Inverting the Super Team trope into villainy:

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So Im talking about a Super Team who is being manipulated by the Big Bad ,unbeknown to them, into chasing down and stopping the heroes who they believe are the villains. And I'm not talking about a Legion of Doom here, I mean a group of actual superheroes [or anti heroes] who zeaously believe their cause is right. And Im thinking a good way to set up the characters of this Team, so far I have a zealously patriotic and smug, if well intentioned, Flying Brick, an unwillingly murderous, woobie Kuudere with Wolverine Claws and a nondescript Mega Manning sadist who looks like a regular Joe. Im kind of thinking of a Five-Bad Band here (if more morally ambiguous than bad) and I'd like to ask if you got any advice for me.

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Space hobo

Space hobo

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Well be a bit more specific. What exactly are you having difficulty with?
Space hobo
Im thinking of another 2 superheroes that complement the ones that I already mentioned.
Space hobo
Also, I need help on making them viallanous, but not too much.
So you have a dark Superman, Wolverine and Rogue. You don't have a chick yet which is something to consider.

How are these people getting their powers? are they all just born with it or do some heroes get spidermanned and bitten by radioactive stuff.

If you're looking at not too villainous villains- look at people in the antivllain page or in the driven to Villainy page for personalities.

For Powers - have you considered a dark Iron Man? as in constructing a super suit. Or maybe an Alex Mercer styled villain- like you have someone who steals other people's powers but what about a pure shapeshifter without no 'true' form or anything but just a like an organic mass that can take on various forms.

Space hobo
Well, Commander Earth ("The Hero"), was born in a space colony (with Artificial Gravity, or else it could be pretty odd) and got hit by Minovski Particle radiation from the colony's reactor while he was a fetus. Kiri Onna ("The Chick") is a Living Weapon who was born in a laboratory. Tom Noman ("The Lancer?" was born with mild Psychic Powers that are pretty much limited to Mega Manning and Jedi Mind Trick. The Dark Iron man sounds a good idea, since one of my heroes is a Gadgeteer Genius who drives a Mini-Mecha, but I'd go for something a but less Antropomorphic, like a Spider Suit perhaps or some other cool bug like a Mantis. As for the Big Guy, I as planning a a boisterous and hammy cyborg called Tesla Viking, but maybe choosing a robotized guy as the Big Guy has already ben done too many times.

So far, the rivalries go like this:

Chaotic Good Bare-Fisted Monk Vs Lawful Good Flying Brick

Neutral Good Friendly Sniper Vs Neutral Evil Non Descript

True Neutral Gadgeteer Genius Vs Lawful Neutral Mad Scientist

My other two heroes missing a rival are a curious as hell. Aztec girl with Psychic Powers (The Chick) and a greedy, sociopatic, Pyromaniac thief (The Big Girl / Token Evil Teamate) An Im not really sure if their corresponding counterparts are fitting foils for each other. You tell me.

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Space hobo
Might as well, make this discussion noted. Is still have doubts.

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