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    Are there enough fictional deceptions of Doxxing/swatting for it to warrent as a trope? Reply

      You could try going through the Trope Launch Pad and see if you can gather enough examples. Trope Finder is about finding tropes that could apply to a particular example or two.
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    Seems like it might be rare enough to not warrant its own trope. For those familiar with the series, the example I was thinking of is the change Bucky Barnes went through when he became the Winter Soldier, both in the comics and film universe. Reply
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    Whats the trope for just a war hero in general? Reply
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    Making a clone of a product or show that's pretty much the same, except more obviously targeted towards another demographic, like making a very feminine toy very masculine. Examples: Kung Zhu after Zhu Zhu Pets, and Grossery Gang after Shopkinz, but this also applies to mediums like television and even advertising (I've seen the same recycling PSA with one narrated by a woman and the other by a man). Reply
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    A person is accepted into a highly prestigious academy but declines the offer because they want to stay with their friends in the life they already have. Reply
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    A player recalling back the Metal Gear Saga right from the beginning til MGR and the player feel a bit sad of it because it's been a long time since MGS 3 and that everything had been changed be it about technology, weapon, stealth, or world and the characters who were alive during the beginning (MGS 3), they all have passed on in the end. And the character who are still alive after MGS 4 are never mentioned or be seen again in MGR except 2 of them (Raiden and Sunny). Reply
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    Is there a trope for when a character mixes up ingredients for a recipe, like mixing up sugar with salt? Reply

      Lethal Chef if they do stuff like this all the time.

      Hmm, I guess that goes for cooking. Would it be too board to go beyond that, like confusing gasoline for water when putting out a fire?

      ^ Thats more Lethally Stupid

      Hmm, I guess those can cover a situation where a substance is confused with another similar-looking one.
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    what is death as a personification

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    Is there a trope where Person A shows Person B, who comes form another culture, something they may not have, and Person B is genuinely amazed by it... even if the real-life equivalent of Person B's culture does have what Person A is showing him? Reply
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    In A Very Long Rope to the Top of the Sky's Sound Test option, picking Future Epitaphs gets "Aren't you tired of hearing this?! It's, like, in EVERY battle!"

    ... Tropes Are Flexible, so it fits even though it's referring to a whole song instead of a snippet? Reply
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    An arc where a basic premise of a work seems to be defied (e.g. resurrection is impossible in a magic-using setting, and here comes a guy bringing back the dead), and at the end it turns out it was actually impossible (the resurrected people were telekinetically animated corpses, voiced by ventriloquism, their memories come from mind-reading the people they're talking to, etc.).

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    Whats the trope for someone who is always calm and collected, no matter what's going on at the moment? Reply
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    In a game featuring Time Travel, you get an item (say, by opening a chest) in the present and then go back in time to the same area. The item you got in the present should be back there, but it isn't. Is there a trope for this? Reply

      Bump. If no one gets it, I'm gonna give an example from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: you go to the Sandship, open a chest and get the key that was inside. Next you go to the past (hundreds of years earlier) and the chest is inexplicably open and empty.

      That's the Timey-Wimey Ball preventing an Object Loop class Temporal Paradox- you can't take it from the chest in the past because it wouldn't be there for you to have taken in the future.

      If it's Justified, the chests might contain a Place Beyond Time for holding important items, or it could be that future you hasn't come back and put the item in the chest for past you to have found later yet.
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    Is there a trope for when a character has a scar and the events leading them to acquire it are very contrived? A example is Tsume from Wolf's Rain. He got that chest scar from a bite, but it's clear a canine's jaws couldn't have possibly made that distinctive almost star-like shape. Reply

      Unless the scar is directly tied into the plot, you could probably safely file that under MST3K Mantra.

      It's a standard type of good scar called X Marks the Hero- unusual in not being on his face, but otherwise a standard play- as noted, these usually require a bit of hand waving to explain, if there is ever a given explanation.
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    Is there a trope for a piece of clothing or an accessory that a character always has? There's "Never Bareheaded", but that pertained specifically to head-clothing, and doesn't link to a more general trope. Like a ring, or a lucky sock, and a scarf that a character might always wear? Reply
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    Looking for the trope that would fit this exchange, because I'm sure we have it:

    Alice: We need to find out where the Big Bad will strike next.
    Bob: He'll be at the south docks at 10pm on Tuesday.
    Alice: Wow, how did you figure that out?
    Bob: I didn't, it's on this piece of paper I found in his desk.
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    A trope where a character isn't so much a hypocrite as just stupid / Did Not Do The Research.

    For example, Hellblazer has a bunch of neo-Nazis buying into the judeo-Masonic conspiracy theory, and are blissfully unaware of using Israeli-made Uzi machine guns to shoot their victims. Reply
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    Can't think of any examples off the top of my head but seen it in several shows aimed at kids / teens (including Power Rangers):

    A show follows The Smurfette Principle with one female character in an otherwise all-male group of friends or heroes. The lone woman will have a friendship with, and be expected to look out for, the youngest guy on the team - basically giving her a "child" to take care of (even if they're the same age.) They're usually not romantically involved, but they pair up together when there's some kind of problem/mission to be solved. What's this one called? Reply
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    Is there a trope for when someone tears apart their room in a paranoid frenzy looking for surveillance devices? Closest I can find is Ransacked Room, but that's for when someone else is searching for something. Reply
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    A character who is known to be on the verge of death continues futilely struggling to fight. Many video games have death animations like this, where defeated heroes will attempt to crawl to their weapon or toward their foes before collapsing face-first into the dirt, or where a henchman with an empty gun continues pulling the trigger while giving a death glare to their soon-to-be killers. Similar to Defiant to the End, except this one more involves attempting to kill their opponent, rather than making some last moral victory. Reply
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    Is there a trope for when a Fictional Country is located nearby a real-world one? Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    Is there a trope for when a character goes into a situation, often a timeshare presentation or something similar, knowing it is some sort of scam? Yet they are determined to not be outsmarted (but usually are in one way or another). I think this happened in It's Always Sunny, King of Queens, and Rules of Engagement off the top of my head. Reply

      Pig In A Poke (They get conned into buying because "it's a great deal!", find out what they bought sucks), Violin Scam (the scam is specifically targeting people who think they're the ones doing the scamming)

      Also check out Kansas City Shuffle.

      Frequently a Gilligan Cut is involved. "There's no way they are going to convince me to shell out money for this timeshare" ... five minutes later... "Do you want to see pictures of this timeshare I just bought?"

      Much as I'd like there to be a trope by this name, it's probably just a variation of Too Good To Be True and its related tropes.
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    Is there a trope for having extra joints in limbs that are otherwise based on a real-life species' limb design (e.g. an otherwise humanoid arm has two elbows instead of one)? Reply
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    Is there a trope for diseases/pathogens that are either completely fictional or are fictional strains of real-life diseases/pathogens? Reply
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    What's that trope called when a show rewrites an established rule to fit the present plot without plot holes? Reply