Tropers / Full Moon

Hello there fellow tropers, Full Moon here!

To keep things short, I'm a average, somewhat casual gamer, I'm a very lazy person, but when I want to do something I always try to finish it, I'm a bit of a Deadpan Snarker and sometimes I end being quite a Manipulative Bastard to my friends, according to them anyway. But normally I'm a pretty nice guy.

I like to write Fanfic, and I do many of them at once, I also like to read some, but I don't read much because I'm too lazy for that, however there are two fanfics of mine that I plan to publish as soon as I can.

I'm The Full Moon on Fanfiction.Net, but I still have to post something in there, I'm just too lazy for that.

Some of the game series I love:

I could list more but, I'm too lazy for that, maybe I'll do that later.

Tropes that can apply to me


If you want to ask or say something to me, feel free to do it o/
  • Pre-pare for retalia-tory ac-tion! -the Congenital Optimist
    • Oh god Worms, how I love the randomness of that game XD
  • You're really, really nice. I shall get to know you more. :3 - Hachiko
    • Well thank you. Thought there really isn't much to know about me, other than even though I like to write, I don't like to read much =P
  • Sir or Madame! I salute you! - Xargnio
    • *salutes* But just to make it clear, I'm a guy :V
      • YOU'RE A GUY?!? You play as a girl well. :x - Hachiko
      • I guess it comes from the fact that the first serious writting was a Touhou fanfic and I wanted my OCs to be part of the Improbably Female Cast
  • Heya TM o/ How ya doin'? ...huh yeah nothing to say really, just passing through - SparkEletran
  • Good day, sir. I am from the International House of Pancakes. I like waffles better, though. -Quarter
    • WAFFLES!
  • ... Why am I crazy? You just cannot grasp the true form of my genius! - Rapier
    • I was talking about IRL friends, but well, I guess I do have wonky friends on the internet too =V