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    EXAMPLE: Where a character physically assaults a suspect that was originally supposed to be arrested but ends up putting him in the hospital. Reply
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    OK this is a trope I've seen over and over in anime and manga: a boy or girl is growing up and their parents are insisting that they take over the family business. In a few cases they may begrudgingly wind up actually being forced to do so, and having to learn to find meaning and happiness in a job they didn't want, but more often it's used to give the character pressure. Rather than failing at a specific place meaning loss of their number one pick and a hit to their confidence, instead it now means losing everything and abandoning the future they chose for themselves, so failure is absolutely not an option. Reply

      Follow in My Footsteps

      Thank you. Are there any for family ultimatums? This is an aspect I've seen a LOT, including in cases where the child does want to inherit the business or even some different issue is at stake. Whatever the case, the parent gives an ultimatum that the child must succeed at a particular task or they will be disowned, forced into a life they don't want, forbidden from inheriting a business/school, kept from marrying the person they want or forced to marry someone else, etc. I've seen this done in a broad range of ways. Most involve a parent wanting their child to Follow in My Footsteps, but sometimes it's something else, like maybe demanding they prove themselves before they can pursue a risky path, putting restrictions before they can marry or refuse an unwanted marriage, etc. The pressure however is the same: the child is put in a position where they absolutely have to succeed or their life will be completely ruined.
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    • Character: She's the type of person who plans on doing something illogical, knows internally that's it's illogical but still does it just because.
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    Is there a trope where a character likes someone because of how they're handsome/beautiful and not necessarily their personality? Reply
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    do we have a trope for when toon physics meets real physics? i want to check before i make a new YKTTW for it Reply
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    Good afternoon, with your permission, I would like to ask for the following tropes:

    • 1. Now very few people watched this show, but many know about it, thanks to memes or its popularity.
    • 2. The work is sluggishly trying to wean the viewer from a thing that she herself romanticizes and fetishes.
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    • Character: If you just admitted that you and him kissed during a typical house party on a Saturday night, I would've left it at there. I wouldn't had a reason to look further into it. But instead, you denied it, which caused me to look further into it before realizing that you were kissing another girl's man.
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    Is there a trope for "other dimension" or similar animes where the eventual protagonist will have no idea what's going on, then either through advice or writers playing God, he or she knows exactly how to solve a problem?

    Example: Digimon Fusion opening episode; Mikey (why America) goes from not knowing what TF is talking to him, to Digi-Fusing in about 10 minutes, then immediately reverts back Reply
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    Good evening. What trope can I use if incredible luck is used to make the character a winner in almost all of his battles, while not formally making him Invincible Hero? For example, a duelist is not portrayed as a top gun, but his rivals constantly miss, making him the winner in any duel.


      The confusingly titled Winds of Destiny, Change is for characters who can supernaturally manipulate probability to their benefit.

      Or just Born Lucky if they don't have control over it, but things tend to work out for them anyway.

      Yes, thank you, the last example fits perfectly.

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    do we have a trope for when a magician stuffs a bird/pigeon in his coat to release later? often subverted with it suffacating before it can be let go Reply

      It's mentioned on Stage Magician as one of their common tricks, but I don't think there's a separate article for it.

      There is a few "magician who does a trick with a dove but finds out it is dead" exzmples on Forgot to Feed the Monster and related pages
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    Is there a trope for people defending themselves (possibly excessively) from violent criminals, only for the forces of law and government to come down hard on them, protecting the criminals? Not because the government is secretely colluding with or connected to the criminals, just because? Reply
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    I can't find this on the Death Tropes index. It happens from time to time that an aspiring artist either can't sell their work at all or sells just enough to keep a second-rate roof over their head. Then they die, suddenly the finite supply makes their stuff worth a lot more as people take the time to actually give it a chance.
    • In the comic book Nightcat #1 (as reviewed by Linkara) Miss Gideon quips that after she kills the singer/superheroine Nightcat she'll be able to sell her albums for much more.

