That One Opponent in Fighting Games:

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1 Emperordaein8th Dec 2013 03:50:21 PM from Australia , Relationship Status: Hugging my pillow
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So after playing certain stuff, I wanted to wonder, what is the opponent in Fighting Games you people would hate to fight the most. Now I want to make one thing clear, This does NOT include Boss Characters They are meant to be hard for the most part. These are just normal opponents that manage to be the biggest pain in the ass to fight.

So i'll say my first one right now: Lord Raptor in Night Warriors. I don't know what it is about him, but every time I run into him in Arcade Mode, he just cuts off everything I do and seems to have a counter for everything. It's hard to even approach him properly!

Second for now is The Hulk in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash Of The Superheroes. Playing it via Origins, it's one of the most difficult Arcade Modes i've played in a fighter, but the Hulk takes the cake. His Super Armour always gets me. The A.I is really good at interrupts and quick combos, and the Super Armour makes it even worse when I can't score any quick hits on him without retaliating.
2 Ninety8th Dec 2013 04:15:45 PM from Land of Quakes and Hills , Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
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The Apprentice in Soul Calibur IV. That motherfucker has the reflexes of a supercomputer and the mercy of a Terminator.
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3 Nap11008th Dec 2013 05:23:57 PM , Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
Double in Skullgirls pre-Squigly patch. Stupid Catheads...
4 ironcommando8th Dec 2013 05:44:46 PM from Terra 102 , Relationship Status: Abstaining
There are a whole number of non-boss, non-Purposefully Overpowered characters in M.U.G.E.N that are incredibly cheap.
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5 Enlong8th Dec 2013 05:46:40 PM from The Underground Facility , Relationship Status: is commanded to— WANK!
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In Skullgirls, I'd say he bane of the current day is Fillia. Maybe it's just me, bu I can't think of a good way to figh her without getting combo'd by her hair until I resemble something a cat would cough up.

And I really wish I could say bosses, because of Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2, and its final boss.

Oh! Yukari in Touhou: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody's story mode. Every characer effectively has boss moves, and Yukari's are the worst. [Photon: "Doppler Effect"] creates a ring of projectiles that last an annoyingly long time due to how the array spins, and [Fantasy Nest: "Flying Insect's Nest"] has maybe a half=second of downime between volleys.

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6 maxwellelvis8th Dec 2013 08:10:04 PM from undisclosed location , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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Tung in Fatal Fury Special. He can't Hulk Out like he used too, but now it's an aura attack that pretty much forces you on the ground whenever you fight him.
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7 Tatsumar8th Dec 2013 11:00:03 PM from The Rift , Relationship Status: In season
Spiderman on Very Hard difficulty on Marvel Vs Capcom 3 has all of the priority on me, even Viewtiful Joe's jab strings.

That Spider is evvvviil.
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8 Emperordaein8th Dec 2013 11:20:15 PM from Australia , Relationship Status: Hugging my pillow
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I'll have another one, Clark Still in King of Fighters 98: Ultimate Match. It seems that if you even get close to him, or he blocks and of your attacks, he immediately Backbreaks you in a heartbeat. And then does it again when you get up. I've actually lost entire TEAMS to him while trying to fight him.
The Final Boss thereof is a given, but for normal playing in storymode before hand, few opponents are as GRAAAH-inducing as Shadow in Sonic Battle. Bastard not only hits hard, but is also one of (if not the) fastest character/s in the game, so running away in order to heal is typically not an option.

Beyond that, going to second The Apprentice in SoulCalibur IV.

The only other example from a fighting game I've played significantly is a Final Boss, so that one's a moot point.

Oh, wait! Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy: depending on a lot of factors like difficulty, the type of AI, mutual equipment setup, etc., anyone can be That One Opponent, but in my experience Golbez loves spamming Brave->HP chain attacks. And given that the relevant Brave attacks can often hit you in the middle of dodging unless your timing is perfect (as in, the attack has variable reach/targeting), that makes fighting him an utter ass. Kefka and Kuja also have their moments, since Kefka's Brave attacks work on Confusion Fu (which is his entire point, admittedly), and Kuja seems to like being a Get Back Here! Opponent. Also Cloud of Darkness, since she has several HP Attacks that can get you from long range, and getting up close often leaves me open to her spamtastic Brave attack.
10 Axe8th Dec 2013 11:40:01 PM , Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
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AI Naoto in Persona 4 Arena. All the AI does is sit in the back and spam her gun. If you try to fly through the air, she takes a potshot at you and reloads. I main Elizabeth so it's just a matter of blasting her with something between reloads, rushing in, and eating her for breakfast, but man that gun spam is annoying. Naoto with her traps and such could be a clever, challenging boss battle too instead of every Jin user I've ever fought.
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11 Schitzo8th Dec 2013 11:57:55 PM from Akumajou Dracula , Relationship Status: LA Woman, you're my woman
Street Fighter II's Guile, who can apparently hold opposite sides of the joystick at once.
12 Plumbum9th Dec 2013 12:42:35 AM from Chichester, England, weighing in at 263lbs , Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
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Thirding SoulCalibur IV's Apprentice. Also adding Soul Calibur IV's Setsuka and Soul Calibur V's Alpha Patroklos, who are harsh lessons that the AI doesn't need your stupid things like button inputs.

