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I can (try to and probably fail miserably) to do this one. I`m native. But I need someone to explain to me how to create different language versions of pages. Thnxbai. Spasibodasvidanya.
2 NotSoBadassLongcoat1st Sep 2009 08:18:22 AM from People's Democratic Republic of Badassia
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Sorry dude, that won't work. Codepage issues. You can type Russian text as much as you like, but you apparently can't use it in a link:

Крякозябров нет... Но {{Ru/Линк}} не работает. Или в Крякозябры (крякозябры) заменяется.

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3 Tzetze1st Sep 2009 08:20:45 AM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
[[{{Ru/Крякозябры}} Breaker breaker]]

Huh. I guess that it doesn't work at all.

If you put those characters in an external URL it will definitely break. This wiki runs on ISO/IEC 8859-1, I think, which is pretty useless for non-Latin script.


Ugh, fine, don't break the way I want you to! Stupid code.

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Pity. No plans to fix this?

How about doing a russian page in translit as an intermediate measure? We could then change it back once the fonts are supported. It will be just a matter of using
5 Tzetze1st Sep 2009 08:39:36 AM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
It's not a font problem, it's the encoding that the underlying wiki system uses. I'll get the relevant Tech Wishlist discussion for you, that's the place to comment on that. You're welcome to your transliteration.

Oh hey, NSBLC started it. Didn't know that.

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So, does anybody have any ideas as to developing a Russian version of TVT? Not bumping this seems like an awful thing to do after a Latin version has been launched.
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can anyone type up the Anya's Russian name on this page for me?

Heatth typed up "Аня (Анна Юрьевна Коколова)" but he is unsure if he got it right.

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Yeah, it's correct. As for the wiki idea?
Maybe the text will be in Cyrillic but links in translit (or translated in parentheses after). P. S. Возможно, некоторые не знают, что означает последнее предложение в русском абзаце на странице Bilingual Bonus. Not all may know what means last sentence in the Russian paragraph of Bilingual Bonus page.
10 Noelemahc15th Dec 2010 05:58:50 AM from Moscow, Russia , Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
As far as I understand, it's only a matter of adding support for a Russian section, the contents will then appear via Wiki Magic. That said, translit is not as bad an idea, especially since any overlaps will be covered the same way they are handled with the currently-existing alternate language options. Well, except that the markup for the Wiki Words would probably need help since having links in translit will not be a nice thing.

Я как-то не сомневаюсь в том что русскоязычным троперам будет что добавлять, учитывая что почти весь наш синематограф и современные формы творчества (акромя разве что компьютерных игр, которые всё интенсивней экспортируются за бугор) никому кроме обитателей этой стороны Железного Занавеса особо не знакомы. Нужно только определиться с тем, что мы будем употреблять вместо слова trope =)

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Слово "троп" существует в русском. Можно прям так и использовать.
12 Azek8th Jan 2011 08:01:05 AM from Kazakhstan
Personally i use "sujetny priyom" (сюжетный приём) — i believe this is the closest we can get to english meaning of "trope" (which itself is neologism if i'm not mistaken).

Or we can simply use similarly sounding "tropa" (тропа) — which bears another meaning, but i'm sure if used continuously we can skew its' meaning with time.

While adding and discussing a few of soviet/russian movies i tend to meet with some major Values Dissonance or outright Culture Shock.

For instance i was in utter shock when read this discussion of Nu Pogodi on toonzone. And this — Brother... I just don't know what to say about this.

I also remember facepalming through lots of reviews of soviet Winnie Pooh or soviet Sherlock Holmes on imdb because every second one mentioned something about perceived hidden propaganda or hidden criticism of regime (sometimes in the same works).

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13 Noelemahc9th Jan 2011 08:06:30 AM from Moscow, Russia , Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
The use of "tropa" can actually be justified - it is, From a Certain Point of View a path for scriptwriters to take =) And yes, the Values Dissonance is mortifying sometimes, as, apparently, most contributors of data about Russian and/or Soviet materiel are either expats or non-Russians and, as such, have a very, erm, specific point of view on anything from this side of the Danube. IMDB tends to demonstrate it in a more galvanized form - those that did actually see Soviet movies either saw the select few that were imported OR came in contact with the MST3K versions (or copycats thereof) and didn't ever get a chance to see the actual picture. It's the language barrier, I tell you.

С другой стороны, везде работает принцип YMMV - собирание разных точек зрения тоже является важным моментом. Что не отменяет того факта что саму статью про Брата явно писал русофоб (хотя надо ещё почитать edit history, может там не один автор), которому тем не менее фильм почему-то не противен. Такое ощущение что весь мир считает что наши дикие девяностые были хуже и страшней чем американские восьмидесятые.
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14 Azek9th Jan 2011 08:25:03 PM from Kazakhstan
I should also note there are number of tropes that are unique to russian culture, like "klyukva" (клюква).

