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Tropers: Tatsumar
Ein Blitz is an emotional man.

Heh, um... hiya~

Um, yeah... you clicked on my name. >w>'''


Um, I'm just a self taught artist that's hoping to become a animator one day. So um, fingers crossed, heh.


Please Add Tropes Here! ... If you like....

The Vandals shall Vandle Here!

  • Have some vandalism in the mean time. Coffee? *raises flask* - Bisected8
  • I agree, vandalism for everyone! Also, I cannot see your name without misreading it as Tatsumairi - coincidence? ~ Electrosa
  • I dare you to beat me in a game of "Run into the wall headfirst as fast as you can"! red223
  • By the powers invested in my by my keyboard, I now pronounce your page vandalised. -Phoenixor
  • I hereby, in the name of the sanity of every tropers, canonically declare you male, through the powers that have been bestowed upon me. -OrangeSpider
    • Blasphemy I say! It's not Word of God, so this might not be true! Prepare the rocks! -Tatsumar
  • I too have mashed the kick button playing Chun-Li... -Darkclaw
  • So... clean... MUST... VANDALIZE... ==Shadow Bender
  • Consider me a drive-by vandal. -MrPastry
  • Boopity doopity doop! Also, mad drawing skillz you've got there. ~ GameSpazzer
  • You and Ic are adorable in Gender Flipped! And I concur, mad drawing skills. -I Love Dogs
  • Thou hast been vandalized. -Jimmmyman10
  • Thou art... a decent guy. A little too relaxed, if I gotta say. -Chris X
  • Nice art. -Canidaemon
  • >for my entertainment, I'll not tell you what my gender is
  • I left this page a boy! I COME BACK NOW AS A MEN. -> Mac Duffy
  • I alphabetized your tropes for you. You're welcome. - Aramil
  • I am on a ROLL! Oh yeah, I deem you a girl, mistaken for a guy. That's my guess. I have this to base on because only a girl would comment on herself having a flat chest, as a man usually has a flat chest unless he is obese or has a genetic disorder. And, lots of women have long hair. So do men, but mostly hippies, and you don't seem like a hippy. Oh yeah, VANDALIZ'D FO THE THIRD TIME.
  • Tatsumarki Senpuukyaku! ... It had to be done. - X2X
  • No, Blue did not make me do anything. His statement mean nothing. NOTHING -VutherA
  • Oh deerie me, I haven't left anything here yet. Friggin' awesome drawing, Tats! :D -Mobile Leprechaun
  • Well, I am glad to see another artistic troper. I do hope ya succeed in animation! NES

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