Also, Meta Knight in Brawl. Cheap motherfucker.
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13 KylerThatch9th Dec 2013 12:44:03 AM , Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
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Seconding Yukari and her goddamn Doppler Effect.
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14 Rynnec9th Dec 2013 01:47:45 AM , Relationship Status: Healthy, deeply-felt respect for this here Shotgun
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Alessi and Midler in Heritage for the Future for the former's Stand ability, and the latter's specials doing ridiculous amount of damage. Kakyoin can also be a pain in that game.

Ciel in Melty Blood Actress Again for the ridiculous chip damage on one of her Arc Drives, and her annoying projectiles.

It could just be a demo-only thing, but I really hate fighting Spider-Man in Marvel Super Heroes. His web projectiles, and web throwing attacks, and his tendency to spam his Dragon Punch move just drives me up a wall.
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15 Djanchorhead9th Dec 2013 06:49:26 AM from The U.S.G Ishimura , Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
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I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Akuma from/Street Fighter yet. In the games where he's a /Lightning Bruiser he's a complete and utter /Game-Breaker
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Isn't Akuma usually a final boss, though? OP excludes final bosses, or else I would've mentioned Tabuu and Master + Crazy Hand.
17 TPPR109th Dec 2013 11:47:12 AM from Suomus , Relationship Status: What's love got to do with it?
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Tager. Oh god, Tager. Everytime I see a CPU using one, I freaking panic. The guy hits like a truck and I am just unable to not get my ass ahnded by him.
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18 FullMoon9th Dec 2013 12:22:07 PM from Surface , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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Remilia in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody is a pain too, that last Spellcard uuuuuugh.
19 crimsonstorm159th Dec 2013 12:24:44 PM from A parallel universe , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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The Apprentice in Soul Calibur IV. That motherfucker has the reflexes of a supercomputer and the mercy of a Terminator.

my brother can attest to that. there's a reason this dude's on the Wake-Up Call Boss page despite not actually being a boss.
20 TriggerLoaded9th Dec 2013 01:20:11 PM from Canada, eh? , Relationship Status: Healthy, deeply-felt respect for this here Shotgun
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Waaaayyyyy back with the Sega Saturn, playing Virtua Fighter 2, I remember always having trouble with Pai Chan. She had this lighting-quick (Which I suppose is her gimmick) three punch-sweep kick combo that'd always get me.

Now, granted, I barely knew how to play fighting games at the time, and I was playing Wolf Hawkfield, who apparently takes serious skill to use.
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21 Irene9th Dec 2013 01:26:38 PM from Friend Code: 1203-9265-8784 and 4571-1389-1915 , Relationship Status: It's complicated
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In Sonic Battle, Guard Robos explode when defeat one. The problem? They don't speak, so you never know when it'll happen. They don't show up much, but they are really difficult to deal with when you're Knuckles. I'm not sure they count as bosses, though.

But another one, definitely not a boss, is Chaos Zero in the same game. He's not immensely overpowered or anything, but he has extremely high attack and defense, and can K.O. you very very fast. The problem is that he's super slow and has practically no ability to jump. But that means little...
22 tsstevens9th Dec 2013 02:17:00 PM from Internet, Tasmania , Relationship Status: She's holding a very large knife
Since the Final Boss is excluded Dwayne Johnson is out. Instead I'll pick Cheick Kongo from UFC Undisputed. I have never, but never been able to defeat him in Career Mode. Playing as a powerful head kicker, he always is able to defend, or slip in with a knockout, or break through the guard and win by TKO or submission. He could honestly win the Boss Rush in Tekken, he's that skilled.
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23 maxwellelvis9th Dec 2013 03:12:59 PM from undisclosed location , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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[up]The Rock is in a UFC game? And he's the final boss?
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24 Vespa9th Dec 2013 03:31:13 PM from Digital Limbo , Relationship Status: Hugging my pillow
Mitsurugi always managed to wreck my shit in the original SoulCalibur (though I was a little squirt at the time). As of SC 5, Nightmare has taken his spot.

Dante in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Soooo many damn combos, mixups, reach, etc.

Ermac in Mortal Kombat 9 when I'm not using someone that can teleport. Tk throw after tk throw after tk throw…

Yu in Persona 4: Arena if I'm using Elizabeth. One wake-up super just demolishes poor Lizzy with her garbage health.

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25 tsstevens9th Dec 2013 05:52:55 PM from Internet, Tasmania , Relationship Status: She's holding a very large knife
[up][up] Sorry, I was referring to WWE 14. Rock's a Final Boss in the WrestleMania mode and...look at the page for details but I can beat The Undertaker but not Rock. He's worse than Seth, Akuma and Bison combined.

To go into a little more detail on Cheick Kongo, I'm stuck on him in both games. Both times I play as a big powerful kicker and both times he always blocks, dodges or counters, the few strikes I can get in are not enough for the KO or to knock him down, even after putting down the likes of Brock Lesnar in under a minute. He's too fast with the counters and always combos, and usually gets the KO or TKO. Trying a grapple he just locks on a submission, which always means doom in 2010 but thanks to the better mechanics in UFC 3 is better. But it's still dangerous as if he doesn't get the TKO from a grapple he'll do enough damage to get the KO if you can get it back to a stand up fight.
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