And a number or tropes that are completely alien.

Oh, and if anyone feels like helping me with these lists... :)

Eastern Animation (one of these days i will refactor russian/soviet animation into it's own index)

Russian Relaxing

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15 Noelemahc10th Jan 2011 07:02:49 AM from Moscow, Russia , Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
I would categorize it as a subtrope of Did Not Do The Research, mayhap even Cowboy BeBop at His Computer — after all, there is a trope for Lzherusskie, right?
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18 SaniOKh1st Feb 2011 02:49:02 PM from Toulouse, France
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Good to know I'm not the only one who's annoyed with this (I'm the one who wrote the paragraph in Russian on the Bilingual Dialogue page, BTW I put the translation in the discussion, though it's more probably than not in the archives by now) .

I would say I prefer the word "приём" rather that "тропа", which to me sounds a little weird. As for the links, we really should launch a topic in the tech wishlist (if not already done) , because links between parentheses or in translit will stick out like a sore thumb. Plus we won't be able to seamlessly pothole words like in English, and IMHO that would be a huge loss.

And, in the meantime, should we start translating trope titles? :)

EDIT: topic on Tech Wishlist started.

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19 Noelemahc1st Feb 2011 10:09:31 PM from Moscow, Russia , Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
We should at least start agreeing on basic terms besides "trope" - most probably beginning with the naming template for "Crowning Moment of..."; "Everything's Better With ..."; "... Fuel" and YMMV, I think. =)

И да, мне нравится вариант с приёмом, только в названиях тропов это может оказаться не совсем комильфо - Tropes Are Not Bad в особенности. Зато мы можем считерить с Have Your Cake and Trope It Too и эквивалентами - нас спасёт имярек =)

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Videogames do not make you a worse person... Than you already are.
Есть еще тот момент, что слово "троп" означает, в общем, не совсем то. Но это и по-английски так. Так что можно принять, что на tv-tropes слово "троп" имеет собственное значение. Про имярек - точно!

(Всем здравствуйте)
21 SaniOKh2nd Feb 2011 11:29:14 AM from Toulouse, France
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(перехожу на русский)

Я пока что могу предложить следующие переводы:

22 Noelemahc2nd Feb 2011 11:57:10 AM from Moscow, Russia , Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
"Ради Галочки" и "На Вкус и Цвет" - это круто. Ещё забыли Shrug of God =)

"Минута Позора" было бы красивше, мне кажется.

They Changed It, Now It Sucks - Раньше Трава Была Зеленей
Unpleasable Fanbase - Неудовлетворимые Фанаты
Nightmare Fuel - Почва Для Кошмаров
High Octane Nightmare Fuel - Чернозём Для Кошмаров
Fetish Fuel - Почва Для Фетишей
Nightmare Retardant - Тяпка Для Кошмаров? XD
Fetish Fuel Station Attendant - Фетишевод? XD
Nothing Is Scarier - Пугающая Пустота
Вот страшный вопрос - как переводить Woobie и все связанные с этой пометкой подвиды? Iron Woobie, Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, etc?

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23 SaniOKh2nd Feb 2011 12:01:38 PM from Toulouse, France
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Wiktionary переводит Woobie как "Пушистик".

Я соглашусь насчёт "Минуты Позора" ;) .

Попробую перевести ещё несколько:

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24 Azek2nd Feb 2011 09:30:43 PM from Kazakhstan
Минута Позора +1



Пусик. Железный Пусик. Пусик Сокрушитель Миров.

Unpleasable Fanbase - Неудовлетворимые Фанаты Скорее: "фанам не угодишь" или "вам не угодишь".

Сериоз бизнес переоводить не надо.

Nightmare Fuel - Источник Кошмаров

High Octane Nightmare Fuel - Бесконечный Источник Кошмаров

Fetish Fuel - Источник Фетишей или Подогрев Фетишей

Everyone Is Jesus In Purgatory - Синдром Поиска Глубинного Смысла

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25 Noelemahc2nd Feb 2011 10:12:06 PM from Moscow, Russia , Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Мне нравится версия с Пусиком =)

What the Hell, Hero? - Какого Чёрта, Герой?
Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! - Герой Всё Испортил?
Nice Job Fixing It, Villain! - Злодей Всё Исправил?
But Thou Must! - От Судьбы Не Уйти?

Всякие вещи типа Big Bad или Most Common Super Power сложностей вызывать не должны наверное?

И нет, с кошмарами сложней - потому что Nightmare Fuel это про ненамеренные пугасики, а High Octane Nightmare Fuel - про намеренные. Плюс там ещё Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant и Nightmare Retardant до кучи идут, и нужно чтобы все четыре (и параллелящие их куски с Fetish Fuel) были шутками в одну кассу.

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Videogames do not make you a worse person... Than you already are.

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