sheet and a list of tropes for the remake and sequel. Anypony looking to help?
11:41:04 PM May 12th 2014
By help, does moral support count?

I'm sorry, but you are the unsung hero of the MLP fandom. I was one of the curious pega-sisters, who heard of the infamous My Little Unicorn. When I read it, I was genuinely suprised a sane man could finish it!!! And to think I was able to stomach three pages... It seems like an understatement to your accomplishment.

We thank you greatly for your bravery as you journeyed to the autocratic empire of Unicornitopia, to bring us this vast knowledge(?) of their... Greatness(?).... Superiority(?).... Insanity! We salute you!
08:07:49 AM Jun 7th 2012
Star Fleet Magic has been took down, then reuploaded. Fix the dead link
08:21:32 AM Apr 22nd 2012
Am I the only one who thinks this guy might just be trolling the audience
08:39:15 AM Apr 22nd 2012
Trust me, he's not a troll. I talked with him just to confirm it for myself, and there's plenty of evidence that he actually is serious.
06:38:44 PM Apr 25th 2012
I can personally vouch for Mykan not being a troll.
05:35:52 AM Jun 18th 2013
He could just be an extremely good troll.

But then again, Occam's Razor...
03:43:28 PM Apr 19th 2012
Are comments on the author allowed? Because this kinda reminds me of sonichu. The author is kinda like chris-chan, only less depraved and more deluded.
04:24:39 PM Apr 19th 2012
My friend and I, who wrote the page more-or-less together, have been insisting to people that this is Chris-chan's brony equivalent, so you're not alone in thinking that.

To answer your question, though, comments on the author are discouraged if not outright prohibited. The page on Sonichu was locked because people got too negative about Chris himself instead of the comic.
04:32:19 AM Nov 21st 2013
edited by
I had a feeling that I wouldn't get anywhere with the guy if I tried to talk some sense into him. But when I saw his vid on why he hates MLP Fi M and read on his profile that he's autistic, I felt bad and I just had to tell him that things aren't as bad as he thinks, especially since I'm autistic too but I'm still getting by relatively smoothly since I work for what I want and stay realistically optimistic.

It turned out as well as I feared. He totally ignored my points and basically just called me pathetic and a kiss-ass. But I guess the joke's on me for trying to reason with him...
06:37:35 PM Apr 11th 2012
TK 22, thanks for restoring the page after the random troll attack. I appreciate it.
09:14:55 PM Apr 11th 2012
Troll attack?
09:48:44 PM Apr 11th 2012
Just some guy who cleared the page. No big deal.
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