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    Is there a trope about in video games where a character has the equipment or ability to traverse through terrain, like Fire Emblem Pirates being able to walk on water tiles? Reply
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    The author of the book is invited by the director to be the scripwriter of the movie. What would this trivia trope be? Reply
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    Basically, a character ages up suddenly, often during a montage. Examples:

    • Aloy in [1] becomes much older as a Time Skip during a training montage.
    • Moana in Disney's Moana. She's dancing with her grandmother as a young girl, then finishes the dance as a sixteen (probably) year old.
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    Which tropes would these examples fit - Continuity Reboot, Broad Strokes, The Stations of the Canon etc. :

    • A Continuity Reboot of The Catch still follows the basic events of the pilot episode (from the Cold Open to Alice Vaughan walking into the office), however from then on everything's slightly different; Felicity (portrayed by Shivani Ghai) works for Anderson/Vaughan Investigations and is not an assassin.

    • A Fan Fic about Person of Interest largely follows the continuity of the TV show, although not every detail and every event happened, but it doesn't diverge too widely apart from Team Machine having the sister of Control (portrayed by Camryn Manheim) working for them. The Fan Fic is presented as a Wikia with Script Fic.

    • A Fan Work set in the Adventure Time universe follows new characters, elsewhere in Ooo, but events from that show are referenced.

    • A Biopic is made about KatyPerry but it treats it as though "the events happened, but not in every detail" and it's seen by some fans as an Alternate History, but whether Katy Perry approves of it is unknown.

    • A Spin-Off in the Arrowverse is made about a metahuman (who was a One-Shot Character in The Flash (2014), portrayed by Allison Paige), yet her Origin Story is vastly different, she isn't a Villain of the Week, or even villainous at all, and some fans question if it's even in the same continuity as The Flash (2014) due to how Lighter and Softer it is in tone, with it being more Romance Arc-based rather than having a Big Bad (and the only conflict really is personal issues she faces), yet it references events from that show with some Continuity Nods in the episodes and the show has the same fonts for the OBB (Univers 75 Italic if I remember correctly) and a similar Title Sequence to The Flash.

    • A Spin-Off series of Grey's Anatomy is made, and it's set in Manhattan, but even though it is set in the same continuity, fans think there are some incongrous details to make it an Alternate Continuity, even though Word of God explicitly says it is. Differences including slight changes to April Kepner's Back Story in the Spin-Off, and Melissa Benoist as a medic who has always been at Grey/Sloan and moved to Manhattan, yet never mentioned in-series (is there a Continuity trope for that?)

    Also, can a work that does not include an Origin Story be in Broad Strokes, like the upcoming 2018 The Flash movie, starring Ezra Miller.

    Is Broad Strokes able to fit in alongside Alternate Timeline and possibly Alternate History?

    Basically, what tropes fit the situations above and am I wrong at guessing what they are? Reply
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    A character with superpowers does something normally impossible (walk through walls, on water, flies, pick up molten metal barehanded) with no hint that it's abnormal, to the astonishment of people around him. One of them does the same thing (as if the problem lies with the wall/water/metal), with the expected consequences (hurts his face, gets wet, falls over, burns his hand) and looks sheepishly at the others.

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    Live Action TV
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    Good morning. Do we have tropes when The Reveal touches the sudden paternity of a character? Bonus points, if the newly made father is the protagonist and and this is the reason for the cardinal changes in his life. Well, or at least if it symbolizes that the character has achieved something in life.

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    What would be the trope for an episode that's like the series equivalent of a Nostalgia Level — one that evokes as many continuity nods to the early days as it can? For example, the recent Pokemon anime episodes that are set in the very first region, have Ash's first traveling companions as part of the cast, and several of Ash's early Pokemon come back? Can this be classified as an episode-long Continuity Porn or Continuity Cavalcade? Reply
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    Sometimes a character wants to criticize someone for their behavior, but doing so directly would lead to bad consequences. So you call them out by ostensibly criticizing a different party. The Chinese saying "Point at the mulberry tree while cursing the locust tree" describes this situation. Reply
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    Is there a trope for when the name of an attack is displayed? I've seen this used in some of the earlier installments of the Capcom vs. Whatever series, as well as Fist of the North Star (seen here). Reply
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    We have Portent of Doom... But it's an index for specific examples, and doesn't seem to wick to anywhere I'm looking for. Reply

      Fateand Prophecy Tropes?

      Portent of Doom is a supertrope, any omens that don't fit in one of the subtropes can be listed under the supertrope.

      Supertrope can have supertropes of their own...

      Portent of Doom seems pretty focused on the omen being bad... Although, you can't have a neutral omen? Or can you?

      Good Omens would be subversions, or, inversions?

      Although, you can't have a neutral omen? Or can you?
      Good Omens would be subversions, or, inversions?

      Hmm, that's actually an interesting thought. Something I'm noticing as I refresh myself on these is that only bad omens tend to be specific and accurate. Neutral or Prophesy Twist-type good omens tend to fall into Vagueness Is Coming, while obvious good omens function as either a Hope Spot to enhance the coming Gut Punch, or as a Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane way to rekindle the Heroic Spirit at the Despair Event Horizon or in the Darkest Hour.

      I think if there's a missing trope here, its the last bit: something the heroes see as a clear good omen that isn't just a hope spot.

      And now I'm gonna get into Super-Subtrope arguments... *sigh* ... 'Cause Vagueness Is Coming is listed as a subtrope of Portent of Doom, but it's not encompassed by it, which means it actually isn't... It'd be a Sister, where the Parent is generalized Ominousness, as "the quality of being an Omen"... See this on Trope relationships?

      That's a forum thread with some off-topic posts. See Supertrope and Subtrope for actual meanings and relationships, which can be quite convoluted.

      Getting back to your query, to explain it another way, just "omens" is People Sit on Chairs: "the characters or maybe the audience saw this as an omen and they were either right or wrong and it either meant something or didn't".

      What you do have here, however, is a possible missing trope for when some noteworthy event Foreshadows in-universe a positive change in circumstances, as a sister trope to Portent of Doom, where a noteworthy event forshadows in-universe some world-shaking later event. Your good omen trope would share Vagueness Is Coming with Portent of Doom, and might have an even stronger claim on it since good omens seem to be much less specific and reliable than bad omens. They also have a tendency to be easy to chalk up to coincidence or serve as a Magic Feather to inspire the hero. A subverted good omen would be a form of Hope Spot.
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    What's the trope where a cause is defended more virulently by people other than the people to whom (at first glance) it should be dearest?

    For example, a fan who seeks out and decries every hint of Adaptation Decay in the upcoming film of his favorite book, when the book's author is noted for approving of the adaptation's changes. Or, well, someone seeking to restore the monarchy is willing to use means the rightful king would rather abdicate before using. Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    Since Bacon Addiction is no longer a trope, which trope do I put this? The title came from a gag from How I Met Your Mother where Ted develops a craving for bacon for the first and last time. The closest thing I put was Cargo Shipping but it's labeled as YMMV. So, any tropes related to the quote? Reply

      Trademark Favorite Food?

      ^ Hardly that trope. The context of this one is that Ted and Marshall were looking for bacon grease as one of the ingredients for Barney's Hideous Hangover Cure. Ted's mother lied to him about him being allergic to bacon, and when he ate it for the first time, so when he ate it for the first time, he literally ate it droves, leading to the quote, and developed a food coma.

      Future Ted then told his kid that that time was the first and the last time he ever ate bacon.

      Tasting bacon for the first time in his life and having an overblown reaction would be a downplayed example of Sense Freak.

      Compressed Vice?

      Cargo Shipping, just an In-Universe example.
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    Is there a trope for works that use the "cool urban" aesthetic like Urbance, Splatoon', and Jet Set Radio''? Reply